Some Like It Hoth (Side Session)

Upon reaching Hoth, the PCs are greeted by General Carlist Rieekan. Primarily, the general wishes to greet the Senator in front of the troops. For starters, Rieekan wants to let the Senator know that he's welcome amongst the rebels in front of the rebels, easing his integration into the base. Rieekan also feels that he should greet the Senator personally as a matter of protocol.

Dead Venn

After a couple of days settling in and being debriefed by the various officers on Hoth, the PCs are set free to find duty stations and qualify for various jobs on base. While walking through the corridors, Venn notices a group of nearby grunts talking low to one another and snickering to themselves. After a minute, one of the grunts comes over (apparently on a dare) and snickeringly says, "My condolences, Senator".
"Condolences", Venn responds, confused.
"Word is you're dead, Senator," replies the grunt as he starts to walk away again.
Pondering this, Venn replies, "Ah, I see…. Well, I do feel quite spry for a dead man." Still confused, Venn decides to investigate this. A few minutes of asking around leads Senator Tyree to a news holo describing the assassination of an Imperial Senator by Rebel commandos. According to the news, the Rebel assassins, though unfortunately able to achieve their mission, were ultimately captured or killed trying to escape. Those captured were interrogated, leading the Empire to dispatch two cruisers to eliminate a dangerous terrorist base. This, apparently, was at once a massive blow dealt to the terrorist rebels and a justification for additional military spending and increased recruitment amongst the military ranks. Security at the Senate has been doubled since the incident, and the Empire has declared a day of remembrance for the fallen Senator, who is being hailed as a martyr to the Imperial cause.
Shaken by this news, Venn begins to inquire if Hoth has any contact with Rebel operatives on Antaras, if there are any. He privately asks General Rieekan if it would be possible to get word to his family, particularly his parents, that he is still alive and that the newscast was nothing but Imperial propaganda. General Rieekan agrees to try to send a courier, but with the current constraints on Hoth personnel and the need to maintain the utmost secrecy, it may take some time for the message to reach Antaras.
This information deeply concerns Venn, though he resolves not to let anyone else know how concerned he is. He asks Rieekan to send an operative, but only if there would not be any danger to the operative or any ongoing Rebel operations.

Blaster Range

Tam and Venn report to range for training/certification/checkout/whatever you want to call it. After a couple of days, Venn goes to the blaster range with Tam.

  • Instructor Lanka: "You're here sooner than I expected (to Venn). Oh!. And YOU'RE here…. (to Tam)."
  • Tam: *smirks*
  • Venn: (I'll ignore the comment) "Yes, we're here. I think I need to develop and refine some of the skills a Rebel need, and evryone seems to agreee that knowing what fork to use at a formal dinner rarely comes up on a day to day basis. I thought I'd start here. I am a bit out of practice…" Said w/ easy smile.
  • Lanka: Intro to range rules, intro to blasters the Rebels have, and questions about your background.
  • Tam: Tam would have a face on you haven't seen before: his super-confident flirty-face. Less "I want you," more "I can win over any woman, and you're no different."
  • Venn: answer with training received, weapons trained on (I figure he's practiced twice or three times a week while in the Senate)
  • Tam: summary is essentially "I am a god amongst men when it comes to the shootin's"
  • Tam: "I've practiced a fair bit, particularly with this carbine (indicates one Rebel weapon on the table."
  • Venn: Smiling to self re: Tam, but no comment yet
  • Lanka: "Okay. I've got a few range slots open. Clip up and take position, and don't fire until I tell you to." (they do). "Okay, fire when ready."
  • Venn: (20x1shot; 26x1shot; 12,12x2shots, 5,18x2shots, 18,18x2shots). You missed one, hit rings on 2, hit bull on 5.
  • Tam: (25,18,23x3shots; 26,15,21,15x4shots; 21,10,13,17x4shots; 30,21,18,15x4shots; 13,12,19,17x4shots). You missed 0, hit rings on 4, hit bull on 15.
  • Lanka: "Cease fire!" *blinks* *mutters* "Holy shit…."
  • Venn: (to Tam) "Nicely done."
  • Tam: "Thank you, sir."
  • Venn: To Tam - "… although I'm going to have to ask you to miss a lot more. You're making me look bad." Smile
  • Tam: "Sorry, sir. It's not fair, really - I think I've memorized that program by now."
  • Venn: *smile* "Next, Sgt.?"
  • Lanka: She continues walking you through some weapons - rifle, standard blaster, etc. She drills you for about an hour or so. She gives you instruction at times, but she doesn't say too much to Tam, and that seems to slightly annoy her.
  • Venn: "I think she's getting upset with you.." smile "Maybe you shuld ask her out." bang bang (quietly, so she won't hear)
  • Tam: "Is that an order, sir?" *trying not to smirk*
  • Venn: "Absolutely. Great outcome for me either way. She'll either say yes, in which case you may actually leave me alone and unwind for a minute (this is said jokngly, not annoyedly), or she'll probably shoot you, in which case I think I might actually make top score on the range today…" bang bang smile
  • After the shooting: Tam: "She's not really my type, sir, but you did give me an order…."
  • Venn: "Yes. Yes, I did." grin and stand back, look down range, examine my target, pretend not to be paying attention, look at my blaster pistol and mmentarily wonder if I oughta put it on stun in case she actually DOES try to shoot him… :)
  • And Tam completely fails to ask her out. Instead, he starts chatting with her about his range score. :-)
  • Venn: waitin forhim to come back
  • After a brief discussion, they both come over.
  • Lanka: "You've both qualified with all weapons. I do, however, expect to see you both here weekly for standard drills." "And YOU (turns to Tam). I want that blaster field-stripped and cleaned in 15 minutes. God only knows what you've done to that crystal, rapid-pulse-firing like that…."
  • Venn: "I look forward to it. Tam, I'd say you could maybe use practie twice a week. I think I actually saw one of your shots barely clip the target. I think you might be slipping."
  • Lanka: *momentary unrestrained glare at Venn*
  • Venn: "Well, I'll get the first round when you get out of here, Tam." whir so only Tam cn here after he passes "I take it back… she definitely likes you." smile "good luck" (as in… you're in trouble now) whisper so only Tam can hear

