Right Angle To Reality

On the way from Akihito-Reimi to our mysterious destination to the northwest, Maleos became increasingly worried that his constant divination spam was using something up, if not at this end of the magical "economy," then at the other end. He soon realized that he could simply ask the Compass for a direct answer to how badly damaged/used up the other end was, but it would require suffering Backlash. Instead, he created a single-use Level 3 magical item with the sole intention of activating it in such a way that it the spell effects would be fed into the leads rather than actually cast. Apparently this was as simple as creating an open-ended spell effect with Magical Bindings for attaching two magical items together, linking up those bindings to the "leads to nowhere" on the Compass, and then undoing those bindings with a Command Word activation.

He explained that he was going to try a safer way of attempting the divination that had burned him before, and asked Saul to be on hand in case he needed emergency healing.

Maleos was focusing on the goal of determining the current status of whatever was on the other end of the "paths to nowhere" by which magic was constantly entering and exiting the Compass. What he got was the observation that actually, the leads didn't really lead "nowhere."

Instead, with his perspective distorted as if he were looking at the leads sideways while upside-down and squinting at them backwards through a prism, Maleos noted that the leads proceeded parallel in opposite directions to the left diagonally, and then extended horizontally up and down until making a backwards right turn, whereupon they ran in straight curvy lines for at least ten thousand miles, or maybe even as much as 2 inches, at which point they extended into a place that was not somewhere, and was not nowhere, but rather was elsewhere.


Not even dust remained of the magical item Maleos created for this task. (Or if there was dust, it was too small to see. The inevitable Compass Check to find said dust failed to command compass.)

But he had learned a technique of safely asking the Compass extremely expensive questions.

Tomorrow, he's going to try casting an Alarm spell, and then shoving the leads into the Area-of-Effect, while thinking a simpler question, such as "If you receive this request, please respond with the word 'yes.' " It doesn't work that way, so the best way is probably to research a new spell that does nothing but create a "spell bubble" with leads coming out of it, ready to be eaten by the compass, and has no other mechanical effect.

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