Pompeii by Bastille Interpretation (Isle of Mist)

The lyrics to this song can be found here. This is a straightforward reference, really, and not particularly complex. The events that the song would stand theme for have not happened in the campaign; they may not happen.

This song would have been the theme if the PCs had convinced Emem that he needed to restore his body in the material plane. The aftermath of him doing so would have devastated the dharven city under which he is "trapped" (Sundtar Agamm) and killed tens of thousands of dharven.

The song could be interpreted in two ways, but hopefully to very different effects. On the one hand, the perspective from which the song is sung could represent Emem himself, "lost to his vices" and forced to rely on himself, trapped, his surface city overrun not by a volcano but by the dharven creations of his rival, Moradin.

On the other hand, the song could also be interpreted as though it is from the perspective of a dharven survivor of Emem's return to the material plane. The dharve would be mourning the loss of his people, his city, his capital, and so forth. But, with the majority of the city (and the resulting devastation) hidden away underground, would anyone even notice what had happened? Considering that Emem's reemergence would be a volcanic eruption, the title of the song works well for this perspective as well, with a huge percentage of the population falling to the sudden and warningless eruption of a long-dormant volcano under the deepest parts of their subterranean city.

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