later, at the maintenance bay

  • Ted: So, assumingnothing else comes up, I'll probably skip the melee/brawling instruction for today. Feeling pretty good about his prformance on the range, he'll head into the maintenance hanger. He's looking to wander around and wach/chat a lttle with various mechanics/pilots. Hoping to eventually find a crew chief and or sqaudron leader that he can befriend a bit more than Sgt. Smiles back at th range. As he's gonna need a lot o istruction on starship/mehanicl stuff, he's hoping to se ito a relationship with a potential istructor. His experience o capital ships should at leastmean hell now the lingo and can talk the talk. Asks Gold Squadron about a reliable maintenance chief and is told to talk to Chief Maral.
  • Chris: You probably can. You actually flew with Gold, and they didn't leave yet, so they'll have kind words for you. Tam would catch up with you soon, after being berated a bit about field-stripping the blaster - his skill there isn't nearly as high as his skill at firing. He lays on the charm, but she hasn't heard about his flight with Gold Squadron yet, so she's still cold to him. She's probably seen friends killed by Stormtroopers, too, so she'd probably be very cold in the first place. He's fairly charming, and as a result, she'd probably be sort of warming to him, though she wouldn't want to be (18 v. 14 on random Persuasion roll).
  • Ted: I'll wander over to find him. Introduce myself. Ask about how things are going maintenance wise with his ships. Try to get a sense of the man.
  • Ted: Mention to him that Venn's got experience with ships from service days, but mostly superficial, and was hoping he could recommend someone to show me the ropes in piloting, operation, and repairs while I'm here.
  • Chris: He'd want to clear that with others first.
  • Ted: "That's fine, Chief. Is there anything I can do to make myself useful right now?"
  • Maintenance Chief: "….I'd prefer not. Not just yet. We're pretty busy right now. Got Y-Wings to fix, including that damn…." (trails off, looking at you)
  • Lt. Cabrell: Before Venn can say anything, though, he hears a voice from across the bay: "C'mon, Chief, we've been over this. He saved my ass working that cannon."
  • Venn: "Look, Chief, I don't wanna ge in the way… I'm just one of those people who always needs to be doing something. Something useful. Right now, no one has anything for me to do, and I don't much care for the feeling of standing around doing nothing. I'll polish the ship headlights and sweep the hangar floor if that's what needs doing."
  • Chief: "… I still wanna clear it first. Maybe you can help out the ground-pounders, do something fer them. They've got plenty of work to do installin' sensors and whatnot…. Most of them's scrounged from cap-ship systems… ya might know yer way around 'em."
  • Venn: "Thanks." turns and heads off to look into that possibility - as he turns, looks up at Red 4 and says again "Thanks."
  • Cabrell: *small nod*
  • Ted: head off to find whatever non-com is in charge of the sensor repairs
  • me: You can work on those for a while. You'd probably get pushed into wiring inside rather than working outside, since you're all soft and stuff.
  • Ted: That the general attitude?
  • me: Somewhat, yeah. You're a diplomat, not a soldier.

