Skull Check

Maleos: When I had time to think about it, I realized I could do Identify Corpse on both Purging Fire AND the Ice-Blood Empress, but there's a window to getting the maximum value out of both. PF obviously before I finished up the Pocket Forge, and IBE as soon as possible after learning the spell so I can then tell the captain of the guard what they're dealing with.

GM: You already know who both The Purging Fire and Iealdith are by name and what they look like..

Maleos: Oh okay. At best, it gives you a visual first impressions of their attitude

GM: Right. You can kind of confirm it with the spell, but basically you sort of know what it would say.

Maleos: For some reason I thought there was a lot more information about Carbry Righi thank just name and how they look.

Maleos: Okay I'll confirm it.

GM: And you confirmed it. Purging Fire is a hellish-looking mastiff wreathed in flames, and he has no other name.

GM: Iealdith has many other names - The Iceblood Empress, The Frostwyrm, Freezer of Souls, Scion of Ice

Maleos: Do I have time to look those names up in one of A-R's many libraries?

GM: She is what she appeared to be, a white-scaled horse-sided four-legged two-winged drake-like lizard creature with cold powers out the wazoo.

GM: Not a lot of time.

GM: But a little. And what you'll find is a few notes on raids that were eventually tied to her. Stuff you already basically knew.

Maleos: Okay. Fair enough.

GM: They determined her name (Iealdith and Iceblood Empress) because a survivor overheard a short conversation between her and a tiny winged demon-creature

GM: They were speaking in equaen and one of the survivors caught snippets of it. There were others there as well, but the survivor didn't see but glimpses of them.

Maleos: Compass Check: "Restore Life to a dead person." (Deliberately phrased vaguely because I'd imagine the aelphin in this city might have notes about specific instances I can't predict that are only tangentially related to the idea of reviving the bridge-crosser or the danger of someone else reviving Ieadlith.) 23 assuming mythic surge and Fox's Cunning.

GM: While in A-R?

Maleos: Yes, absolutely.

GM: What's Maleos thinking about with this? The woman, the skull of Carbry, somethign else?

Maleos: Maleos is thinking "If there's a spell for that, I'm damn sure going to learn it someday. I want notes on the spell formula, or to talk to someone who knows it. If there isn't a spell for that, I want legends of the ritual or divine intervention or whatever."

Maleos: If reviving the woman is as easy as casting a spell, Maleos thinks he needs to know it. If the Tragn could just as easily cast the same spell to revive the Empress, the aelphen DEFINITELY need to know THAT. If it just happens to overlap with one of our "Prepare" dots, we need to know that. If the only way is by going back in time or by Fix This ing, we need to know that. If it is completely impossible for some reason, we need that Null Result.

GM: Hmm… okay, based on that, that's a failed check.

Maleos: Damn.

Maleos: Okay… Compass check: 27, Talk to the most powerful peirst of (Aelphin Pelor) in this town.

Maleos: And he's thinking of power in terms of magical ability.

GM: That would lead you to the Sacred Grove in the NW of the city.

Maleos: All right. I'll head out there. It's still "civilized" land, right? Like I wouldn't expect wolves to jump out at me or anything?

Maleos: let me bring up the map

GM: No, it's in the city. It's also guarded and off-limits to visitors

Maleos: Oh okay.

Maleos: I go up to the guards.

GM: They're generally polite in telling you that 'ya can't come in'

Maleos: "That's fine. I need to speak with someone highly knowledgeable about Faeliel Runraiion. A spellcaster, if possible. A decision-maker, if possible. As soon as can be arranged without disrupting the normal rituals of this sacred place."

GM: "Toward what end, and on whose authority shall we send this message?"

Maleos: "I am following up a rumor about a mysterious item that has gone missing and needs to be returned to its rightful place. I am one of the Saviors of the village of Kaede; vanquishers of the Ice-Blood Empress. I wish to help, if I can. But we need to leave again soon."

GM: "Your name?"

Maleos: Maleos Taylan.

GM: "And direction?"

