Prudence "Prue" Greer

Character Notes

Born Seattle - April 1, 2043
University in San Fransisco
Parents were both detective investigators for Lone Star (Mom was a mage, Dad mundane; both human)

Grew up in North Seattle in a townhome near the precinct
Would have learned from genetic testing around age 8 that she would Awaken

Private schooled and got magical theory, etc. in middle/high school

As far as she knows, parents were clean cops

Late bloomer - didn't Awaken until ~20. Refused inducement ("too busy" during school)
As a result, strong background in traditional forensics
Went through Lone Star high-intensity training course for practical magic

Magical apprenticeship/4-year commitment with Lone Star starting at 22 (4 years long over)
BA in Forensics, minor in paraforensics from San Fran

Worked as detective for 6-7 years with Lone Star in North Side

Six months ago, Prue's parents mysteriously disappeared while on a case for Lone Star. Finally fed up with the lack of answers and a seeming lack of action, Prue resigns from Lone Star and sets off on her own to seek the truth.

Quiet break with Lone Star - no big fireworks


Most of the time she's known as Prudence Greer. But sometimes, when she's undercover, she's known as Calypso Nyx.

Calypso Nyx

Physical Description

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Physical description

Basic Personality

Overview of the character's basic personality traits


Very nosy and inquisitive—almost impulsively so.

Positive Qualities

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Negative Qualities

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Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score Special Score
Body 3 Charisma 4 Edge 3 Initiative Passes 1
Agility 3 Intuition 4 Essence 6 Astral or Matrix Initiative Passes 8/3 passes
Reaction 3 Logic 4 Magic 4 Physical Damage Track X
Strength 3 Willpower 4 Initiative 7 Stun Damage Track X


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Assensing 3 Chemistry 3 English (Cityspeak) Native (6)
Conjuring 3 Local area knowledge 4 Russian 3
Data search 3 Magic theory 4 Japanese 3
Dodge 2 Underworld politics 4 Spanish 2
Influence skill group 2
Perception (visual) 4 (2)
Pistols 2
Shadowing 2
Sorcery skill group 3


Describe contacts. Link to their pages, if applicable. Include Connection and Loyalty ratings.

Bartender Loyalty rating: 1 Conn. rating: 2
Fixer Loyalty rating: 1 Conn. rating: 2
Lone Star beat cop Loyalty rating: 1 Conn. rating: 2
Street snitch Loyalty rating: 1 Conn. rating: 1
Talismonger Loyalty rating: 1 Conn. rating: 2

Character Equipment

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Weapons and Ammo

Weapon Dmg Ammo AP Reach/Range Mode RC Notes
Melee Weapon XS -X Reach 1 Special rules
Ranged Weapon XS X(c) -X S/M/L/Ex Mods or special rules
Use mult. rows if needed
Ammo Type Amount Dmg Mod AP Mod Armor Notes
Ammo Name X X -X B or I special rules


Armor B I Notes
Brand, name, or type X X special rules and/or physical description

General Equipment

Thing Notes
Lifestyle 1 month Middle
Thing special rules or description

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