Robert Duskin


Name: Robert Duskin
DOB: April 12, 1950 (~44 in 1994)


Born in rural Pennsylvania to farm family. Only child. Mother and father dead (natural causes).

Joined Army out of high school. Mechanical skills and experience (from repairing farm equipment his whole life) got him into Airborne as a mechanic. Sent to Vietnam for 3 years. Learned to fly helicopters after stint in military (Army buddy started teaching him while there, then formalized it after they were both out).

Out of military service in 1978. Moved back to Pennsylvania and got a job with Boeing Helicopters in Ridley Park. Still maintains security clearance. Married after military service (~1978-1979) to Vietnamese woman. Had two children, both girls, born 1981 and 1983. Divorced 1989; not great, but semi-amicable (inasmuch as there weren't horrible legal fights, they just eventually agreed to split). Wife and children moved to New York State; wife remarried. Still maintains some contact, but not as frequent as he would like (approximately monthly).

Drinking was a contribution to the divorce. His overtime work and time (and money) spent at the bar also contributed. The age difference didn't help. What put everything over the edge, though, was that (after months of arguing, etc.) Rob cheated on Lian a couple of different times, who then eventually found out about it. Before then, there were lots of arguments, but Rob was not the type to let the arguments get physical - he was more likely to punch out a wall or tear up his muscle car driving like a bat out of hell away from the house.

Since divorce, probably more time spent in bars. Enough to seriously dent his wallet and liver, but not enough that his job suffers. Went to third shift in 1990, soon after divorce, in order to make more money. Maintains membership in a couple of work-related clubs - a Boeing-employees gun club and a veterans' association.

Rough Personality

Makes good money, big union guy, kind of a tough, blows a lot of money on beer at the bar. Trying to keep his family "together", but not good at that touchy-feely stuff.

Not a bad guy, but kind of a fuckup/self-destructive when it comes to moving his life forward.

  • Married but couldn't hold it together
  • Drinks and smokes enough to impact his health a bit
  • Probably abrasive enough at work to have stalled his career - at a decent level, but still, somewhere in the "middle"
  • Not good at money management - blows cash at the bar, etc.

Character Traits

  • Some vestiges of racism in personality, generally expressed by use of stereotypes/epithets. Mostly along the lines of the "some of my best friends are black" type of racism - it's not the key feature of his life, and it's not all he sees about people of other races, but it's there as an undertone.
  • Similar to racism, has some deep-seated homophobia. This is more overt and more unpleasant. It's still expressed along the lines of the "I don't give a shit what you do" attitude in general, but he secretly sort of does care (his conservative nature shining through). This is illustrated by common use of homophobic epithets in his running commentary ("What, you gonna cry at it, ya fairy?" type of bullshit). Difference between this and racism is that he wouldn't use the "some of my best friends are gay" line to try to excuse it. He doesn't really hate homosexuals, but he's very uncomfortable with the concept, and he's prone to using homophobic epithets.
  • Not afraid of using the Full Metal Jacket-style of "berateavational speech," even at work. Can get some resentment from underlings because of this. Likely rides the guys who he thinks have the most potential the hardest.
  • Huge baseball and football fan. Phillies and Eagles, of course.
  • Currently just living on rote and somewhat unmotivated.
  • By default, stands with arms crossed; subconsciously showing off biceps.
  • One tattoo, company insignia from his Army days, on his left upper arm. Almost always covers it up.
  • Has had the same haircut (Army issue) since boot camp.
  • Ingrained habit not to touch his face when he's thinking, etc., due to work with chemicals and such for so many years.
  • Impulse control problem - can't always stop himself from mouthing off when he's properly pissed or super stressed out.

Ethical Code

Rob is socially conservative when it comes to his ethical codes. He favors harsh punishments for criminals, including capital punishment for some crimes. He has little to no sympathy for criminals and thugs. He's less likely to harshly judge "bullies," as a rule, but he'll step up for a group that really can't defend themselves (in his judgement).
Rob is a big supporter of veterans and serving soldiers. He also mentally lumps police, firefighters, EMTs, and other similar people into the same group.
Though Rob wouldn't really admit it, he has a bit of a soft spot for children. He can be very gruff and stern, but that's mostly a mask he wears to cover up those "girly" feelings - after all, real men don't have feelings.
Still particular lingering racism (despite his marriage) against Asians, particularly Asian men. This is mostly due to his experiences in the war.

Character Sheet

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lb.
Nature: Soldier1
Demeanor: Curmudgeon2
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 9th

Robert is a large man, still in very good shape for his age. Though he's starting to develop the start of a beer gut, the physical demands of his job have kept him fit for his age. He takes particular pride in his stocky legs and large biceps, both helped by carrying, lifting, and holding heavy metal assemblies in place during work. Despite the fact that it's not been the 1970's for nearly 15 years now, he maintains a big, fluffy mustache that he keeps meticulously groomed. His close-shorn haircut hides the recession of his grey-brown hair fairly well.


