Restoring the Street

Maphre and the Madhouse

TODO PCs go to Calivan Madhouse, talk to the doctor, use the cat medallion that night, and get in to see Maphre. Present: Nessa, Seren, and Eir went in to the Madhouse at night; Bad Company kept watch outside; Dante Thirds helped out. Keyfall afterwards, and PCs picked up one new Wicked Key apiece.

Charles Abernathy

TODO conversation with Charles at the Order Goeticka


TODO love tester and drinks at Zero's

Swapping Seeker and Street

TODO everyone in, including Navin for the conclusion. Eir found the mirror in the shoe shop; BC used a Wicked Key on the Seeker and nearly saved the day, and Nessa nearly caused it to be lost; party managed to swap demon and street.

After the Street


TODO Axon thanked PCs and led them to reward - some magecoin, some ephemera



Derran's agreement with Seren was to help her remember her time in Shadow. To that end, he found a short ritual, Dream of the Lies You've Lived, that causes the target to have a dream reliving a moment from their time in Shadow (the type of leaves used in the ritual influence the emotional core of the moment that the target will dream about). The ritual took hold, but Derran could tell that it didn't take hold correctly because, according to Derran, Seren has never actually been to Dayside Shadow and had no "Shadow life" for the ritual to cause her to remember.

Bad Company and Nessa

Derran offers Nessa and Bad Company a deal. He has a work, The Fifth Tome, that would be quite useful for Nessa's quest to find her family.

The book contains these five spells:

  1. Canorous Plea
  2. Color Door
  3. Godspeed
  4. Mind's Interface
  5. Pathwalker

These four secrets (see The Way):

  1. Breatharian
  2. Echopraxia
  3. Expansive Endeavor
  4. Transporter

And a captured Incantation, Clouds Part to Reveal the White Ship.

He will exchange the book for 3 magecoin + any 2 ephemera, but he would prefer if they can find him the spell "Apex Predator" from the rumored-to-be-rediscovered Book M.



Mercy's agreement with Eir was to provide her access and assistance in reading The Lockless Key and accessing the divination on its skin intended for her and her alone. TODO: Eir's poem from The Lockless Key


TODO: if anyone else wants to talk to Mercy, she will trade various things for access to The Lockless Key

Goodman Jonas

Bad Company told a few of his friends about Goodman Jonas's request, and a few of them decided to take Jonas up on the offer. Warbler, Ceph, Marion, and Dante Thirds have all left Satyrine as of the end of this arc, heading to Yestervale to see what they can accomplish there.


TODO wants help moving on to the Pale; Nessa wants to help here

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