Security Gear

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This gear was found in some paper notes from websites I'd found circa 1995. I no longer know the original source.

Force Cage

This is a portable adaption of the standard force field lockups employed by Imperial law enforcement agencies. Using a collapsible exoskeleton frame of synthetic ceramics, a force cage is a two metre long by four metre wide by two metre tall construct; collapsible bi-state memory plastic plates form the floor of the cage. The cage can be assembled in about five minutes. Any acquisition placed in the cage is suitably confined - they may sit or stand on the floor, but anyone attempting to reach outside the cage is shocked. Also, anyone trying to cut through the floor of the cage is shocked by a layer of shock circuits within the floor plates. The force cage projects its force field between the frame bars and along the inside of the frame. Anyone on the inside of the cage is shocked if they try to reach between the frame bars or touch the frame rails. The outside frame rails are insulated, so people may push the cage by pushing the rails.

Force Cage

Model: Damorind Securities Model S-3
Type: Humanoid portable containment system
Skill: security (to assemble)
Cost: 7000 credits
Availability: 3
Game Notes: An Easy security roll is necessary to properly assemble the device; if not assembled properly, the shock system does not work. The shock system may be set for variable damage (1D-7D, stun or normal damage). Anyone confined within the cage must make an opposed roll against the cage's Strength of 7D to break out.


Note: These armor suits have not been reviewed for balance, and the cost of each has also not been reviewed.

Armor Physical Energy Cost
Breath Masks 0 0 50
Flight Suit (environment suit, unarmored) 0 0 500
Bantha Hide Jacket 1D 0 60
Sparring Armor +1 0 30
Lava Lizard Scale Armor 2D 6D see below
Corellian FireSuit 1D 1D+2 3,300
MilTech Tactical Helmet 1D 1D 950
MilTech Tactical Back-and-Breast 1D 1D 1,050
MilTech Tactical Greaves +2 +2 800
MilTech Tactical Vambraces +2 +2 700
Incom TS-43 Marauder Space Battle Suit 3D 2D 8,000

Bantha Hide Jacket

Popular with swoop riders, pilots and those who trying to look good, the Bantha hide jacket (and similar garments) is surprisingly good armor. They do very little to protect against energy weapons, or even primitive clubs, but they are nearly impossible to cut through. This makes them popular on worlds where the most common weapon used in an attack is a knife or sword. They are also incredibly difficult to burn through, and those that have insulated linings are sometimes used by gangers and guerrillas with improvised flamethrowers. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and often have the symbols of various groups painted on them, especially those worn by pilots.
type: Leather Jacket
availability: 1
cost: 60
protection: +1D Physical, +1 Non-penetrating Physical, +1 Fire

Sparring Armor

This is simply layers of impact-absorbent padding. The most common locations for it are the torso and the head. It used by martial artists and others during unarmed combat sparring and staff training. It provides some protection against cutting and thrusting weapons, but very little.
type: sparring armor
availability: 1
cost: 30
protection: +1 Physical, +1D Non-penetrating Physical. Covers head and torso.

Lava Lizard Scale Armor

This is one of the rarest and most exotic armors available. It is composed of the scale of a lizard-like creature that lives in the molten mantel of Paragok VI. The armor is then cut with heavy industrial lasers, and molecularly welded to form a back-and-breast, greaves and vambraces. It is highly reflective of energy weapons, but noticeably less effective against impacts and cutting. It has a vibrant red-orange color, and is somewhat heavy compared to the modern plastoids. Two of the largest scales are more than enough to form a suit of this armor, allowing a single lava lizard to make several score of suits. However, lava lizards are seen maybe once a year, and hunting them is a very dangerous activity. Despite this, hundred of hunters flock to the planet every year, to be part of the team to take the first lizard since before the Clone Wars. A small number of similar suits have appeared on the market, leading some to believe that a similar species has been found elsewhere.
type: energy reflective, animal hide armor
availability: 4 X
cost: 1,000,000 (the last price paid at an auction of the Most Honorable Guild of Armorers)
protection: +2D Physical, +6D Energy and Acid, -2D Dexterity-related skills. Covers torso, arms and legs.
note: Raise all repair difficulties by three levels and the cost to 10x the normal amount. Protection can not be increased (except non-penetrating physical).