Venn then spends the next few days working on sensor and comms installs. Tam does the same types of work, but probably more heavy lifting aspects, since he's a "grunt." Tam is also trying to make friends and influence people, but he's not making tons of progress super quickly since so many people have seen him in Stormtrooper armor and know what he was. He gets into one fight where a guy whose brother was killed in an Imperial raid throws a sucker punch at him and Tam pretty much plants the guy. That sets his cause back a little bit, making things even harder for him for weeks afterwards. Tam still has some support from the pilots, mainly, but many of the rebels have (reasonable) grudges against Stormtroopers, and he's a visible symbol of them.

Martial Training

Days after the Blaster Training session - perhaps even a week or more later….

  • SSgt. Marshall: "'Bout time you two showed up…."
  • Venn: "Where do you want us, Sgt.?"
  • Marshall: *to men* "LISTEN UP! We got ourselves some new meat here! Who here wants to step up to show these two boys the ropes?"
  • (TONS of men start spouting off about how they'd be happy to show the Stormtrooper a thing or two)
  • Tam: (to Sgt) "Sir, I'll happily spar with any man here."
  • Venn: (walks into the ring)
  • Sgt: "Looks like the Senator wants to step up first. Well?"
  • (After a pause, one of the men finally stands and says, "I'll spar with him, sir!")
  • (12 and 6 Venn, 18, 0 for the guy against him. So he nails Venn good, gets Venn on the backfoot, over-presses his advantage, and Venn takes him down, but it's a shaky thing. Venn basically fell on him, so Venn took him down but cracked his nose on the other guy's knee in the process)
  • Venn: "Okay, now that we've warmed p and gotten the kinks out, let's try hat again.." (hand up to the other guy)
  • Sgt: "Walk it off, gentlemen. Corpsman, get the Senator a bandage for his nose."
  • Sgt: "You! *points at Tam* You're in."
  • Tam: "Yes, sir!"
  • Sgt: "And since everyone's so gung-ho to try you out, son, I think I'll be the first to welcome you into this ring."
  • Tam: "Yes, sir!"
  • (The SSgt throws a big punch at Tam, who turns it into a very smooth throw. Then the SSgt kippups just to get swept and pinned by Tam. Tam threw no blows during that fight. The SSgt then stands back up and bows to Tam. Tam bows in return, then walks off the ring. The SSgt and Tam are pretty evenly matched, really (same number of dice) - the other students are shocked.)
  • Venn: (Walks back into the ring. Same opponent walks in as well)
  • (Second fight, Venn comes out strong, but the two are evenly matched in second round. Third round, Venn edges the other guy out with a grappling submission hold).
  • (Okay, so after your second fight, Tam gets into the ring with another soldier. The soldier throws a cheap shot as Tam is acknowledging him, and you see that temper flare. This time, he's not using kind Aikido-stuff - instead, he just pummels the guy. In the third round, the soldier ducks exactly the wrong way and catches a hard uppercut to the jaw that just levels him completely (rolled a mishap when I rolled a 20). You notice that Tam has to visibly breathe when the guy goes down to not jump on him and pull him out of the room. The rest of the room goes completely silent.)
  • (Venn has no expression on his face. He's just starring at Tam right now.)
  • (After a second, Tam kneels down over the guy and starts slapping his face as the SSgt calls over a corpsman. Tam and the corpsman help the stunned guy up and out to a seat. After that, the rest of the session, Tam will basically be sitting out. And most people are giving him a wide berth.)
  • (Alright. After a few minutes, Venn slips back into his typical confident and easy outward appearance. Do th rest of the students hesitate wen I get bck in the ring?)
  • (At first, yes. Eventually, the SSgt will spar with you, but training, not beating you up. He'll have people breaking out into training groups, with Tam in his, and you'll be getting some instruction. Even Tam will, because he's unrefined.)
  • (The student Tam KO'ed got taken to medical.)

