SHK-33L (Droid)

A freakishly tall, heavily-built droid, SHK-33L was designed by a forgotten Ugnaut technician who was frustrated at not being able to easily reach the parts from the top shelves. Unfortunately, SHK-33 kept fumbling parts and tools, knocking them to the ground. He was traded to another Ugnaut for a newer model load lifter named K0B3. After his new owner lost him in a sabaac game to some pirates, they converted him for battle duty. He couldn't aim for bantha poodoo, but they gave him a large keel-laying hammer and heavy plate, and just let him go first in all boarding actions. He always made large holes, both in doors and in crowds. They took to calling him "Big O-Steel."

After he grew uncomfortable with robbing and smashing merchant vessels, he jumped ship, abandoning the pirate life. He has since made his way to the Core Worlds and is currently pursuing a career in the theater.

It is not going very well.

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