Rebel Alliance Ranks


This rank structure is very loosely based on the rank structure used by the United States Armed Forces, though many liberties have been taken and the structure has been simplified somewhat. Wookiepedia has some information about the assumed-canonical rank structure of the Alliance, but as this structure is incompletely documented and inconsistently applied (even within the movies), I have thrown it out for the purposes of my campaigns.

Enlisted Personnel

Grade Rebel Army Rebel Navy
1 Private Recruit
2 Private Second Class Apprentice
3 Private First Class Deckman
4 Specialist Specialist

Non-Commissioned Officers

Grade Rebel Army Rebel Navy
5 Corporal Petty Officer Third Class
6 Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class
7 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class
8 Sergeant First Class Chief Petty Officer
9 Master Sergeant1 Senior Chief Petty Officer
10 Sergeant Major2 Master Chief Petty Officer

Warrant Officers

Warrant officers follow a separate but parallel command path to non-commissioned officers. Warrant officers serve as technical experts, combat leaders, trainers, advisors, and analysts supporting various combat groups.

Grade Rebel Army Rebel Navy
5 Technician Technician
6 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer
7 Senior Warrant Officer Senior Warrant Officer
8 Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer
9 Senior Chief Warrant Officer Senior Chief Warrant Officer
10 Brigade Warrant Officer Fleet Warrant Officer


Grade Rebel Army Rebel Navy
11 Second Lieutenant Ensign
12 First Lieutenant Lieutenant, Junior Grade
13 Captain Lieutenant
14 Major Lieutenant Commander
15 Lieutenant Colonel Commander
16 Colonel Captain
17 Brigadier General Rear Admiral
18 Major General Vice Admiral
19 Lieutenant General Fleet Admiral
20 General Admiral
21 General of the Army Admiral of the Navy

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