Richard "Marmot" Jenkins

"Marmot" is an infiltration-specialist mage who follows the hermetic school of magical thinking. Short and slightly built, Marmot takes his nickname from his rodent-like appearance and tendency to "squirrel away" caches of weapons and money in various slum hidey-holes. Marmot rarely homes in one area, but he carries a cheap commlink via which he can be reached.

Marmot is a highly-skilled character who should only be introduced in elite campaigns. With the given stats, he is in his late thirties.

Marmot favors summoning elementals to help him out; he almost always has a watcher spirit handy, and when actively "at work" he tends to keep some elementals around. He treats the elementals sort of like intelligent pets; he is generally nice to them, but he commands rather than asks favors.

Human male, age 38
5'5", 111 lb.
Short, disheveled brown hair
Brown eyes


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 2 Charisma 3 Essence 6
Agility 5 Intuition 5 Initiative 10
Reaction 5 Logic 4 Edge 4
Strength 2 Willpower 6 Magic 6


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Banishing 5 Magic Theory 2 English Native
Binding 5 Security Companies 4 Spanish 2
Summoning 5 Security Procedures 5 Japanese 1
Counterspelling 5 Parazoology 2
Ritual Spellcasting 5 Security Design 5
Spellcasting 5 Ares Macrotechnology 1
Disguise 3 Aztechnology 1
Infiltration 3 Renraku 1
Palming 3 Club Music 2
Shadowing 3 Street Drugs 2
Pistols 3
Running 2
Con 3
Etiquette 2
Assensing 4
Perception 4
Astral Combat 2
Pilot Aircraft 3
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 1

Positive Qualities

Magician: Can use Sorcery and Conjuring; can Assense
Focused Concentration 2: +2 die pool to resist drain

Negative Qualities

Criminal SIN: picked up on a couple of occasions for unlicensed magic usage (misdemeanors only - non-combat spells)
Sensitive System: 2x essence loss from cyberware
Sensitive Neural Structure: -2 dice pool to resist IC, BTLs, dumpshock, etc.


Spell Name Type Test Range Damage Duration Drain Reference
Manaball Mana Opposed - Wil LOS (Area) Physical Instant (F/2) + 2 SR4 Core
Wreck (Gun) Physical Success (Object Resistance) LOS Physical Instant (F/2) Street Magic
Detect Enemies, Extended Mana Opposed - Wil Touch/Extended Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core
Heal Mana Success Touch N/A Permanent Damage Value - 2 SR4 Core
Physical Camouflage Mana Opposed - Wil LOS N/A Sustained (F/2) - 1 Street Magic
Chaotic World Physical Opposed - Int LOS/Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core
Silence Physical Opposed - Int LOS/Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core
Vehicle Mask Physical Opposed - Int Touch N/A Sustained (F/2) - 2 Street Magic
Mana Barrier Mana Success LOS/Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 1 SR4 Core
Physical Barrier Physical Success LOS/Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core
Improved Invisibility Physical Opposed - Wil LOS N/A Sustained (F/2) + 1 SR4 Core
Gecko Crawl Physical Success Touch N/A Sustained (F/2) - 1 Street Magic

Area spells have a radius of effect equal to their Force, in meters.
Extended Area spells have a radius of effect equal to 10 * Force, in meters.


Survival Knife: 2P, -1 AP
Ares Viper Slivergun: 8P(f), +2 AP, SA/BF, 30(c); built-in supressor
Custom Ares Predator IV: 5P, -1 AP, SA, 15(c); smartgun system replaced with a supressor
Armor Clothing: 4 Ballistic, 0 Impact
Chameleon Suit: 6 Ballistic, 4 Impact; -4 to Perception tests to see wearer
CMT Clip commlink with Redcap Nix OS and basic applications: Response 1, Signal 3, Firewall 1, System 2; subvocal microphone
Contact lenses with thermographic, lowlight, flare compensation, and vision enhancement
Earbuds with audio enhancement R3
Directional Microphone
Laser Microphone, R3
Laser Range Finder
Plastic restraints x20
Maglock Passkey R3
Wire clippers
Mini-toolkit (screwdrivers and wrenches)
Spirit Binding Materials: usually 2-6 elemental materials for F2, 1-4 elemental materials for F4, 1-2 elemental materials for F6

Other Notes

Has one "safe house" location where he has constructed a hermetic circle
Usually has 2-3 spirits (favors Air Elementals, but never more than 1 of the same type) summoned and in reserve

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