Revised Skills

This page contains house rule revisions to the lists of Attributes and Skills. Currently, these are just notions; once they have been nailed down and more strictly playtested, the revised lists and descriptions will be put on this page.


  • Strength: Physical might as well as endurance
  • Perception: Sensory acuity and attentiveness
  • Dexterity: Fine motor skills, balance, and coordination
  • Technical: Aptitude for developing and maintaining electronics and software
    • If this is a description of what the aptitude is right now, I think a better description might be "the ability to construct/maintain/repair technological/physical (Medicine, First Aid) systems."
  • Mechanical: Aptitude for developing and maintaining physical systems including vehicle systems
    • If this is a description of what the aptitude is right now, I think a better description might be "the use/operation of technology… principly that of vehicles (the only skill listed for Mechanical that doesn't concern the operation of vehicles or vehicle systems is Beast Riding)."
    • Technical and Mechanical are poorly worded, but the two sets of skills do seem to mostly make sense as they're written. I can see an argument for combining them, but it seems better to leave them the way they are, if only because I can't seem to think up a better alternative(s).
  • Knowledge: Intellect and degree of education
  • Possibly add a Charisma-like stat, moving some social skills under that attribute and adding some new ones (performance, maybe con, etc.)
    • This is an attribute I can see doing. It can be good to separate awareness from social ability. However, I can also see a rationale for leaving it as is. Conning someone requires you to be very perceptive of nonverbal cues, etc. Performance would require you to be able to perceive/feel the subtleties of a good piece of art. I could go either way on this stat.

Per the default rules, the whole difference between the Technical and Mechanical attributes seems to be "are you white collar" (doctor, programmer; Technical) or "are you blue collar" (space trucker, space auto mechanic; Mechanical). This doesn't really make a lot of sense to me as a difference in aptitude so much as it is a difference in training, which is the domain of skills. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of combining the two into some meta-skill (Mechanical Aptitude, Logic, or somesuch), but I'm considering it if only to maybe keep 6 attributes but redistribute them a bit. If I did take this approach, the vehicle piloting skills might be redistributed to Dexterity and the beast riding skill to something like Charisma or Perception. This requires a lot of thought before I actually commit to changing something, though.

Revised Skill List

Dexterity Skills

Dexterity Agility, nimbleness, and fine control
Archaic Guns Black powder weapons, flintlocks, muskets, and similar
Blaster Any personal-scale blaster weaponry
Blaster Artillery Fixed or multi-man-portable blaster weapons
Bowcaster N/A - merged with Bows
Bows Any stored-mechanical-energy weapon, including crossbows and bowcasters
Brawling Parry N/A - merged with Brawling or Dodge
Dance Poise and balance; knowledge of and proficiency in various specific dance styles
Dodge Reaction skill - avoid being hit by any attack
Firearms Slugthrowers and rail/coilguns
Grenade Any indirect-fire thrown weapon
Lightsaber Any lightsaber/plasma-blade weapon
Melee Combat Any hand-to-hand weapon except for lightsabers
Melee Parry N/A - merged with Melee Combat or Dodge
Missile Weapons Any direct-fire or indirect-fire launcher device
Pick Pocket N/A - renamed Sleight of Hand
Running Running and maintaining balance while moving across difficult terrain
Sleight of Hand Picking pockets, palming items, and concealing items on oneself
Thrown Weapons Direct-fire thrown weapons such as knives
Vehicle Blasters Vehicle-mounted blasters (speeder/walker weapons)
Vehicle Firearms Vehicle-mountend ballistics

Knowledge Skills

Knowledge Raw intellect and book learning
Alien Species N/A - replaced with Biology and Cultures
Biology Theoretical knowledge about organisms and biological systems; specialize in particular species
Bureaucracy Information about how certain complex organizations operate
Business Knowledge about business operations and economics
Chemistry Theoretical knowledge about chemical interactions
Cultures Knowledge about how certain cultural forms manifest and operate in general; specialize in particular species
Engineering Theoretical knowledge of applied sciences. Specialize per subdomain of engineering
History Book knowledge of past events
Intimidation Ability to be threatening or imposing
Languages Ability to learn and understand foreign and alien languages
Law Enforcement Law enforcement procedure and the legal system
Military Tactics Skill in deploying and maneuvering various types of military forces
Philosophy Theoretical knowledge about various belief systems
Physics Theoretical knowledge of cutting-edge physics
Planetary Systems Geographic knowledge about specific planets and systems
Scholar N/A - replaced with various specific knowledge skills
Streetwise Knowledge of the criminal element - key movers and shakers, tactics, areas of specialization, and so forth
Survival Knowledge of how to live off the land in a hostile environment
Tactics N/A - renamed Military Tactics
Value Ability to gauge the market value of various items
Willpower Ability to resist coercion or wait for a potentially bigger payoff

Note that characters are assumed to have innate knowledge about their own species, so they get an automatic +2D to any Xenobiology or Xenosociology rolls for their own species (not building on specializations, only on the base skill).

