Pocket Forge (Magical item)

Pocket Forge

Phase 1: Freedom
( Ruby Chip, Granite plate, Heat Metal )
Base Cost: 12,000 gp

A tiny ruby chip set into a 2 inch circular recess in the top of a 2.25 inch cube of polished black granite. Command words "Ignite" and "Quench" can be used to start and stop a Heat Metal spell focused on the one-inch cube of air immediately above the top of the cube. Ruby glows orange when the heat source is active. This forge can be used to heat metal to red-hot and can burn away some impurities. No coke is produced or required. The temperature is absolutely steady and requires no effort to maintain. A small portable anvil or a flat rock is required to actually hammer out the heated metal.

SPECIAL: Can be used while camping.

Phase 2: Control
( Ruby Dust, Obsidian chips, Granite Block, Virag, Shrink Item )
Phase 2 Cost: 39,000 gp total (includes cost of Phase 1)

Pouring Ruby dust over the ruby chip and repeatedly casting spells has increased the size and clarity of the ruby. The Phase 1 pocket Forge was then set into the floor of a stone Hearth shaped like a furnace or oven, roughly 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. When the command word "Collapse" is spoken, the Phase 2 forge shrinks small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The command word "Deploy" suppresses this effect and restores it to full size.

If a block of wood is placed into the alcove before Ignition, Coke is produced, and can be used in the usual manner to adjust and maintain the heat level and introduce carbon into the metals. The command word "Deploy .

SPECIAL: Can be used to forge items that require Coke.

Phase 3: Power
( Orange Jasper, Darven Heavy Steel, Polymorph or Stone Shape )
Phase 3 Cost: 46,000 gp total

While Deployed, the exterior of the forge is now shaped like a 4ft x 3ft x 3ft stone anvil, topped with a plate of Dharven Heavy Steel, and the entire structure is enchanted to endure hammer blows. If h'ratham is added to the chamber instead of wood, the heat burns twice as hot as normal. Adding wood to the already-burning force produces coke as normal.

SPECIAL: Grants a +5 competency bonus on craft checks Functions as an anvil as well as a forge when Deployed. With h'ratham, can produce Blue Flame, and can be used to purify metals and smelt ores into ingots.

Phase 4: Mastery
( Racquel, Garnet, Topaz, Aquamarine, Opal, a handful of copper coins which MUST come from Darius's own personal coinpurse. A one-inch chunk of metal taken from a shield which has successfully prevented a fire-based attack from doing damage to its wielder. Telekinesis , Quench)
Phase 4 Cost: 59,000 gp total

When Deployed, the Anvil-Forge now has a secondary slab somewhat like a workbench made of racquel protruding from the mouth of the hearth. If h'ratham is used, it is fitted into specially-shaped slots in the floor of the chamber. The command words still work like normal. Any molten metal flows down a groove in the secondary slab, to pool in a shallow depression. This depression will conform to the shape of any object placed upon the secondary slab if the command word "Copy" is spoken.

While Darius specifically uses this Forge, the shape, size, and temperature/color of the heat source, as well as the shape of the racquel slab, all obey Darius's thoughts. Similarly, The horn and heel of the anvil can be reshaped to a limited extent, including the adding or removal of strategic grooves and holes. If Coke is used by the Attuned blacksmith, it is unusually consistent in density, and even crumbles in a predictable fashion. Telekinesis continually removes impurities or laces the molten metal with them as desired, separating the impurities into floating spheres of molten slag; these cool and solidify upon the Quench command. All carbon and other detritus is gently ejected before a Collapse.

Attuning this forge to a new user requires a ritual involving the melting of pennies in the furnace that have been carried by the intended attuned user for more than 24 hours and a DC 25 Crafting: Blacksmith check.

SPECIAL: Grants a +5 competency bonus on craft checks, +10 if operator is Attuned. Can produce White Flame and melt metal. The Quench command now also extinguishes all fires in the immediate area as per the Quench spell. Attuned Operator cannot take HP damage from the heat of this Forge. Instead, he or she takes Subdual damage. Between the Telekinesis and shape-changing slab, it may be possible to create shapes not normally achievable through other methodology.

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