Physical Social Mental
Attribute Score Attribute Score Attribute Score
Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Talents Skills Knowledges
Skill Score Skill Score Skill Score
Alertness 1 Animal Ken 0 Academics 0
Athletics 3 Crafts: Aircraft Repair 3 Computer 0
Brawl 3 Drive 2 Finance 0
Dodge 1 Etiquette 1 Investigation 0
Empathy 0 Firearms 3 Law 0
Expression 0 Melee 1 Linguistics 0
Intimidation 1 Performance 0 Medicine 0
Leadership 2 Security 1 Occult 0
Streetwise 2 Stealth 1 Politics 0
Subterfuge 0 Survival 2 Science 0
Pilot: Helicopters 3 Bureaucracy 1
Crafts: Auto Repair 2


TBD 3 - unknown this soon after Embrace


Allies 1

  1. Erik Nagler
    1. old Army buddy who made good after discharge
    2. works in Pittsburgh - owns a small brewery there with regional distribution
    3. popular brews - makes pretty good money

Clan Weakness

May only feed from certain people. At this point, Rob appears to be limited to feeding from Asians, though whether or not he is limited to feeding from Asian women (or people from a specific country or region) is not fully known.

Contacts 2

Significant Contacts

  1. Kurt Canela
    1. cop in his gun club
    2. a few years younger than Rob
    3. trying to work up to Detective, but currently just an officer
  2. Neil O'Malley
    1. bartender/part owner at O'Malley's, where Rob is a regular
    2. father's bar, but slowly buying it from him; currently owns 10%

Minor Contacts

  1. Bill Henderson
    1. mech lead on CV-22 project
    2. By Rob's assessment, only guy without head up ass
    3. Rob's corollary on the V-22 line
  2. Pavi
    1. Young fuckup mechanic on Chinook
  3. Carl
    1. Another young fuckup mechanic on Chinook
  4. Chang
    1. engineering oversight of MRO
  5. Frank Peller
    1. Chinook first-level management
  6. Jeff Collins
    1. trusted line worker under Rob
    2. ex-Navy
  7. John "Mack" MacDonald
    1. trusted line worker under Rob
  8. Mr. Callahan
    1. Ms. Osaki's boss
    2. "Grey-suited man" Rob thinks kidnapped him, maybe dosed him with something
    3. Really Rob's sire Ventrue
  9. Ms. Osaki

 # "independent buyer" visiting the plant looking for info on CH-47s

Resources 2

Has a night-shift Boeing Rotorcraft job as a mechanic working on Chinooks.


Conscience 3 Humanity 6
Self-Control 3 Willpower 7 x
Courage 5 Blood Pool3 14 x

Merits and Flaws

Dependents (2): Ex-wife and daughters in New York State
Addiction (2): Alcohol - Roll Self Control (Difficulty 6 + 1 per night since last "drink," max. 10) to avoid consuming alcohol in blood

Crack Driver (1): Crack helicopter pilot
Eat Food (1): Can pretend to eat and drink real food and beverages; will throw them up later, but can at least mimic normal human food consumption.
Mechanical Aptitude (1)

Important Equipment


Has a heavily-mortgaged house in the suburbs. It's a two bedroom single-level home with a partial unfinished basement and moderate square footage. Rob bought the house just after the divorce so that his daughters would have a nice place to stay on those rare occasions he can arrange for them to visit.


After the divorce, Rob traded in his sedan for a really messed-up 1969 Mustang Boss 302. He's spend a considerable amount of his free time restoring the car, rebuilding the engine and banging out the dents. While it could use a better coat of paint (his next big project), the Mustang now runs beautifully, though it requires a decent amount of maintenance (like all 1960s-vintage cars).


Rob isn't exactly a firearms collector, but he's a veteran who grew up in the country. He always feels more comfortable with a couple of rifles, shotguns, and handguns around. His work with the gun club has caused him to buy a few guns he wouldn't otherwise have bought.

  • Handguns
    • Ruger .22
    • Smith & Wesson 646 Revolver (.38/.357)
    • Glock M20 (10mm)
  • Rifles
    • Remington 700 bolt-action 30-06
    • Ruger 10/22 .22-ca
  • Shotguns
    • Remington 11-87 12-ga
    • Winchester M12 20-ga

Other Equipment




Wife, Lien Saunders (formerly Duskin)

Estranged. See each other very infrequently. Remarried to a wealthier older man who lives in upstate New York. Lien is very young comparably - she was born in 1960. She's a very attractive woman.
She and Rob really don't get along; the divorce was too acrimonious, and the cheating and the drinking still come up in hushed, angry tones every time they get together. Rob generally tries to bite back the arguments and not have them whenever the girls are around, but his temper does get the better of him at times. When the girls aren't anywhere nearby, the arguments can be much more explosive.
As of the beginning of the campaign, Lien and the family notified Rob that they are moving to the Pittsburgh area.

Daughter, Annabelle Duskin, b. 1981

Starting to reach her "rebellious" phase. Whenever Rob visits, she and he tend to spend much of the time in yelling matches. Anna claims to prefer Jerry to "Dad" because of all the things he can give her; it doesn't help that Rob's much more conservative and disciplinarian attitudes are much stricter than Jerry's. Or, in Anna's words, "You never let me do anything! You never let me have any fun!" and so on.