Maleos: *blinks*

GM: (in other words, where can we find you)

Maleos: Oh okay I was gonna say "nnnnnnorth?"

Maleos: I tell him the inn I've been at.

GM: "I will pass your message along. You should receive a messenger no later than tomorrow with a response."

Maleos: *nods once* "Thank you."

Maleos: *starts to walk away, suddenly stops* "In your experience, is the response likely to be a yes or a no about the meeting, or a description of the missing item in lieu of said meeting?"

GM: "I could not say, sir. My role is merely to pass along the many messages such as yours that come to me. Those who know better than I (indicating the temples beyond the grove-fence) take great care in ensuring no truly urgent message goes unanswered, however."

Maleos: "I see. In that case, also ask if there's anything else, in general, we could do to help the aelphin people, and is it possible for a powerful spell or ritual to restore life to the dead?"

GM: He nods and turns to signal one of the many younger aelphin walking purposefully through the Grove, who then approaches. The summoned aelphin child is told your message directly, given instructions on delivery, given your direction, name, and description, and has to repeat it all perfectly to the guard before being sent on his way.

Maleos: Nice.

Maleos: *nods again, and heads off*

Maleos: Privately kinda feels like a dick for not writing it down. Tries not to show it.

GM: The next day, you'd get a visit from an aelphin lady unknown to you.

Maleos: Hello unknown aelphin lady.

GM: If he wrote it down, the child wouldn't have to practice memorizing complex information quickly. :-)

Maleos: Good point!

Maleos: But he's got like, fifty years.

GM: The aelphin lady introduces herself as Íomhar-Saito.

GM: She tells you she's come in response to your message.

GM: Roll me a… let's call it an int check

Maleos: Almost typed the command

Maleos: 20

GM: She kinda reminds you of Yoshirou-Mura.

Maleos: They have exactly the same hyphen.

GM: Hurr hurr.

Maleos: "Hello, Íomhar-Saito. I'm Maleos Taylan. What is the response?"

Maleos: (Can't remember, was I there for that "not as magically talented as my sister" thing or was that an Aida-only conversation I happened to overhear on mike?)

GM: I think you were there, but also her sister is in Kaede.

Maleos: Oh okay. Maybe a distant cousin or something.

GM: Could be.

GM: "I am the answer. I have come to seek clarification on your questions and answer what I can."

Maleos: *smiles brightly* "Excellent. Please do come in."

GM: She does.

Maleos: "What sort of clarification?"

GM: "First, you mentioned a rumor about an item that has gone missing. What is this item, and where has it gone missing from?"

Maleos: "Ah. That, I don't actually know yet. I was hoping you could tell me. The head of the temple in Kaede first told me about it. He'd had a dream which he interpreted as prophetic in which some strangers would come, save the village, and return this item to its proper location, and that their fate and ours were intertwined. We then saved the village." *pause* "It may or may not be this item:" *lifts chain with compass out from behind shirt*

GM: while carefully considering your amulet "Which temple was this? Do you recall the name of the priest?" inspecting your amulet more closely "Was it Tighearnán of Onónion Birvir?"

Maleos: "A word of warning. Do not attempt to read the text on the back with magical assistance. Yes, I believe so."

GM: "Hmmph. I do not recognize this item, nor have I heard of a mysterious, lost item. However, Tighearnán is known for his visions and can generally be trusted; if he's told you that this is important, it probably is."

Maleos: *nods* "Is there anything else you can think of that we could do to help the aelphin people, while we're on this quest of ours?"

GM: "And that leads me two my second clarification. Is this 'quest' you speak of merely something to do with this item, or is there something else to it, something I should know about? After all, I can think of many, many things to do with my people, but answering your query in a reasonable fashion requires further information."

Maleos: *nods* "I found this item. Then a statue of Pelor told us 'You Must Fix This.' We know that 'Fix This' requires traveling to a certain place. We know that there are many other places we could go, in order to prepare ourselves for what Pelor and/or Onónion Birvir want us to do. More than once, we've encountered what I would call monsters or demons at these places, creatures who were oppressing or subverting the peaceful peoples there. We did what seemed right at the time. And that brings me to the question of whether it is possible to bring people back from the dead. That drake in the mountains was preparing some sort of ritual. I have determined that it was overkill for bringing people back from the dead. So if there is a spell or a ritual that can commonly be used to do that, we need to know about it. Not least of which because one of us might fall in battle one day, but also because if it exists, the Empress's supporters could be resurrecting their leader even as we speak."

