Army Master Sergeant Sidara Lanka
Sidara is a strong woman, very drill sergeant like in her bearing

MSgt. Lanka is rather young for her rank, but that's not extremely uncommon amongst the Rebels, given their non-traditional military structure. Sidara is an Alderaanian human in her late twenties; as of the start of the campaign, she was 28. Short but heavily muscled, Sidara presents an imposing figure despite her height. Naturally aggressive, MSgt. Lanka almost sounds like the stereotypical Marine drill sergeant on the blaster range, bellowing instructions to grunts twice her size without a second thought.

Sidara's family lived in the equatorial regions of Alderaan for generations; her family has a proud military tradition for just as long. An only child, Sidara followed her father into the Rebellion after the Battle of Kamino and the institution of Imperial recruitment drives for Stormtroopers. Six years later (and roughly a year before the beginning of the campaign), she watched as her father's entire squadron was mowed down by sustained blaster fire from a group of those freshly-trained Stormtroopers during one of the first skirmishes of the Galactic Civil War. As a result, she still harbors a cold hatred for those who serve in the Imperial armed forces.

Sidara's natural athleticism has served her well in her years as a Rebel soldier, leading General Rieekan himself to request that she be stationed on Hoth to oversee weapons training. Sidara does not realize that she was explicitly requested and has no strong feelings either way about being stationed on Hoth; while she yearns to lead an offensive against the Empire, she recognizes that every day she spends training new recruits only adds to the Rebellion's strength.

Upon first meeting the PCs, Sidara had no particularly strong feelings about any of them except for Tam; for him, she harbored an immediate and intense dislike. Her feelings began to slowly change after she watched him supporting Venn and after some discussions with the Gold Squadron pilots about his actions during the escape from Bilbringi. After hearing the stories from the pilots of him actively shooting down TIE with the Y-Wing ion cannons during the escape from Bilbringi, she is starting to slightly warm to him, against her better judgement. However, this has caused her to become even harder on Tam since she's now subconsciously testing him.

Unbeknownst to any of the PCs, Sidara is the Rebel who suggested putting Tam on double shifts. This is one of her tests for him. She has also been putting him through his paces heavily on the blaster range, particularly with blaster rifles. She recognizes that his combination of natural talent and intense Imperial training makes him possibly the best shooter on Hoth, even better than herself. She has considered putting him in for countersniper training if he sufficiently proves himself to her and is leaning hard on him as a result. Her goal is explicitly to break him down to find out exactly what he's made of.

Sidara is slightly intimidated by Senator Tyree, though she would never admit this. After researching his work for the Rebellion while serving as a junior Senator, she secretly considers him to be an exceptionally brave man willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his people. This has led her to feel a certain kinship with him, but her emotionally closed-off personality means that she has not revealed any of this to anyone.

By nature, Sidara tends to be somewhat of a loner. She keeps few friends, but those who have earned her friendship will find her to be a staunch ally. Though still suffering from the emotional scars of her father's fall in battle, Sidara is as mentally tough as she is physically strong.


  1. Since she spend her childhood moving from base to base, Sidara has grown up something of a loner. As a result, she is easily overwhelmed by large crowds, and she is more comfortable spending time with small groups of people.
  2. Sidara spend much of her youth dancing. Since she could dance alone (ballet-style), and due to her natural poise and athleticism, she has always loved dance as both an exercise and an art form.
  3. Sidara collects Lovey Fuzzies stuffed animals, something she would never admit to almost anyone. Her father bought her the first, a Cassie Cat, and it has been her favorite ever since. She occasionally buys more and keeps them always with her wherever she's posted, though she keeps them in her locker, lockbox, or pack. She always carries Cassie Cat with her on missions, though she always takes special care to pack her safely away from any danger. The Lovey Fuzzies keep her anchored and help her remind her of happier moments.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lb
Age: 29

Unspent Character Points: 4
Sidara is most likely to spend her skill points on militarily useful skills, particularly survival, intimidation, willpower, and various firearms-related skills. She's willing to spend some time learning the basics of vehicle, firearm, and armor maintenance, for example, but she isn't interested enough to stick with it and become truly expert.

