Richard Mitchell

Vampire Character

Name: Richard Patrick Mitchell
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Loner
Generation: 8th Generation Malkavian

Physical Description: 6’0” tall, 220 lb.; shoulder-length blonde hair, often tied back in tail; formerly blue eyes have faded to gray since his undeath; wears black jeans, black boots, white dress shirts, and a black trenchcoat almost without variation; always moves with a sort of silent grace and speaks rarely and softly; no scars, tattoos, identifying marks, etc.


Physical Social Mental
Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 2
Dexterity 4 (steady) Manipulation 4 (honest) Intelligence 4 (educated)
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 4 (quick-tongued)


Talents Skills Knowledge
Acting 2 Drive 1 Computer 3
Alertness 2 Etiquette 4 Finance 2
Martial Arts 3 Firearms 2 Investigation 4
Dodge 3 Melee 3 Law 2
Empathy 4 Music (vocal) 4 Linguistics (Latin) 2
Stealth 3 Occult/Lore 4
Science 3
Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Obfuscate 2 Resources 5 Conscience 5
Celerity 2 Generation 5 Self Control 5
Fortitude 1 Courage 3

Other Traits

Humanity: 10
Willpower: 10; 10/10
Blood Pool: 15/15

Merit Iron Will
Merit Eat Solid Food
Merit Mask of Humanity

Flaw Hunted (Master)
Flaw Insanity (Clan)
Flaw Driving Goal
Flaw Misinformed

Other Information

Clan Malkav disorders:

  • Bipolar disorder—predictably goes through cycles of depression and mass activity; not as severe as most clinical cases, but abnormal nonetheless. The state switches every time he feeds; he does excellent programming whenever he is manic and sometimes becomes suicidal when depressed. Has never attempted suicide, and without prodding he never will.
  • Obsession—driven to find a true love and create a stable family to the point of obsession; this is often the excuse for his manic or depressive state and occupies his thought constantly.


Ninja-to: Str+5
No-dachi: Str+6
Tanto: Str+1
Wakizashi Str+2
Composite Bow: Str+3
Akido: Str
Winchester M-12: 10
Remington 790: 8

All swords are museum-quality pieces that Richard doesn’t carry; however, they are in his home, available, combat quality, and are beautiful besides; there are multiple sets, and those aren’t the only blades he owns. Guns are examples as well and were used when he and his father would go hunting.

Descriptions of combat table follow because I like to write:

Ninja-to: Katana-length weapon with a straight blade instead of a curved blade—functions as katana
No-dachi: a curved blade like the katana but of five to six feet total length—does damage as a great sword
Tanto: a katana’s companion dagger—functions as a dagger or a knife
Wakizashi: a katana-like curved blade, but of short sword length—functions as a short sword
Composite bow: a bow made of layers of different materials, usually various types of wood
Winchester M-12: a pump shotgun built with an 8-round capacity; as his are hunting guns, they are plugged for 3; never jams
Remington 790: standard 8-round hunting rifle (30-06) with a 32x scope attached
Aikido, in case you didn’t know, is a form of martial art that relies on grapples and throws, not strikes


Born in St. Louis, MO (my campaign was a St. Louis Metro campaign, but he can easily be transplanted wherever you want to put him) in 1972. Educated at magnet schools in St. Louis; after graduation (at age 17) attended University of Illinois in pursuit of a computer science degree. During junior year in college (1992-1993), parents were killed in a plane crash; family wealth went to only remaining blood relative, Richard. Richard finished his BS in CS and returned to St. Louis to build a life. All inheritance went into various investment funds and stocks, including IBM and Intel stock; has a savings account readily available with between $60,000 and $70,000 in it at all times—usually spends sparingly in case he builds a family.

Two years after his return to St. Louis, Richard was brutally mugged by a 7th-generation Malkavian; he remembers little about the incident except that he was stabbed repeatedly and hit on the head during the struggle. What actually happened: the vamp wished to feed; when Richard resisted Obfuscate, she became enraged and attacked. However, during the fight Richard employed every technique he knew, including the martial arts he had trained in since childhood—including biting. He was bleeding out and lost enough blood that he became a full-fledged vampire instead of just a ghoul. However, he only fought back because of the blow to the head; he was dazed. Fighting for nearly any reason is against his personal code of ethics, but self-defense is acceptable if he feels he is in mortal danger.

Since childhood has been interested in the occult and such stuff; interest increased dramatically about 7 months after his attack when he discovered that he had “strange powers” over men. After researching and testing, he decided he was a fey and that he had just Awakened… could he have been more wrong? Anyway, he does not feed much; being eighth generation, he can go for 15 days without eating and eats red meat rare often giving him another blood point for every 6 meals (8 oz steak). He also tends to go for rats, mice, stray animals, and suck whenever he has to feed. During these times, he “blanks out” from reality and remembers nothing about the feeding session later. However, he hasn’t ever just fed on a human being, although there was one time that he did drink of a human, story to come later.

Sometimes writes freeware/shareware/limited distribution software to either keep up the checking account, “keep myself out of trouble,” or just keep himself busy. Has certain government programs copyrighted, which pretty much covers those pesky taxes… .

Never kept normal hours in life, so his daylight sleep cycle has gone completely unnoticed by himself and others; after all, those ALWAYS were his peak hours… .

Post-mortem Activities of Note:

Roughly 8 months ago, during a feeding session, he was attacked by a street bum that thought he would be an easy mark for a mugging; however, Richard bit and fed from him, draining him in the process. The man also bit Richard, gaining enough blood to reach undeath; the Childe, Damian, was soon met by a hunting Gangrel who picked him up and claimed him as his own. Damian believes himself to be an 11th generation Gangrel with Protean 1, Potence 1, and Celerity 1; however, he in fact has Celerity 1 and Obfuscate 2 and is a 9th generation Malkavian. Richard has no knowledge of Damian (no longer with the Gangrel) or vice versa; they have never met since that night.

Richard is currently being pursued by a religious fanatic who discovered vampires during some seriously weird research and Richard during his feeding session. As Richard only fed on rats, the fanatic is not sure Richard is a vamp and is just watching for a while; however, he is extremely well armed and even has a point or two of True Faith and some sorcerous miracles up his sleeve. He is backed by a group of 6 mundanes, also fairly well-armed; among the 7 they have access to all nonmilitary and nearly all small military arms including anti-personnel explosives (ie hand grenades, flame throwers, etc.). Totaled, the group counts as a fifth-level Hunted flaw.

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