Prue - Backstory (Session 0)

Explosion, penthouse hotel room
Detective Paul Samson (big black guy) heading
No evidence of accelerants
5 dead, Mitsu low level exec (Akimoto Asuka), media reporter w/NeoNet (Annabelle Salaam, just making her name), 3 bodyguards
(Potential for) Big media debacle

Assensing upon entering room - see residue, anger, pain, guilt/shame
- Detection spells show her that the door was busted in, the room ransacked by fire elemental
- Strong fire elemental

Mentor (Lonnie Ooten) (retires 2069)

Goes to talk to Annabelle Salaam's boss (Hillary Dashiell) and coworkers
Hillary is mid-50s, blond, super-professional, a little cold

Goes to Annabelle's house - sparse and basic, with archaic cyberterminal in bedroom (forensics guys called for this - est day or two to find anything out)

Sleep - 4 hours
Call from forensics - actually was a commlink hidden in cyberterminal. Got into it via backdoor enough to see calendar - Aldritch Ames mtg prev night 7 PM
Other mtgs with Aldritch Ames sporadically for past 9 mo (e.g., 6 one week, then none for 3 weeks, then 5, etc.)


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