Dexterity 4D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 2D+1
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
blaster 6D+2 survival 4D starship gunnery 4D
dodge 6D+1 intimidation 4D+2 starship shields 3D+1
grenade 5D tactics 4D space transports 2D+2
thrown weapons 5D willpower 4D+1
melee combat 4D
vehicle blasters 4D+2
Perception 3D Strength 3D Technical 2D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
command 5D+1 brawling 4D+1 demolitions 3D
gambling 4D stamina 5D+1 security 3D
climbing/jumping 3D+2 blaster repair 4D+1
armor repair 3D
starship weapon repair 3D+1
space transports repair 2D+1


  • Advanced Body Armor
    • +1D physical
    • +1D energy
    • 1000 cr
  • SoroSuub QuickSnap 36T Blaster Carbine
    • Range: 3-25/50/250 (+5 difficulty at long range)
    • Damage: 5D
    • Ammo: 100/power pack (25 cr/power pack)
    • Aim for 1 round to get +1D accuracy (when using scope and folding stock)
  • BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol (Stormtrooper Issue), spare power pack
    • Range: 3-10/30/120
    • Damage: 4D
    • Ammo: 100/power pack (12 cr/power pack)
  • Fragmentation Grenade x4
    • Range: 3-7/20/40
    • Blast: 0-2/4/6/10
    • Damage: 5D/4D/3D/2D
    • 200 cr each
  • Thermal Detonator x1
    • Range: 3-4/7/12
    • Blast: 0-2/8/12/20
    • Damage: 10D/8D/5D/2D
    • 2000 cr each
  • Vibroblade
    • Damage: Str+3D (max 6D)
  • Standard commlink (military)
  • High-end Macrobinoculars
    • +3D Perception, search at 100m or further
    • Not blaster-linked
  • Currently has 1,350 credits, minus what she'd spend on her fancified military armor.

Earns 800 credits/month for her rank… that is, when she can get back to Third Fleet to actually pick up her pay….

Sidara's Lovey Fuzzies

Sidara collects Lovey Fuzzies. She should have at least a dozen, and probably upwards of 20. Most of these were given to her by her father.

