Senate to the Outskirts

Rough Road Ahead

TODO deal with trip through asteroids to base through to landing


TODO: gold/red squadrons escort mission and escape to Hoth

Notes for Above

TODO: turn these notes into a story based on what happened during the session

  1. Assault on Rebel Base
    1. Bilbringi asteroid belt - gold squadron stationed there hiding on Rebel asteroid base
      1. Koensayr Manufacturing BTL Y-Wing Fighter/Bomber
      2. Both A4 (single-man) and S3 variants (two-man) present - 30 craft in all
    2. Nearby YT-2400 light freighter modified for passenger transport - crammed other 40ish base personnel into this for trip to Hoth
  2. Need to save Rebel base
    1. Evade ISD x2
  3. Get to Gold Squadron and escape
    1. Gold squadron lost 3 ships
    2. Red squadron lost 1 ship, put 1 ship out of commission for a long time due to heavy damage
    3. 31 TIE fighters, 5 TIE bombers, and 2 TIE interceptors destroyed
    4. Some minor damage to ISD-31 _Bellicose_
  4. Made it to Hoth - temporary stopover for Gold Squadron

High points

  1. Dale
    1. Banter with Ted
    2. Flight in Y-Wing - covering for freighter
  2. Ted
    1. "Turn the targeting computer on"
    2. Debriefing w/ General on Hoth
  3. Tam
    1. Outsider highlight w/ Rebels at funeral
    2. Showing up at funeral in background dressed in armor (only outfit he had)
  4. Red-4 (Pacer Cabrell) - make notes on some of his commentary

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