Salvatrix Dara Avakian

Salvatrix Dara Avakian

Level 12 Sorcerer, divinely touched, Mythic Tier 4 (0 of 3 trials completed for Tier 5)
71,294 XP
78,000 NFNL

Slight reddish tinge to otherwise mocha skin. Very curvaceous build. Seductive. Large eyes, full lips, and a button nose.


Height 6'2"
Weight 175 lb
Hair Dark reddish-brown, straight, and cut shoulder-length; usually tied into bun
Eyes Orange-brown


Attribute Score Mod
STR 12 +1
DEX 18 +4
CON 14 +2
INT 10 +0
WIS 10 +0
CHA 26 +8

Combat Statistics

BAB +6/+1
Melee +7/+2
Missile +9/+4
Initiative +4
HP 74 +6/lv
AC 131
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude 4 2 2 7
Reflex 4 3 2 8
Willpower 8 0 2 9
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Spear+2 M P +8 1d6+4 10' n/a
Club+2 M P +8 1d6+3 10' n/a
Quarterstaff+2 L B +8 1d6+3/1d6+3 n/a n/a
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
Bracers 0 l +6 n/a


See Roll20 for details. Trained in:

  • Bluff
  • Diplomacy
  • Heal
  • Intimidate
  • Knowledge (arcana)
  • Listen
  • Profession (barmaid)
  • Profession (scribe)
  • Spellcraft
  • Spot
  • Survival

Languages: Tayeb (native), Kgosi (fluent), Rierche (moderate)


  1. Celestial Bloodline Effects: summoned creatures gain DR/demon = 1/2 sorcerer level
  2. Heavenly Fire: can fire ray of 1d4 dmg, +1/2 sorcerer levels, 30' range; usable 3 + Cha mod per day; heals good creatures and does damage to demons; ranged touch attack
  3. Celestial Resistances: acid 10, cold 10
  4. Bloodline spells: bless, resist energy, magic circle against demons, remove curse
  5. Wings of Heaven: Sprout feathery wings and fly for lv minutes per day, speed 60', good maneuverability; swift action to gain wings and must have them for at least 1 minute at a time
  6. Eschew Materials
  7. Improved Counterspell
  8. Silent Spell (+1 lv)
  9. Still Spell (+1 lv)
  10. Extend Spell (+2 lv; 2x duration)
  11. Empower Spell (+2 lv; +50%)
  12. Maximize Spell (+3 lv; maximum values for random rolls)
  13. Quick Draw
  14. Combat Casting

In the future, may want to consider the death from above feat if she gets more into actual combat.

Mythic Abilities

  1. Surge +1d8
  2. Mythic Power 3 + (2*tier) per day (currently 11)
  3. Hard to Kill: automatically stabilizes below 0 HP; not dead until at negative 2x CON
  4. Archmage Arcana (Wild Arcana): Swift action, expend one mythic power to cast any arcane spell without spell slot (known or otherwise). Caster level +2 for this casting; can apply metamagic, but cannot raise level over maximum level you can cast
  5. Enduring Armor: Armor 3 + tier constant effect; swift action to reform if dispelled
  6. Mythic Bloodline: 4 levels higher for effects of bloodline powers; can use any use per day limited abilities a number of times equal to level plus half tier
  7. Mythic Spellcasting: Can learn mythic spells
  8. Reverse Scrying: Spend mythic power to observe scryer through scrying sensor. They have a chance (DC 10 + double tier Will save) to detect that you're scrying back. Can spend additional mythic power if not noticed to produce illusory vision for the scryer to see instead of reality.
  9. Mythic Silent Spell: Cast without any verbal component if prepared that way, or spend 1 mythic power to do so unprepared. Observers must make opposed perception check vs. 1d20 + tier + spellcraft or stealth to be able to tell you're casting or to identify the spell you're casting.


  1. Scroll of mirror image
  2. Bracer of protection +2
  3. Bracer of natural armor +4
  4. Cloak of resistance +2 w/ endure elements
  5. +2 spear, changeling (shortspear - spear - longspear - quarterstaff - 10' pole - cane; switches between forms on command) and axiomatic (+2d6 damage to demons)
  6. Winged brooch - single use feather fall
  7. Rod of Quicken Metamagic (cast spell of up to 6th level as swift action up to 3/day)


Knows 9/5+2/5+2/4+2/3+2/2+1/1+1, plus bloodline spells
Bonus Spells 0/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1
Per day: infinite cantrips; 6+2, 6+2, 6+2, 6+2, 5+1, 3+1

Spells known:

Personal Details

She is by far the youngest member of the party; as of Swamp Things, she would have been 26 or 27.