Corellian FireSuit

A modified version of the popular Corellian PowerSuit, the FireSuit is increasingly seeing use by fire fighting forces, especially those in industry and forest protection services. It is even said that the teams assigned to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant use the FireSuit. It has foam guns, thermal imagers, life form detectors and a self-contained atmosphere installed, and has a high degree of protection from heat. It is claimed that a human can stand in a fire hot enough to melt transparisteel and feel no ill effects. The Empire has actually been willing to classify this armor as a Restricted item, available to municipalities and corporations. Usually, this kind of suit would be a Banned, military only item.
type: Firefighter's powersuit
skill: Powersuit Operation: Corellian PowerSuit
availability: 3 R
cost: 3,300
protection: +1D physical, +1D+2 energy, +3D fire; -1D Dexterity-related skills. Covers all areas.

Special Attributes

  • servo systems: +1D STR skills, brawling and melee damage
  • sensor pod: +1D Search within 50m
  • envirofilter: Filters out harmful molecules in atmosphere. May seal and run off one hour of internal air.
  • thermal imaging system: Allows vision in all conditions, so long as there is temperature variations. May be used to see through walls (Perception vs. cover’s Strength + 2D) if there are thermal variations on the other side.
  • foam guns: uses firefighting skill. 1-2/4/7, mounted on forearms. If an Incapacitated damage level is reached, fire does -1D damage for the next 2D rounds. When the damage reaches 0D, the fire is out. 10 shots per gun, area of effect 1m.
  • commlink: uses standard civilian frequencies, specially designed to cut through ionization associated with large fires. Also has public address mode, with amplifier.

MilTech Tactical Helmet

MilTech is a small, but growing, provider of armor and combat electronics. Their designs are highly customizable, effective and reasonably priced. Their helmet is one of the best on the market today. An atmospheric recycler, commlink and macrobinoculars are considered standard equipment on the Tac Helmet. As they value their customers' opinions, one has the choice between a passive light enhancement system or a thermal imaging system. Targeted towards the bounty hunters and mercenaries, this design is easily modifiable, being constructed of a series of microplates. This also means that it is easily repaired. It has linkups for their tactical armor, allowing the helmet display system to also be used to interface with various other systems (see below), but it may also me adapted to other armors.
type: combat helmet
availability: 2 R,X
cost: 950
protection: +1D energy, +1D physical; head only

Special Attributes

  • commlink: VOX commlink
  • atmosphere recycler: Recycles Type I atmosphere for up to 10 hours between recharges (25cr)
  • macrobinoculars: +2D Search past 50m.

And choose one optional enhancement:

  • passive light enhancement: +2D in lo-lit conditions, fitted with anti-flash filter.
  • thermal imaging system: Allows vision in all conditions, so long as there is temperature variations. May be used to see through walls (Perception vs. cover’s Strength + 2D) if there are thermal variations on the other side.

MilTech Tactical Back-and-Breast

This is, without argument, one of the best torso armors on the market today. It has very little bulk, yet it is quite protective. It has an integral shoulder holster that may be adjusted to fit over 85% of the blaster pistols, slug throwers, dart guns, stun guns, heavy blasters, sporting blasters and similar weapons on the market today. It also features a highly effective motion detector, a climbing/rappelling harness and a combat harness, containing variously sized pouches for carrying the assorted tools, weapons, explosives and survival devices that are the stock in trade of the MilTech's intended market. Using the same microplate construction as the Tac Helm, it can be readily modified to accept a wide variety of MilTech armor accessories, such as computer modules, directional transponders, biometric transmitters and assorted sensors. To use these modules, one must have a Tac Helm to form a display.
type: torso combat armor
availability: 2 R,X
cost: 1,050
protection: +1D energy, +1D physical; covers torso only

