Shining One, Botros Albaf

The Shining One, Botros Albaf, King of the Dark and the Light, is a powerful demon who rebelled against the gods in the distant past. At some point before the history of humankind, she engaged in open battle with one or more of the gods. The battle did not go well for her; her avatar on the prime plane was destroyed and the crystalline shards of her form scattered in orbit far above the planet. With her far from her power source, she was thus rendered unable to reform her avatar and effectively banished from reforming in the prime plane.

Botros Albaf's avatar appeared as a tall, bulky humanoid carved from diamond with a vascular system made of flowing ruby.

Botros Albaf's home plane is known to the demons as Aescleria. She has an army of various subordinate demons at her disposal.

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