Mechanical Skills

Mechanical "Blue collar" hands-on work
Archaic Starship Piloting Ability to pilot chemically- or solar-propelled vehicles
Astrogation Ability to plot a hyperspace course between systems
Beast Riding Ability to ride various live animals
Capital Ship Gunnery Ability to fire weapons emplacements at capital scale
Capital Ship Piloting Ability to physically pilot a capital-scale starship
Capital Ship Shields N/A - rolled in to Shields
Communications Ability to use various communications systems and follow proper communications protocols
Ground Vehicle Operation Operation of wheeled or tracked vehicles
Hover Vehicle Operation Operation of any air-cushion or ground-effect vehicles
Jet Pack Operation Operation of jet or rocket packs
Powersuit Operation Operation of any powered armor or exosuit systems
Repulsorlift Operation Operation of all repulsorlift vehicles
Rocket Pack Operation N/A - rolled in with Jet Pack Operation
Sensors Operation of all sensor systems, including handheld scanners
Shields Ability to manipulate force field projection systems, e.g., starship shield systems
Space Transports N/A - renamed Space Transport Piloting
Space Transport Piloting Piloting of any mid-scale freighters, transports, and similar vessels
Starfighter Piloting Piloting of small combat spacecraft
Starship Gunnery Operation of all gunnery systems on starfighters or space transports
Starship Shields N/A - rolled in to Shields
Swoop Operation Operation of swoops specifically
Walker Operation Operation of legged transports that do not mimic user muscle action for command input

Perception Skills

Perception Focus, concentration, and sensory keenness
Acting Specifically, playing a role from a script for entertainment purposes (separate from Con)
Bargain Negotiation for purchase, barter, bribery, etc.
Command Ability to lead a group and issue orders
Con Ability to trick and deceive (or resist deception)
Forgery Ability to duplicate electronic or physical documents
Gambling Skill at various games of chance (those that have a skill element
Hide N/A - rolled in to Sleight of Hand
Investigation Ability to search for information about a particular topic
Musical Performance Musical performance skill
Painting Ability to draw, either using a physical medium or electronically (including holo-models)
Persuasion Ability to convince someone to do something or change their mind about something (distinct from Con)
Sculpture Ability to render art in physical media, such as clay or metal
Search Skill at perceiving oddities or objects in a cluttered environment
Sneak Ability to move quietly and unseen through an area

Strength Skills

Strength Physical might and endurance
Brawling Hand-to-hand combat without the use of weaponry
Cllimbing/Jumping Ability to pull self up a physical obstacle or jump over it
Lifting Physical lifting ability
Stamina Raw endurance
Swimming Umm…. swimming

Technical Skills

Technical "White collar" hands-on work
Armor Repair Ability to repair personal armor
Blaster Repair Ability to repair blaster-based weaponry (including vehicle blasters)
Capital Ship Repair Ability to repair the physical structures of a capital ship (including solving systems integration issues)
Capital Ship Weapon Repair N/A - split up into Laser Repair and Launcher Repair
Computer Programming Ability to craft custom software routines to run on simple computers (not droidbrains)
Computer Programming/Repair N/A - split up into Computer Programming and Electronics Repair
Cooking Ability to put together a coherent meal
Demolitions Ability to properly plant explosive devices
Droid Programming Ability to craft synthetic-intelligence-compatibile learning subroutines for droidbrains
Droid Repair Ability to physically repair prosthetic cybernetics and droid actuation systems
Electronics Repair Ability to physically repair electronics and electrical systems
Firearms Repair Ability to repair chemically-propelled weapons (like slugthrowers)
First Aid Ability to perform emergency life sustaining procedures
Ground Vehicle Repair Ability to repair wheeled and tracked vehicles
Hover Vehicle Repair Ability to repair air-cusion and ground-effect vehicles
Hyperdrive Repair Ability to repair hyperdrives and associated systems (including navigational computers)
Laser Repair Ability to repair laser and turbolaser weaponry
Launcher Repair *Ability to repair missile weapons including missile launchers and bomb racks//
Medicine Surgical skill, including ability to implant and maintain installed cybernetics and prosthetics
Repulsorlift Repair Ability to repair repulsorlift systems
Security Ability to repair, maintain, and defeat physical locks and similar security systems
Space Transports Repair Ability to repair the physical structures of a freighter/transport, including solving systems integration issues
Starfighter Repair Ability to repair the physical structures of a combat spaceship
Starship Weapon Repair N/A - split up into Laser Repair and Launcher Repair
Sublight Drive Repair Ability to repair spaceship sublight thruster systems
Walker Repair Ability to repair walkers

Skills Notes

  • I don't think Grenade should be it's own skill. It seems like it would be better done as a specialization of Thrown Weapons.
  • Like the South Dakota Star Wars blogger, I don't think Lightsaber should be it's own skill, but a specialization of Melee Combat. I also think variant lightsabers such as the shoto (lightsaber short sword), variable length lightsabers, and double-bladed lightsabers should also be their own specializations.
  • I think Swoop Operation might be better used as a specialization of Repulsorlift Operation.
  • I think there needs to be an Acrobatics skill. Maybe lump it in with the Climbing/Jumping skill, make them all specializations, and call the skill Athletics.
  • Skills I think need to be added:
    • Performance: by type (Dancing, Painting, Singing, Musical Instrument: type, etc… these are individual skills, not specializations)
    • Craft: by type (same as above)
    • Cooking
    • Profession: by type (same as above)
  • Considering changing weapons skills based on the following plan:
    • Blasters, firearms, launchers skills for personal-scale weapons
    • Blasters, firearms, launchers skills for vehicle direct-fire weaponry
    • Artillery/blaster artillery skills for large indirect-fire weaponry
    • Some special capital-scale skill for large multi-manned weapons emplacements
  • Consider what other key academic disciplines require individual knowledge skills
  • Roll Con into Persuasion?

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