Maleos: "And don't you dare say the words 'trade secret.' "

GM: "Who is Pelor?"

Maleos: "Oh, sorry. Pelor is a human deity superficially similar to Onónion Birvir, to the extent that even Tighearnán could not definitively state wether they were different aspects of the same being or two separate, similar entities."

GM: "I see. And this ritual, what specifically can you tell me of it? It was attempting to bring someone back from the dead?"

Maleos: "It was attempting something much worse. We stopped the ritual before it began. But it did involve pulling the soul of the dead back from wherever the dead go after death and compelling it to serve the Empress."

GM: "I see. So this ritual has brought forth the idea in your mind of possibly performing only the recovery of a dead person's soul." thinking "I can say this: what you ask is something that my fellow priests do not have much experience with. That is not to say that we know nothing of it. I will tell you that there appears to be some time after death before the soul has fully fled, and there are spells, difficult and complex spells, that can return the lingering soul to the body and heal some of its wounds."

Maleos: *bites lip* "What's the timeframe?"

GM: "With what I know, a few hours to a few days."

Maleos: *nods* "All right. I suppose a longer ritual could extend that further, but there must be an upper limit." Bluff: 21

GM: "That seems a reasonable assumption."

Maleos: "If we encounter evidence that she's returned, we'll send word from the nearest aelphin community. Or if it seems like the other demons are concerned with her lands or interests. Somehow that strikes me as unlikely, though. If aelphin and darvin are cagey and protective of their private affairs and trade secrets, the demons we've heard seem openly hostile to each other and contemptuous even of their allies. Sorry. I'm digressing. The demon that besieged Kaede apparently 'got himself banished.' This was said as if it were an inconvinence above and beyond its death. Can you tell me what 'banishment' means? Can you teach us to do it?"

GM: "That is a subject I understand slightly more of. And apparently you already are capable of doing so if you've brought down both The Purging Fire and Iealdith as you claim. Still, I will explain what I know to you.

"These demons that you have mentioned are not of this world, precisely. Much as the gods live in a world parallel to ours, so do the demons. In fact, there are many such parallel worlds. In order for these demons to affect us here, they must create a pathway of some sort between our world and theirs. This is something I do not know how to do, though I understand it is an intensive undertaking. Banishment breaches the pathway they have created, unbinding it from this world and tearing the demon back to its own world. Once that has happened, it is my understanding that the pathway must again be rebuilt, a process that takes a considerable amount of both time and effort."

GM: * an intensive undertaking possibly on par with a ritual

Maleos: *nods* "I see. That explains some of what I've seen. Some demons vanish immediately when slain; Others leave corpses. I wish to speak with anyone in your order who specializes in either summoning or banishment. Ideally, before we leave town."

GM: "Circumstances favor you, then, for you are."

Maleos: *sighs*

Maleos: *head droops, then eyes peek up* "We don't know how we did the first one."

GM: "To be completely honest, we have had little need for in-depth knowledge on the subject until recently, as true demons are rarely encountered. Recently, however…. As a result, I have been researching banishment a bit. It seems that unless you are dealing with a particularly powerful demon, slaying their projected form will do the trick. However, many are quite difficult to slay. Iealdith, for example, seemed to shrug off many hundreds of arrows without a single scratch and was capable of resisting quite a number of spells as well. My research suggests most true demons share similar traits - resistance to many forms of magic and physical attack. However, should you manage to bring them down, that serves to sever their ties to this world."

GM: "However, I have found oblique references to some demons that seem even more robust still, able to be brought low and return to this world in short order. Thankfully, all three known instances of these demons were destroyed long ago."

Maleos: "I need to know everything you can tell me about them, for they may yet lie in wait."

