Post-Limerence Street Side Sessions

A Small Request from Benjamin

Benjamin sends a request to Bad Company via mail. He asks that Bad Company, sometime in the next few weeks, summon an angel of at least level 4 for a counsel colloquy. When they've successfully done so, he requests that their query for the counsel action be: "Benjamin Abernathy asks: green with gold fringe or blue with ivory embroidery?" Put the answer into a letter and mail it back to him before the month is out, please.

There is an angel named Erika who is known to have a fascination with fabric and fashion. They are level 4, and their domain is raiment and household items. They are not subject to any known pacts, however - though it's not necessarily common for Goetics to admit if they've entered into a pact with a spirit unless doing so would advance their position in some way. Bad Company decides to persuade Erika to answer Benjamin's question.

TODO resolve colloquey

Hunting the Lost

TODO Nessa and Bad Company dealing with the result of Nessa casting Hunt the Lost the first time.

TODO Nessa's subsequent casting(s) of Hunt the Lost.

Seren's Shadow

Derran provided an incantation to Seren, something that would help her remember her Shadow life. When he casts it though, he realizes that she's never even been to Shadow. Despite that, Seren has a dream (as the incantation said she would) that very night.

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