Second-Degree Droids

Second-degree droids generally serve in a technical capacity of some sort. Astromech droids, maintenance technicians, and other similar models make up the bulk of the second-degree market.


The WEG-published core rulebooks describe a number of droids. The table below contains references to the models described in the core rulebooks.

Model Cost Reference Description
Arakyd AD Weapons Maintenance Droid 7,700 Cyn 591 Capable of repairing various types of weaponry, depending on programming
Arakyd Viper Probe Droid 12,500 Cyn 60 Deep-space probe only available (legally) to Imperial units; optional hyperdrive available (not for sale to civilians)
Greel Wood Logging Corporation/Industrial Automaton FLR-series Logger Droid 2,500 Cyn 62 Logging droid; can be reprogrammed for other harvesting tasks
Cybot Galactica GY-1 Series Information Analysis Unit 7,500 Cyn 63 Corporate and military intelligence analyst; various specialty data modules (e.g., hyperspace processor) available for 750 credits each
Roche Zero-G Maintenance Droid 2,050 Cyn 64 Verpine repair unit for starships
Cybot Galactica LE-series Repair Droid 12,800 Cyn 65 Ship mechanic and basic astromech plus simple communications suite
Les Tech M38 Explorer Droid 13,000 Cyn 66 Scouting droid capable of navigating extreme environments
Kalibac Industries NR-5 Maintenance Droid 2,200 Cyn 67 Spacecraft maintenance droid with basic astromech capabilities available
Industrial Automaton Astromech Droid Prototype 2,500 Cyn 68 Precursor to the R2 astromech, but bigger and simpler
Industrial Automaton Gunnery Droid Prototype 5,100 Cyn 69 Mechanical gunner
Industrial Automaton R2 Astromech Droid 4,525 Cyn 70
Industrial Automaton R5 Astromech Droid 2,000 Cyn 71 Cheaper astromech than R2; holds only one set of hyperspace coordinates at a time
Industrial Automaton V6 Pilot Droid 17,800 Cyn 72 Capable of piloting starships; limited combat capabilities
Kalibac Industries NR-5 Maintenance Droid 2,200 Gallad 252 No astrogation capabilities
Illicit Electronics SB-20 Slicer Droid 12,000 Gallad 94 Slicer droid that looks like an R2 unit

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