GM: (more coming - just looking it up)

Maleos: kk

GM: "Emem the Giant was buried under the mountains of Sundtar Agamm by the dharven, trapped in the liquid rock for all eternity."

Maleos: *gets out Big Book o' Conspiracy Theories, takes careful notes*

GM: "Iakalos was hurled into the very sun by warriors from the east; the details of that myth are lost in type, but Iakalos is described as a demon-vulture who gnawed the bones of the mountains for his meals."

Maleos: *writes, suddenly pauses* "Was this more recent than the Sundtar Agamm one? I mean, it's a longshot. But."

GM: "Botros Albaf, a demon of diamond and ruby, was sundered into a million gemdrops that were flung into the sky in a hoop around the world."

GM: "Of these stories, the story of Bostros Albaf is the oldest; Emem is next; and the story of Iakalos is the most recent. But by most recent, I still speak of many thousands of years."

Maleos: "Uh… hang on…" *scribble scribble* "When you say 'a hoop around the world,' what do you mean, exactly? Is this meant to be the origin of the stars? Like…" *silent Image* *Continents of Demonhome, hoop of stars in a circle above it, mostly forming a ring around the island, floating over the ocean*

Maleos: island = continent

GM: "Not the stars, no, but the fine shining dust you can see on a dark night away from the firelights of a city. It forms a dusty line across the sky, a ring that encircles our world."

Maleos: Has Maleos seen that before?

GM: He really hasn't looked. The stars are just a weird pattern of sky-lights to him that he could rarely see on the Isle.

Maleos: "I havne't noticed that before. I'll be sure and look for it. Is there any pattern to these lights, or…?"

Maleos: *chews lip, eyes flitting here and there as he pattern-matches compulsively* "Can you tell me the myth of how aelphin came to be in this world?"

GM: (Brief version) The gods were here and were doing their things. Faeliel Runraiion was always out enjoying the world that they'd built, but she wanted others to enjoy it with her. She fed the earth her blood and grew a tree; from the tree, she carved the first aelphin.

GM: What I mean by "brief version" is that she'll tell you a longer version, but that's complete in all the essentials. Her version just has more story to it.

Maleos: *nods* "All right. The other worlds, where the Gods and the demons belong. If I were to show you a magical item connecting to that world, would you be able to determine conclusively whether it connected to Onónion Birvir's world, or some other world?

Maleos: *connecting to such a world, not "that world."

GM: "With some study and research, were I to see a portal to another one of these worlds, I believe I could determine its destination."

Maleos: "This is not a portal, simply a minor tool. But magic leaves it and magic enters it. And I haven't been able to determine where it goes. If I had to put it into words, it is not somewhere, and it is not nowhere, rather it is… elsewhere."

GM: frowns slightly "That seems quite odd for, as you say, a 'minor tool.' Perhaps you are describing a device meant to open a portal, but again, that is conjecture based only on your description."

Maleos: *Lifts up the compass again* "As near as I can tell, its main function is to guide its bearer. I would feel more comfortable using it if I could prove that the face of Onónion Birvir on the front indicated its true origin."

GM: "I would be happy to research it for you, but I cannot guarantee any results in short order."

Maleos: "What would that entail?"

GM: "Intricate study of the device."

Maleos: "That's no good… If you held it for more than a day, it would return to me, whether I wanted it to or not. Perhaps we could work together? Do you know this one?" *casts Arcane Sight*

GM: "Yes." (Remember, you can't really spend very much time working with her on this - you're already occupied with enchanting and spell learning)

Maleos: "Any chance at all you could travel with us for a week or so?"

GM: "I'm afraid that is out of the question. I have responsibilities here."

Maleos: *nods grimly* "We need to move on again soon, for the same reason. Well, if you would like to research it right now, I have a couple spells we could use to glean as much as possible, for an hour or so…"

GM: She cocks her head slightly and then shrugs. She'll stick around and do a little inspection of it.

Maleos: *casts Fox's Cunning on himself* "This spell boosts intelligence temporarily. Shall I cast one on you?"