Anna is a middling-to-good (B's and C's) student with a slight flair for music. She hasn't really gotten into any real trouble, but she's starting to spend more time with her girlfriends and exploring the subject of boys. She's recently been experimenting with the goth-punk look a little.

Daughter, Mary Duskin, b. 1983

Mary is much quieter than her older sister. She's also a little more studious. She doesn't really pay much attention to Lien, Rob, or Jerry; she spends more time watching TV or, more often, reading books. The cold and standoffish attitude started with the divorce. Jerry and Lien are considering putting Mary into some form of child therapy, but for the time being, Rob has been against it ("She doesn't need a shrink! She just needs you to deal with her instead of spending all your time gallavanting around!").

William Gerald (Jerry) Saunders, Jr.

Ex-wife's new husband. Very wealthy retired businessman; most recently was a C-suite executive at CBS. Retired relatively young, but still 20 years Lien's senior. Married her only a few months after his divorce from his previous wife.
As of the start of the campaign, starting a new job in Pittsburgh as a regional director (or something along those lines) at CBS.


Boeing Rotorcraft

Loyal employee. Considers this more "patriotic service in defense of country" - since he's not in the Army anymore but he is making military helicopters, kind of an extension of his Army service in his mind.


Rob's relationship with his management is a little adversarial. While he is generally in favor of having a chain of command, he sometimes gets into arguments with his manager whenever things don't go the way he thinks they should. While this isn't exactly wonderful for his career, Rob does almost completely insulate his underlings from most management-driven issues, leaving them free to get the job done. He's known to fight for hours to ensure that they have everything they need to do their jobs.

Young Bucks/Underlings

Probably rides his guys fairly hard (old Army attitude), but not in his mind unfairly hard. Wouldn't ask an underling to do something he wouldn't do himself. With some few members, there is some resentment tempered by the fact that they get their jobs done on time and bulldog any problems until they're dead. Those more in the know understand that Rob, as hard on them as he may be, insulates them from many more problems than they know and always does everything he can to make sure they can get the job done.

Friends and Acquaintances

Ex-Army Buddies/Veterans' Association

Rob keeps in touch with a couple of guys from his old unit. Though they don't live exactly in the same area (Pittsburgh and New York State), they get together every couple of months for drinks and to talk through the old days. Though none of them would admit it, this is sort of a necessary impromptu therapy session.
Rob also belongs to a Boeing Veterans' Association. He isn't the most active member by any means, but he does keep in touch with people. His default setting is "let's meet up for drinks at such-and-such a bar," but he does make it a point to watch out for some of the younger guys, for example the guys coming out of Desert Storm and re-entering the workforce.

Gun Club Members

Rob participates in monthly meet-and-shoots with a workplace gun club. He also holds a separate monthly class teaching shooting safety, care/repair, and even "personal defense" shooting.

Character Development Notes

  1. How can Rob grow throughout the campaign?
    1. Rob is a curmudgeon and isn't likely to change. The best outcome for him (not the one that he would say is best, but the actual best outcome) is probably a noble to semi-noble death of some sort. Dying fighting is probably the best he can hope for.
    2. Rob has a little bit of a teacher in himself, though he'd never admit (even to himself) the latent optimism this shows. He wouldn't be aware of or actively try to "mentor" or build a "better successor" to himself, but he would be able to die happier slightly more contentedly if, in the back of his mind, he knew someone was carrying on his legacy better than he could.
  2. What motivates Rob?
    1. Rob has an oddly strong internal sense of justice, and that drives him. He's a soldier first, but he tries to fight for what he thinks of as "right."
    2. Rob actively regrets not having a son. He doesn't know how to connect with his daughters properly and feels that he could have been a better father to a boy.
  3. Why does Rob keep guns around? How does he treat them? How does he feel about them?
    1. Rob grew up on a farm and was around guns practically his whole life. This makes him at once very comfortable around guns and very aware of how dangerous they really are. He sort of considers them on the same level as any other mechanical piece of farm equipment - potentially dangerous tools, but perfectly safe and indispensable when used properly.
    2. If concealed-carry with a license is legal in Pennsylvania (within the World of Darkness), Rob would carry his Glock as his preferred concealed-carry weapon. He would not carry it to work or to many "known-safe" places, but he would carry it around sometimes (particularly if he were going to "a bad part of town" or if, for example, he was in a particularly bad mood and heading to the bar).
    3. In all other cases, Rob keeps his firearms properly cased (during transport) or locked in a safe (at home). This includes his Glock, which he would keep in a pistol case near his bed. Most of his firearms would be in a larger safe properly bolted to the floor and located in a closet someplace in the interior of the house. Guns are kept unloaded, though he would keep loaded magazines in the pistol safe with the Glock.
    4. Rob considers his .22s useless for anything besides teaching people to shoot — after all, it's not legal to varmint-hunt in the suburbs, and he's not an assassin.

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