Roller Girls Vs By Kate

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Side Notes

Whip It Feeling (Flashskates), the new hit single by Chris Ellison, written generally during the KC bout session for no good reason.

Random Original Derby Names (grouped by theme)

  • Bitch Cassidy
  • Calamity Pain
  • Helen Blazes
  • Mother Terrorisa
  • Attila the Nun
  • The Red Blocks
  • Helljammer
  • Greystalk
  • Fiststarria
  • Dark Fun
  • Ravenblock
  • Painscrape
  • Moulin Rogue
  • Lez Miss
  • Pain Fonda
  • Cindy Clawford
  • Winona Spider
  • Vanna Fight
  • Rebbek Attack (heel)
  • Lou Skyblocker
  • Dawn Solo
  • Chewbecky
  • Princess Lay-Ya-Out
  • Linda Cal-Risky-An
  • C3KO
  • R2 Deena
  • Jabba the Slut ('cause Whip It)
  • Marth-E-vader
  • Melaneedo
  • Bobbi F!@#-You-Up

(If you think of a sweet name, feel free to add it! If you see a name that someone's already taken IRL, please add strikethrough tags. Thanks!)

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