GM: "If you feel you must, though I doubt it necessary."

Maleos: "I feel it couldn't hurt." *casts Fox's Cunning on her* "All right. Cast Arcane Sight now. This is what I've figured out so far…" *begins describing how the magic flows into and out of the item, pointing at the leads as they shift*

GM: Okay, she'll watch and listen for a little while as you describe what you've seen and learned.

Maleos: "Your thoughts?"

GM: "I see the terminae of the flows, though as you said, they do not conform to standard enchantment techniques. Normally a device so enchanted would have long since drained away to nothing. However, I cannot say more about the terminae, as they seem to end suddenly at the edge of the device's aura. And you have no knowledge of who enchanted this?"

Maleos: "None whatsoever. We found it. We think its proximity to the statue may have been what triggered it to speak to us, but that's completely a guess. The terminae get… weird… if you cast the right specific type of divination to analyze them. Directions and distance stop making sense, which is strange, since direction and distance seems to be this thing's specialty… and then the furthest I can see, they stop being here, and they don't go to nowhere, nor to somewhere, but to elsewhere. That specific phrasing may have been information conveyed by the divination, which is why I keep using it. I was hoping it would remind you of something you'd encountered before having to do with other worlds. Since you're the specialist."

GM: "_A_ specialist. I could, if significantly… twisted, admit the possibility that this is accessing a world other than our own. I cannot say which, nor if that conjecture is even correct."

Maleos: *nods* "Can you recommend another specialist, who perhaps might be able to tell me more?"

GM: "Without further study, I firmly believe no one will be able to tell you more. Not without more specific spells and more research."

Maleos: *nods* "By 'specific,' you mean custom-built to answer this specific question?"

GM: "That is one plan of attack, though I would first try some other divinations that I already know but have not prepared today."

Maleos: "Hmmm. If you prepared those spells for tomorrow, how badly would it impact your responsibilities tomorrow?"

GM: "I can spare a few hours to study this a bit more."

GM: Which means she'll come back the next day with more divinations prepared. You can watch her cast. She'll be starting with Identify.

Maleos: "My most powerful and complicated spells are roughly on par with Arcane Sight and Fireball. I ask you to speak frankly, without modesty, nor self-consciousness. How much better are you at this than me?"

GM: She looks at you very intently for a long moment. "Considerably."

Maleos: *nods once* "I have a custom spell which allows two people to temporarily share one skill. May I cast it on us?"

GM: Before she casts anything other than identify, she basically starts casting a lot of little divinations, the first one being _divination_. Also, she's going to be muttering to herself about things not making sense - they don't. Also, you get the feeling she can't really see a great deal of what you can see of the Compass's magic.

GM: "I suppose that would be all right."

Maleos: *uses Silent Image in conjunction with Arcane Sight to show what he sees*

Maleos: *casts Skill Sharing. We are both feeling her deja-vu about magical theory.*

GM: In any case, basically, she's a lv 11 cleric and has the requisite spells, along with plenty of minor divinations you've not seen. She's using those to try to figure out something about the Compass.

Maleos: Okay.

Maleos: If the skill sharing is not helpful, he'll drop it, because it is somewhat distracting.

GM: It's likely slightly helpful, but not terribly so

Maleos: She learn anything?

GM: In 4 hours? Not a ton. She's confirming what you've said, seeing some of that, and trying to figure out what it means. But it would require much more study to really get lots of answers, particularly since, as far as you can tell, she only sees part of what you see.

Maleos: "All right. Keep investigating the demons, and how to sever that connection to the other worlds. When you develop a spell to do so, teach it to all the aelphin you can. I'll pick it up from somebody. Your Allies among the other races, too, if the Queen allows it. And keep an ear to the ground for a spell-based version of the alchemical cure for that worm-demon we fought in Halvar… did you hear about that? Sorry. We fought a worm-demon in Halvar. It exudes fear and enslaves people by stuffing worms down their throats. Saul used alchemy to discover a cure, which I think we've already shared with the queen, but it requires expensive ingredients, so we're working on a spell that negates the need for those ingredients. You can bet we'll be teaching that to every spellcaster we can."