Animal Series Condition Story
Cassie Cat 1st Worn but cared for First one she ever received, from her father, the first time they had to move away (she was 3)
Bertie Bantha 1st Worn but cared for Sidara's father bought Sidara the first Bertie Bantha to hit the base when she had to start attending school at age 4.
Betsy Bantha 1st Worn but cared for A four-year-old Sidara insisted that Bertie couldn't be happy without Betsy, so her father bought her a Betsy for her fifth birthday a short month later.
Fatso Fabool 1st Near mint Sidara received this as a "silly gift" from her father when she turned 13. She never really told him how much she loved it.
Garry Garto (Purple) 1st Good Sidara's father purchased this for her when she was eleven and they had to move again in the middle of the school year.
Garry Garto (Gold) 1st Good The only Lovey Fuzzy Sidara received from someone other than her father during her childhood. She saved up her allowance and purchased this Garry as a companion to her other Garry when she was only eleven.
Thomas Taozin (Clear) 1st Good Sidara was secretly disappointed she couldn't have the original Thomas, but they sold out so quickly her father couldn't find one and had to wait for the later production runs.
Thomas Taozin (Grey) 1st Good Venn gave this Lovey Fuzzy to Sidara soon after they started seriously dating. She was both surprised and extremely pleased.
Zachary Zuxu 1st Worn Never Sidara's favorite, her father bought this for her when she was still very small (she was seven). She used to pretend Cassie would hunt for Zachary, who would then have to beg and give her cat treats in order to be released back into the wild.
Cassie House Case NA Good Venn gave this Cassie Cat-specific Lovey Fuzzy case to Sidara soon after they started seriously dating. The case is shaped like a tiny cat-tower and has a lockable door; it can hold up to 6 Lovey Fuzzies. The case is rather well made, acting as 4D personal-scale armor vs. both physical and energy attacks. Lovey Fuzzy collectors are not to be trifled with.
Donny Dianoga 2nd Worn Sidara's father surprised her with Donny by waking her up and holding Donny over her head, saying hello to her. Unfortunately, she was eight at the time, and she got scared and screamed. Though her father calmed her down and apologized, Sidara usually played with Donny by sitting him on the ground and having him look all around, then up, and shriek as Cassie pounced on him.
Randy Ranphyx 2nd Good Sidara liked Randy, but he was never her favorite. She would enjoy having him and Cassie hunt each other on occassion, or team up and get Donny or Zachary.
Leo Lepusa 2nd Good As soon as she got Leo, Sidara looked at his grumpy face and decided to cast him as the "grumpy old lepusa" who tried to get everyone to stop making so much noise, especially when Cassie was hunting Donny or Zachary. Then Cassie would pounce on him. Sidara liked Leo. He was fun.
Big Billy Bergruutfa 2nd Worn but cared for A birthday present when Sidara turned ten and her father was away on deployment, the Big Billy her father had gotten early and hidden away, along with a comm call, went a long way toward softening the sting of his absence. Sidara hugged Big Billy in place of her father, and still (very rarely) uses him as a pillow to this day.
Chamby Chiilak 2nd Good Sidara never understood why people didn't like Chamby. He was big and dumb and goofy, and he and Cassie were friends.
Sally Selligore 2nd Good Sally is another favorite of Sidara's. When she got her when she was nine, she thought Sally was beautiful, and she and Cassie were instant friends. (Sidara often made her Lovey Fuzzies her "friends," when other kids her age were less willing to accept the military brat. And she didn't have to leave Cassie and the rest behind when they moved.) Since Sally and Donny were both swimmers, she often battled Donny. 'Cause Cassie doesn't like to swim.
Arbu Arqet 3rd Worn but cared for Sidara got Arbu at eight and loved him. She lost the extra "speaking disks" at some point, but loved sad little Arbu. Cassie and her friends often spent time trying to cheer Arbu up, and when Sidara was sad, Cassie and Arbu were the ones who used to keep her company.
Stella Stohl 3rd Worn but cared for Sidara got Stella at eleven, when she started becoming interested in dance, and the glamorous women that wore Stohls, or similar boas. Sidara would often dance around the house wearing Stella, and loved her purring. When the controversy over the choking hazards came out, Sidara's mother tried to take Stella away. Sidara wouldn't let go, and Stella ripped. Sidara cried over Stella and how she helped to rip her, until her father decided she could keep Stella if she was careful. He then took her to be repaired - "to the Lovey Fuzzy hospital," as he put it. A few days later, Stella was back, good as new, with just a slight "scar" to show for her ordeal.
Oona Onahk 3rd Good Sidara was indifferent to Oona. She was cute, but reminded her a little bit of Donny, so she wasn't as close to her as others.
Bartha Butterbat 3rd Good Bartha could fly. And swoop down and carry Donny and Zachary off until they begged to be let down… one way or another. Barthat also carried the others into the air for "rides."
Willy Wrix 4th Near mint After Sidara was placed in her first unit, "the Wreaking Wrixes," as they styled themselves, she was walking down a market area and saw Willy in the window. She felt some nostalgia, and decided to buy him "for the spirit of the unit…" Her Willy is yellow, the color on the unit's insignia. She briefly considered getting several Willies, one for each member of the unit, but she was transferred away after six months…

Major Life Events

This section chronicles Sidara's reactions to major incidents affecting her throughout the course of the campaign.

Destruction of Alderaan

Sidara was herself present at the destruction of Alderaan, though she had been gravely injured by laser fire during the PCs' escape from the Death Star and the accompanying armada and did not personally witness the firing of the superlaser. Her injuries were severe enough to put her out of action for weeks, in fact, leaving her unaware until after the fact that Alderaan (along with most of her family) had been destroyed. Venn broke the news to her while she was still in hospital.

Sidara, for obvious reasons, took the news of the destruction of Alderaan hard. Many would have blamed Venn, as he was the bearer of the bad news. However, her fierce loyalty to her team and her strong Rebel tendencies kept her rage directed firmly at the Empire. For days after the news hit home, Sidara could barely react to anything, so overwhelmed was she at the news. To keep her healthy, she was quietly moved to a side duty on Hoth while undergoing extremely sensitive psychological treatments. After nearly half a year of treatments, the medical staff on Hoth determined that, while she was not fully healed emotionally, the best thing for her would be a return to active duty.

Sidara's rage at the Empire has not waned, but she is now channeling it in healthier directions, into her duties instead of into blind, murderous fits. She still cannot stand to look at a Stormtrooper or an Imperial officer without seeing red, but in training and simulation, she has channeled these urges into tactically-sound combat maneuvers, not blind assault. Still, Venn has been advised to keep an eye on her.

