Scar That Never Heals by Jeremy Fisher Interpretation (Isle of Mist)

The lyrics to this song can be found here.

This is another song that serves as a theme for an NPC rather than a single session. Specifically, this serves as the theme song for the "construct" (like a low-powered, semi-independent avatar) of the dharven image of Olidammara. The PCs know her as Rido.

Rido was deliberately constructed by Olidammara to be alluring, sexy, curvaceous, and a little on the flirty side. She's a rogue through and through, willing to use her thieving skills or her appearance for any advantage she can. As such, she's the target for many dharven men's affections; she turns heads whenever she wants and is a master at sweet-talking both information and items out of people's hands.

Though she looks to be just a pretty face at first glance, Rido is much more. She's a dangerous, powerful woman, a master of stealth and a capable assassin when the need arises. She prefers not to directly act, though; her job is to convince others to act how she wants them to. She is somewhat akin to an arms dealer/smuggler in that regard, having both the ability to obtain pretty much anything she needs and the ability to sneak past nearly any type of security (with some very rare exceptions, including the Hallvar bottom-side). In that respect, she "runs guns" in a few different ways - everyone wants something she has, and quite a few people want her.

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