GM: "All right." considers for a moment "There is something decidedly odd going on with that device, but from everything I can glean, I would tentatively say that it might be somehow connected to another world. And given that it clearly has an etching of the visage of Onónion Birvir, I am inclined to assume that it is not under control of a demon. However, I recommend you keep close watch over it. It… unnerves me that I cannot understand why this device was created in such a fashion. Still, the divinations I have sent to Eliadien Narmirsyr have told me that it is not a threat, so I leave it in your hands with only that advice."

Maleos: How long does it take to copy a level 3 spell formula out of my spellbook using that special quill?

GM: Same as with a normal quill. It just doesn't make you carry ink and lets you write in different colors.

Maleos: Is that where the +1 bonus to learn spell formulas come from? Circumstance bonus of differently colored ink lines are easier to read?

GM: Yeah, it just makes it a little easier 'cause you can do different colors to highlight things and also don't have spots where you've accidentally let the ink skip and whatnot

GM: SInce you get consistent ink flow, your diagrams are clearer

Maleos: *nods* "I thank you greatly. I'm still unlocking all of its abilities as it becomes more attuned to me. Ah… this is a bit of a long shot, but are there any spells I know that you couldn't obtain more easily from other aelphin? I will give you any formula you want for the parchment required to write it. I'd teach it to you if we had time, but we don't have time."

GM: She..hmm.. Hold on.

Maleos: And then he'd briefly describe his spells.

GM: Yeah, she'd go for Illusory Script. That's a fun one she wouldn't know at this point. And she'll take the shortcut for sure.

GM: Oh, you know, during the boat party, you'll have a couple of days that you don't have much of anything to do. If you wanted to, you could destroy all three of your scrolls and learn the formulae for those spells.

Maleos: Yeah, that would be great

Maleos: Didn't realize it was quite that fast and efficient to eat a scroll. I shoulda done that sooner.

Maleos: Oh.

Maleos: And does she know a spell that could send a message to Halvar?

GM: She does, if you know someone there.

GM: Well, "spell" might be grandiose for it, but she can do it if you know someone there.

Maleos: "I said spell because I meant instantaneously."

GM: She doesn't have instant, but she has "matter of probably a few hours"

GM: "maybe a day"

GM: She could call it a spell, if that would make Maleos feel better..

Maleos: Okay if it's just some super-fast messengers, that's even better. Maleos would say it should be told to whoever's in charge of Halvar's defense, or as high as he can get on short notice, whoever's in charge of healing, or as high as he can get on short notice, and the six named individuals we helped de-worm, who should be MUCH easier to find probably.

Maleos: Eyvindur, We're all doing well. Aida says hi. She used that tool you fixed for her to correct a mistake the size of a horse! We'll tell you all about it next time we see you. We discovered that there is a spell that can simulate drunkenness, and apparently it's in pretty high circulation. As with actual drunkenness, you must rule out the possibility of this spell before administering the antidote, otherwise it could do more harm than good. Tell the other five, as well as whoever's in charge of Halvar's defense and whoever's in charge of healing, or as high up in those chains of command as you can get on short notice. I recommend working together with the five to seek an audience… Zuñiga in particular probably has some ideas. Always remember that you are stronger together than individually.

GM: Okay. She casts a little spell. A few minutes later a giant-ass owl shows up. She asks you to write all of that down and then tell the owl one person to give the message to.

Maleos: Eyvindur

GM: Gotcha. Okay, you do that, and the owl flies off

Maleos: Out of the six we helped, I trust him the most to see to it that it gets done right.

GM: And you're officially a wizard who sent someone a message via owl

Maleos: Ehhh. That's kinda cool.

Maleos: Now hijacking an owl, changing its message, modifying its memory so it doesn't know I did it and sending it back on its way, THAT would be cool.

GM: Oh, I thought maybe you just wanted a wand with a phoenix feather in it.

Maleos: I never said I didn't want a wand with a phoenix feather in it. That sounds like exactly what we need, in fact.