Though she is masking it, Sidara feels some level of primal anger at Tam now, as he was a Stormtrooper once. Intellectually, she understands that Tam is not among those who would even condone the Empire's actions at Alderaan; however, in her lizard brain, she knows that he once worked for her direst enemy.


Venn Tyree

Intriguing. But also somewhat confounding. Sidara is attracted to Venn, but he's also her direct commander - that's not right! She had been debating what to do about that situation for a while, but she hadn't come to a clear conclusion until she saw him falling apart on Antaras. Her inability to find a way to connect with and comfort him verbally.

Venn is a physically-attractive man, but what really interests Sidara is his honor and dedication to his job. He reminds her of herself in a certain way, in that he's given up a lot to do the right thing despite the difficulty. However, the very thing that attracts her to him is the thing that worries her most, as she feels his sense of right and wrong may prove the downfall of their budding relationship.

Sidara and Venn have discussed their relationship and where it is going, but Sidara is still a little unsure that things will really work out. She's hopeful things will continue on, but she knows all of the risks (superior officer, military relationship, etc.), and so she's still worried that the relationship itself is on thin ice despite Venn's assurances to the contrary. This isn't a reflection on Venn; instead, it is a reflection on Sidara's mental state and her relative lack of interpersonal skills. She is hopeful, however, and is starting to admit that she may actually be falling in love with Venn. She's starting to learn more about him, and she's even (when her defenses are down and she's half asleep) opened up to him about her past and her emotions. Since she doesn't know how to express this well verbally, she tends to fall back on more physical means; though she's comfortable with sex, she's much less experienced and sure of herself with other physical displays of affection.

Kane Novallis

Sidara thinks Kane is a step too undisciplined, but he's without a doubt one of the best pilots she's ever met. For the moment, she leaves his discipline problems to the side, acknowledging that she's no longer in a standard infantry group. With a special operations team like this one, things need to be a little more… loose.

Tam Minera

She knows it's not truly fair or justified, but Sidara just can't bring herself to fully trust Tam. It's amazing, because in a firefight, she has no qualms about turning her back to him; she's learned enough about him to recognize that he does have a core sense of honor. It's more that she doesn't trust him strategically - how could you ever trust a Stormtrooper to make good decisions, the hard decisions that need to be made in a military situation?

Though she is masking it, Sidara also feels some level of primal anger at Tam now, as he was a Stormtrooper once. Intellectually, she understands that Tam is not among those who would even condone the Empire's actions at Alderaan; however, in her lizard brain, she knows that he once worked for her direst enemy. She requires herself to work with him, but she feels an evil tingle of satisfaction every time he's wounded in action. She always feels a wash of guilt later about this, but a tiny, dark part of her can't help but enjoy Tam's pain.

Amanha Orden

To Sidara, Orden's half asset and half liability. Having your own intelligence analyst around is no shortage of amazing, and she has an incredible mind. However, Orden is in no way, shape, or form a soldier, and Sidara does not want a glorified civilian in her way in a firefight. Sidara worries that Orden will be more of a liability down the line as the team gets deeper into enemy territory. Her unpredictability only amplifies Sidara's desire to keep Orden locked away at her data terminal, talking with the crew only via comms.

Katiara Rourke

Rourke is the best medic Sidara could hope to have around, and Sidara is eternally grateful she was assigned to the team. Sidara just worries that Rourke's sweet, outgoing personality will suffer for all of the things she'll see in this war. Deep down, Sidara wants to protect Rourke from some of those things, but she doesn't know how she can.

Wen deCrion

Wen is a solid soldier, but he'll never be an excellent one. He has the same discipline problem that Starfall does. Where Starfall's is excusable, however, Wen is too old to still be so undisciplined. Still, Wen is solid and a good man, and Sidara doesn't mind having him on her team. She will push Starfall harder, though, because she thinks Starfall has so much more potential than Wen.

Zhymmia Starfall

Solid grunt, excellent soldier. Still young and a bit undisciplined, but that's only to be expected. Still, she has an incredible potential. Sidara sometimes pushes Starfall extra hard because of the potential she sees there.

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