Salvatrix is quite possibly the least impulsive of Thema's party. She's introspective enough to know that she's neither a genius nor a moron, and she's always tempered that perceived shortcoming (on her part) by planning and thinking things through. This makes her a mediating force in the party, often convincing Thema to take a more considered approach to problems than Klementyna or Carbry would champion.

Salvatrix is conservative and risk-averse enough that many are surprised she ever chose to become an adventurer. She's chosen to do so because she feels a greater call, a deep drive to sacrifice her own safety and comfort to bring help to others. She'd never thought of spending her life this way until she overheard Thema's crew sharing stories for drinkins in the tavern where she worked as a barmaid. Hearing the good Thema could do convinced Salvatrix to take a risk and listen to the voice inside herself that said she could be doing more. The fact that Khalil, a distant family friend, was also already in the party contributed to this decision.

Salvatrix has been stunningly beautiful since she reached adulthood, blessed by passing through her teenage years with little in the way of awkwardness. As such, she's been propositioned and hit on by men for long years despite her relative youth. Her conservatism and private nature mean these interactions have almost uniformly become awkward or unpleasant, and Salvatrix has reached a point where even the most polite flirtations from a stranger cause her to revise her opinion of that person downward a few notches. She always assumes that those who approach her are only interested in her due to her appearance and have no interest in her intellect or other talents or skills. She desperately wants to be seen as a full person, not just an object to be leered at.

Salvatrix is personally conservative but has no particular opinions about how others should live their lives. She has not been in any serious relationships due to her assumptions about most suitors and her mission with Thema's party. She doesn't particularly care about this; personal relationships have never been a particular priority of hers. She would welcome a relationship, but only if she knew the person in question beforehand and trusted their intentions. Salvatrix hasn't generally felt much in the way of physical attraction to either males or females.


  • Salvatrix tends to wear baggy clothing, generally cloaks and similar, whenever the weather and climate permit.,
  • She's particularly fond of reptiles and crustacean food (lobster, crawfish, alligator, and similar) due to her upbringing. She doesn't care for "prairie meat."
  • She's not an inventor of stories, but she's an excellent storyteller and likes to hear and learn new ones she can recite to people later.
  • She's got a lovely singing voice and loves to sing to herself. Sometimes she'll even forget herself and sing or hum when others are around, though if anyone points it out she gets embarrassed and stops.
  • She may use some of her illusion spells at times to manipulate people under the covers, trying to subconsciously manipulate them into doing what she wants (usually "leave me alone"). This may be a subconscious casting of a silent, still ghost sounds spell or similar.
  • Salvatrix always remembers names and faces.
  • Salvatrix used to cut her hair short. When she joined with the party, Klementyna convinced her to grow it out so they could do their hair up together - somehow Klementyna's forceful personality bowled past Salvatrix's innate desire to remain nondescript. She quickly learned to like the social-time with Klementyna experimenting with beads, clips, jewels, and dyes, though, which is why she's left her hair longer, though she still usually wears it up.
  • When weather permits, she likes to tuck up inside a hood-up long cloak.
  • She's been working with Khalil for a while on learning how to fight better - he's the one who taught her how to fight unarmed (somewhat) and with a dagger.
  • She has a very quiet sense of humor.
  • Though she's been resistant to advances in the past, she is truly a hopeless romantic. She's just very picky, dead-set on finding someone who sees her as more than just a pretty face, someone who can accept her need for quiet/alone time. He would also have to be a do-gooder at the very least, and possibly an adventurer; the lifestyle has started to get under her skin a bit.
  • Carbry is a big reader, and he may have even had some precious story-books (religious or otherwise) that he either kept in storage or brought along. He may have read or told some of these stories to the party, and Salvatrix and Khalil eventually memorized them and began to tell them with him, embellishing in places and kind of putting on shows for people when they would come into town.
  • Khalil and Salvatrix used to like to tell stories together - she'd start one, and he'd add in performance elements.
  • Generally dresses in outfits that cover a significant portion of her (robes, cloaks, or at least long sleeves, whenever she can stand the heat). She considers her clothing choices to be modest, but in some locales they can be exotic-looking due to the long, slim pants and tops she wears, and the occasional veil (in areas with lots of insects).

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