GM: Well, go talk to Mr. Ollivander so I can get completely sued by J.K. Rowling. :-)

Maleos: Oh, one thing I could do between sessions real quick. Alarm is an Area of Effect spell right?

Maleos: That doesn't require concentration?

GM: Right. It just affects a 20' radius for a few hours

GM: And then makes a mental or audible alarm, determined at casting time.

Maleos: Okay. Can I figure out a way to cast Alarm, and then after Alarm has been cast, attach some magical bindings to it as if to link the currently-active spell up to a magical item? I am thinking before I act.

GM: Toward what end? Probably not, though, it's an area ward.

Maleos: Well, for example, if I had a wand of fireball, and that wand of fireball had magical bindings on it I could unravel and link to another magical item for whatever reason, and then I wanted to link up the Alarm to that so that, when the alarm is triggered, the wand of fireballs uses one charge to cast fireball, thus creating an insanely expensive boobytrap. Can Maleos think of a way to do that without completely researching a new spell: Alarm Plus Bindings?

GM: No. That's a new spell. It's called Contingency

Maleos: Oh, ouch.

Maleos: Okay.

GM: You can instead rig up an enchanted item that is wired up with Alarm and another spell such that anything that would trigger the alarm would also trigger the other spell - that just means you have to enchant the item

Maleos: Yeah.

Maleos: I'm basically trying to figure out a way to feed spells to the compass without paying for a whole item. I'll probably just end up developing a spell that does nothing but create a little bubble of magic completely seperate from me that them compass can then absorb if the leads touch it.

GM: Are you going to call the spell The Nom Nom Ommmm spell?

Maleos: Maleos's Magical Munchies

Maleos: Actually it's a forerunner for something I was thinking about trying later.

Maleos: Which is cast a spell that lingers for a bit as magical potential, that anyone can then make a spellcraft check to turn it into a spell that they know the theory for, even if they're not a caster.

Maleos: Like… the "channeling the magic through the body" step has already been performed, by Maleos. Maybe it cost him a level 3 spell slot to make the bubble, and then Darias could attempt a spellcraft check to shape it into the Dancing Lights spell, if he knows the formula for Dancing Lights inside and out.

Maleos: I don't know if I want to try that though because it sounds like a recipe for backlash.

Maleos: But it's been in the back of my mind ever since Darius started agressively picking up ranks of spellcraft.

Maleos: What was skill points? Level plus what?

Maleos: scrolled up, you said 3

GM: Yeah, that's the cap on ranks for a particular skill

GM: lv +3.

Maleos: Got 5 points left over, thinking about how to use them.

Maleos: Sadly most of what would make a huge difference are cross-class.

GM: Craft (dat ass)!

GM: No, wait, Perform (dat ass)!

Maleos: Diplomancy

GM: Profession (oldest)

Maleos: Oh, uh. And after Maleos found out about the time limit, he'd ask if there's a simple divination to determine how old a person's remains are?

Maleos: I.E. how long ago they died?

GM: There is. I dont' remember the level.

GM: I can find it, though.

GM: Please tell me you put your skill points in Profession (oldest)

Maleos: Well. Esme was pretty old. Maybe I picked up a thing or two from her about how to be older. *gets backlash'd* No. No I did not.

GM: I almost said something really crass, but then I decided not to. You should be proud of me.

Maleos: "I'd like you to cast that divination on a skull we found. The Empress was about to use it in her ritual, so who knows, maybe he could still be saved."

GM: Something like 6 months.

Maleos: Mmmm. Well, at least we have a time frame for the dreams.

Maleos: Not more recently than 6 months ago.

GM: Well, not more recently than 6 months ago for anything involving Carbry.

Maleos: Yeah

GM: Assuming, of course, that the dreams are in some way literal.

Maleos: Oh, uh… so given that we're going to be roaming around probably killing demons, is there anything else we could do to help the Aelphen people, while we're at it?

GM: Kill demons. Don't kill aelphin.

Maleos: Well they correctly anticipated the physical appearence of this gentleman. *taps, coconut sound*

GM: He he he…

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