Ramius Krupalia

CN (Roguish)

Has 360 XP out of 1000 needed.
Going by Ramius Krupalia.

STR 13/+1
DEX 19/+4
CON 15/+2
INT 17/+3
WIS 16/+3
CHA 18/+4

BAB: +4
Melee +5, Missile +8
Initiative: +8
HP: 48
AC: 10+3+0+4=17
Weapon 1: Dagger
Weapon 2: Short bow
Armor: Studded leather

Fort: 2+2=4
Ref: 4+5=9
Will: 3+5=8

Improved Initiative
Bardic Knowledge
Bardic Music (Fascinate, Inspire Courage, Countersong, Inspire Competence, Suggestion)
Shortbow Proficiency
Weapon Proficiency (Rapier/Sabre)
Weapon Finesse (Rapier)

Skills (Max 9/4.5):
Appraise +9
Balance +9
Bluff +13
Decipher Script +7
Diplomacy +10
Disguise +10
Gather Information +10
Knowledge (arcana) +4
Knowledge (geography) +4
Knowledge (history) +5
Knowledge (local) +5
Listen +10
Move Silently +10
Perform (fast-talk, singing, dancing, piccolo/flute, lute, fiddle, drama, buffoonery, poetry) +13
Profession (innkeeper) +5
*Ride +4
*Search +7
Sense Motive +5
Spellcraft +3
*Spot +8
Tumble +9
Use Magic Device +4

Spells: (6/4/3 known, 3/4/3 per day)
Lv 0:
ghost sound
mage hand
dancing lights
Lv 1:
cure light wounds
expeditious retreat
charm person
Lv 2:
cat's grace
detect thoughts

Dagger +1
Short bow, arrows x20
Boots of Elvenkind
Egg of Silence (thrown, 15' radius AoE, range increment 30')

Fights those he thinks he can take, but not afraid to run
Self first, but still considers others
Usually attacks from a distance or from the shadows
Tries to talk self out of fights or at least into a position of surprise when he attacks
Uses spells as much as possible to protect self
Never fell in love with Emby; hooked up with Ferella
In love with Ferella, but is not the type to say it - shows it, but is nonobvious

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