Secondary Characters

The Honorable Mr. Bander Q. Fenwick: mayor of Gwivonna
Xandra Jaspra: prostitute at the Silky Doll in Gwivonna
Eliden: prostitute at Tantorian whorehouse
Pax: prostitute at Tantorian whorehouse
Secretary at Mount Pon: Unusual because she is an arcane.
Linda: student desk worker at Mount Pon - Led Emby and Damir on the tour of Mount Pon
Assistant Dean ???: Damir and Emby believe he was formerly Professer A. Transen (Department Head of Chronomancy); he granted Emby's late admission to the school
Assistant Dean ????: Damir and Emby never got the chance to speak to him, but Damir believes that he may have formerly been the Department Head of Necromancy before that department was disbanded (since Transen used to be the head of Chronomancy, there were two disbanded departments, and there are now two assistant deans)
Dagger: Rogue half-elf female - long dirty blonde/light brown hair, about 5' tall, blue eyes; carries short bow and shortsword; wears leather armor; Likes booze (possible lie), games of chance, riddles, limericks
Mist: Ranger tallfellow halfling female; carries short bow and shortsword; wears leather armor; Fairly good-seeming, fairly moral
Evil Mage Damir: an evil, magically-skilled mirror-clone of Damir

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