Shark Attack by Grouplove Interpretation (Isle of Mist)

I chose this song for the session where the party visits the Gate of the Dead for a few reasons, all of which are… frankly a little loose. I wasn't hugely confident in this as being the most appropriate theme song, but it fit well enough for my purposes given the limited time I had, and I didn't have a closer fit in mind.

First off, given that Yoshirou-Mura was going to be thrown to the four winds and had to fight her way back to her friends. "Pick me up at three, send me off to sea/And maybe I'll come back for you." She was metaphorically pretty far out to sea, and her only hope truly was to come back for the party. This is definitely a labored metaphor. Related, though, she did "leave her body in a sea of people," though more accurately her body was destroyed in full view of a sea of people. Moreover, "in the hot, hot desert" was definitely where she wanted to be at the moment, considering that's where her closest friend was.

Aside from the lyrical links, I wanted to use this song because of the musical flow. The song starts off fast and loud, very high energy. To me, this starts up when Yoshirou-Mura triggers the avatar and brings the initial fight. The song then slows down to a somewhat sad bridge, which I think of as correlating to the three days Yoshirou-Mura is lost from the group. Finally, the song picks up again at the end, again tying in with the battle that Yoshirou-Mura must fight before and during her journey from the Halls of Judgement back to the material plane.

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