Special Attributes

  • universal shoulder holster: Adjustable to fit most standard or heavy blaster pistols. Can not fit carbines. A second holster may be added for an additional 40 credits.
  • motion sensor: +1D search against moving targets under 50m. May be programmed to sound audible alarm (with helmet or headset commlink).
  • rappelling/climbing harness: +1D (A) mountaineering under appropriate conditions.
  • combat harness: covered with various sized of pouches

MilTech Tactical Greaves

This leg armor is designed to interface directly with the company's Back-and-Breast, but may be worn alone. They are fitted with the (for MilTech) usual assortment of pouches, holsters, sheaths and gizmos.
type: modular leg armor
availability: 2 R,X
cost: 800 (base cost)
protection: +2 physical, +2 energy; covers legs only

Special Attributes

Choose one of the following, or two from the second group (or several pouches) for the thigh piece:

  • universal carbine holster: Can be adjusted to fit most stockless (or folding stock) carbines and some of the smaller folding stock rifles (i.e., the E11) on the market, along with nearly all of the full sized handguns.
  • personal distress beacon: Has power for 10 days, 60km signal range. Adds 20 credits to the cost of the armor.

Choose one of these, or several pouches, for the calf armor:

  • universal pistol holster: Adjustable to fit most standard or hold-out blaster pistols. Can not fit heavy blaster pistols.
  • automatic medpac: Functions as three medpacs, activated automatically when user is Incapacitated. May be manually triggered. Has skill of 5D to apply medpac. Costs 350 credits to refill. Adds 50 credits to cost of armor.
  • universal sheath: May be adjusted to fit most knives and vibro-edges up to 27cm blade length. May be adjusted to fit popular shock batons and other devices.

MilTech Tactical Vambraces

This is the upper body counterpart of the Tac Greeves. These are relatively light, but they provide as efficient protection as the Imperial Scout Armor. They contain wrist mounted glowrods as standard equipment, and have the normal selection of equipment options found in MilTech products.
type: modular arm armor
availability: 2 R,X
cost: 700 (base armor)
protection: +2 energy, +2 physical; covers arms only.

Special Attributes

  • glowrods: one glowrod mounted on each wrist.

Choose one of these or several small pouches for the upper arm:

  • automatic medpac: Functions as three medpacs, activated automatically when user is Incapacitated. May be manually triggered. Has skill of 5D to apply medpac. Costs 350 credits to refill. Adds 50 credits to cost of armor.
  • personal distress beacon: Has power for 10 days, 60km signal range. Adds 20 credits to the cost of the armor.

Choose one of these for each forearm:

  • universal miniholster: adjusts to fit most popular holdout sized handguns
  • universal minisheath: adjusts to fit most bladed weapons w/blades between 5 and 13 cm long.
  • mini datapad: standard datapad capabilities built into the forearm of the armor

Incom TS-43 Marauder Space Battle Suit

The Incom TS-43 is one of the better armored space suits available today. It lacks the powered systems of the Imperial Spacetrooper armor, but it is still a powerful system. It incorporates a wide variety of systems, including armor penetrating rockets, a laser cutter and a very potent rocket pack. It was first designed to provide security to those troopers stationed at Incom's vacuum docks and construction stations. It has since been sold to KDY, Sienar and a small number of mercenary forces.
type: space combat suit
availability: 3 X
cost: 8,000
protection: +3D physical, +2D energy; -2D to Dexterity-related skills. Cover all areas.

Special Attributes

  • grapple: 3-30/100/300 (space: 0/1/3), fitted with fusion disk. Fired using missile weapons skill. Fitted to left forearm. Attached to high speed winch (spools in at 50m per round).
  • laser cutter: does 4D Starfighter scale damage, uses Melee Combat skill (Moderate difficulty). Fitted to right forearm.
  • wrist blasters: uses blasters skill. 3-10/30/50 (space: 0), does 4D damage. Twenty shots, fitted to each forearm.
  • light rockets: 3-50/100/500 (space: 0/1/5), uses missile weapons skill. Does 10D damage, 2 carried on back.
  • rocket pack: Uses Rocket Pack Operation skill, move of 1. Has thirty bursts.
  • life support: has air and energy for two hours.

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