Rodney St. James

Character Notes

Former academic turned fixer, specializing in magical ingredients and equipment.

cf: Coyle
cf: Dr. Wainwright (vaguely)


Rodney St. James was born in London in early 2015 to two upper-class parents. His life has been mostly comfortable and without too much incident. He grew up in the British private school system, somewhat well insulated from much of the world's strife. By the time he was a teenager, magic was becoming more mainstream and accepted; though he had no natural magical talents, magic captivated him. Determined to learn as much as he could about this mystical force, he enrolled at Heidelberg University at age 18 to study magical theory. He graduated well above the middle of his class and chose to continue his education in Paris, finally returning to Oxford for his post-doctoral research there. While in Paris, he met and married a slightly older French adept, and the two of them worked together in the UK for years.

In 2058, two of his dearest friends, Arthur and Kiera Addison were killed in the SCIRE. The event was covered up, of course, but Rodney was always a stubborn man, and he eventually found the truth. Doing so, however, cost him his wife; she was killed in 2060 in a "random gang assault" that wasn't so random. After her murder, Rodney suddenly retired from his professorship.

After his retirement, Rodney used the black-market contacts he'd made during the past two years to break into the business. His best friends, his wife, most of his family - everyone was dead. All Rodney really wanted was revenge. He began using his natural charisma to work in as a fixer, saving up his money in order to do "something" to Renraku.

Eventually, Coyle contacted Rodney. Once Rodney found that Coyle had survived the SCIRE, he softened somewhat. While Rodney still wants - deeply wants - to "take down" Renraku (despite the fact that doing so would be impossible for him), he is now more patient and more willing to wait. He is slowly building up money and resources. He may leave some to Coyle, but he hasn't decided yet; his main driver is to do something to hurt Renraku like they'd hurt him.

Physical Description

Height: 1.9m (6'2")
Weight: 80 kg (178 lb)
Hair: Medium-length grey hair
Eyes: Greyish-blue

Born 2015.

Dr. St. James is a human of obvious Nordic ancestry. He looks like a man who was once larger and stronger but has started to shrink somewhat as he has aged. While not heavy, Rodney is somewhat flabby and out of shape now, having spent so much of the past 20 years of his life mostly sedentary. He still has a quick wit and charming personality that is readily apparent even upon first meeting him.

Basic Personality

Rodney appears to be a very open and charismatic older man. He has a natural affinity for people and a corresponding ability to lead. For years, he put this talent to good work as a professor; now, he is much more likely to use his talents to convince people to work with him toward his own ends. Rodney is also very self-controlled. Despite his passionate hatred of Renraku, he would never show anger openly - not until he is in a position to put that anger to good use.

Rodney was never much of a family man (i.e., he had no children), nor did he have many friends. He spent his life with his students. Now that he has retired, he devotes that same energy to gathering contacts and information.


  1. Despite the known problems with tobacco, Rodney has smoked a pipe for years. He will continue until the day he dies.
  2. Rodney collects and toys with spell formulae almost obsessively. Though he cannot cast himself, he has managed to develop and patent 2 spells of his own while in academic research, working out the formulae almost from first principles:
    1. A variant of the Invisibility spell that works only on electronic sensors.
    2. A massive illusory hallucinogenic spell that, after the formula was discovered by some of his grad students, became an incredibly popular club spell in the UK.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 3 Charisma 5 Edge 3
Agility 2 Intuition 5 Essence 6
Reaction 3 Logic 4 Magic 0
Strength 2 Willpower 4 Initiative 7


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Computer 3 Magical Theory 6 English Native
Data Search 4 Magical Artifacts 6 French 4
Etiquette (Street) 4 Academic Politics 4 Russian 2
Negotiation 5 Fences 3 German 3
Perception 3 Talismongering 4
Pistols 3 Smuggling Teams 2
Con 2

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