Ship Statistics Template

Template Description

This template can be used for any vehicle or vessel type. The conventions, in italics, show how the vehicle/vessel description would be written up in the West End Games Star Wars sourcebooks. For example ship statistic blocks, see Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition by Bill Smith, pages 116-123.

Short Name

Include a flavor-description of the ship here

Short Name

Craft: full name of the ship, including shipyard
Type: purpose, e.g., transport, scout ship, fighter, etc.
Scale: Starfighter, Space Transport, Capital Ship, etc.
Dimensions: generally in meters
Skill: piloting skill and specialization used for this vessel
Crew: include required/skeleton, full, and max number that can coordinate
Passengers: max number in normal configuration
Cargo Capacity: both tonnage and cargo bay space in cubic meters
Consumables: duration without resupply
Hyperdrive Multiplier:
Hyperdrive Backup: if present
Nav Computer: if present
Space: in magical mystical "units"
Atmosphere: in "move" and kph
Shields: if present
Cost: new and used; ranges as appropriate


Mode Range ("units") Dice
Passive R D
Scan R D
Search R D
Focus R D


Name Fire Arc Crew Skill Fire Control Space Range Atmo Range Damage
name arc crew skill D space ranges atmo ranges D

Special Notes

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