Priscilla Allequalandra

Priscilla Allequalandra- owner of the Silky Doll
Elf, age 471

Moved to the fledgling town of Gwivonna some 300 years ago. She subtly undercut the local sex industry, and within a mere five years, she had quietly run any other brothels out of business. She distances herself as much as possible from her workers and her clientele.

Common Knowledge: She is the owner of the Silky Doll. Spends most of her time in her own room upstairs, where she has collected an assortment of creature comforts. Dresses very exotically. Patrons who have seen her claim her beauty and mystique is that of a goddess.

Uncommon Knowledge: It is whispered that she once turned down an offer of 100gp for a trick. She sometimes goes up to the roof to stargaze, and can be very angry if disturbed. She selected Chastity for her position because she needed one person she could trust to handle affairs, and who would last for a few centuries.

Top Secret: She left Salymphuiyn under less than ideal circumstances, when a habitat tree in her care wilted and died. She's not exactly exiled, but her status in elven society is questionable. Disgraced, she fled to Gwivonna and now spends the days quietly lining her pockets with the gold of horny travelers. She hasn't quite grasped the concept that many humans find prostitution distasteful, and if anyone ever sat her down and explained it to her, she may very well flee in disgrace all over again.

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