this section is unformatted as of yet - need to clean it up for readability

Ted: Okay, so, Chris, where does Tam go after the sparrig class?
He'd probably go to medical to get a quick once-over.
Ted: Afte that?
me: Ted, possibly he'd go to the canteen to get some food.
Beating up a dude makes a man hungry.
me: So, Ted, if you wanted to find him, you'd probably find him sitting in the Canteen sort of alone.
Yes, alone.
Ted: Okay, after Venn gets out of medicl himself, he'll head over to the canteen, sit dwn next to Tam and order some food and drink himself.
me: Okay.
me: pauses for a second. "Nope."
Scratch that. "No, sir."
Ted: "I realise the Bantha's rear end had it coming," said jokingly… amusingly so given his inability to pronounce all the consonants, "but, a little advice from a political genius… beating your prospective allies through the floor often proves counterproductive in most situations."
me: beat "Yes, sir."
Ted: "Still, I have to admit, if I knew you could've done that before, I think I could have cut at least two hours off of the meeting with that damn Barabel ambassador last month."
smile at him
me: "Yes, sir."
Ted: How does his mood seem to be?
Dale: Formal.
me: Calm.
Ted: "Look, Tam, I know you've been through a lot lately." pause "I know Sebastian would have been proud of your conduct recently." pause "This is a difficult situation, especially for ou, I realize." pause "Is there anythig I can do for you?"
me: "No, sir. Thank you, sir."
Ted: Little more strained now. "At ease, soldier. At ease!"
me: nods "Sir."
Ted: "I wont bring this up again. But I do want you to lighten up on yourself… before you snap and wind up beating the tar out of everyone on the base…"
me: long pause "Thank you for the compliment, sir, but I think they could take me en masse."
Ted: "Was that a joke?… I think I might feint…"
me: "Tactical assessment, sir."
Ted: "Right… Well, a nice start."
me: (I'm a thin veneer of professionalism over a thug. I'm trying to paint on more layers of professionalism before I DO get into a big fight with the entire base)
Ted: "Bartender, this man needs a drink."
me: "Thank you sir, but I'll pass. I have duty still."
Dale: So, the least squared-away "soldier" you've ever seen saunters in, bellowing hellos to some guys he met the other day, plops down in the chair next to Venn and puts his feet up. "Evening, gentlemen! Buy ya a round?"
me: nods at you "Kane."
Ted: "Captain Novaliss" "Where've you been recently? We haven't seen you aroundthe base."
Dale: "Heheheh… I been off this ice ball. They had (large measure of mass) of rocks they needed moved. Nebulon-B. Slow ship, but rugged as hell."
me: "Ahh. So that's where all that rock came from."
Dale: "Yep. They tell me it'll make the base look more like a natural ore deposit on scans. It only needs one thing to complete the illusion. Hopefully it'll snow soon."
Ted: "Nebulon B? Have problems with the Nav systems? The relays on those frigates tends to bea little twitchy." This might surprie Kane that the politicians acually knows something about something important (ie -ships)
Dale: Ahhh… yeah, actually… it's not so bad once you get the timing down… huh. You ever piloted a frigate, Senator?"
Ted: Dale… "Not a Neb B, but I've had some eperience with cpital ship piloting and operations back when I served in the Ataran Defense Forces.
Ted: I actually served 3 years aboard a (appropriate type of cruiser, we'll go with) Carrack-class Cruiser as a Comms Officer
me: (Tam's just kind of listening - he has little experience in this area.)
Dale: Kind of surprised. "Huh… you don't say…" recovers, tries for the bvious joke: "but, wasn't it a huge disadvantage in the senate, actually knowing how to do things?"
me: (putting on my Buckingham Palace face)
Ted: "No, just trying to do things…" tries to move on
Ted: "Well, since you're back, would you care to join us in the hand to hand arena tomorrow. I've foun that many of th men seem a bit nervous when instructed to strike a Senator. And I imagine they'll be less enthusiastic about taking Tam on as well…"
me: "Can't imagine that, sir. Everyone seemed to be perfectly willing to spar this morning."
Dale: looks over at Tam
Ted: "Maybe they'll be more hesitant since they found out you're actually a well-shaved Wookie…:
Dale: "I think I'll pass, thanks. Maybe Blaster range?"
Ted: "Tam and I should probably steer clear of th range fr a few days…"
Dale: "I don't think I heard that one yet. What happened?"
me: "I'll be at the range at 1000, actually, sir. I'm to report for rifle testing."
Ted: "Tone it down fr the ext week with the Sgt, Tam. Tht actually IS an order. I'm getting he sense she doesn't need more irritation from… us… for a while."
me: "Sir… she's the one who ordered me back…."
Dale: grins behind his drink
Ted: "I know, just take it asy with the attitude. I'm guessing she has slightly more personal reasons than most on this base to dislike stormtroopers…"
me: "Yes, sir."
Ted: finishes last of food "Well, gentlemen, thank you for the drink. I'm off to ice down my face and go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." gts up and leaves
me: "And I have duty. Enjoy your meal, Kane. Sir."
Ted: "Good night, Tam."
Dale: waits until he's almost out of the bar "Best of luck!"
me:  Okay, so, the SSgt is going to set up the existing troops in their drills and hold you three off to the side.  He'll then come over to you three to do some quick  He wants background on your experience.Ted:  "Well I have basic training with most melee weapons. I have a fair level of skill with staves."Dale:  "Basic Training, (places I trained during my tour.)"me:  Tam:  "I've been through around 4 years of training."  SSgt:  "Okay, so you all have some proficiency.  Let's pair off.  Tam, you're with me.  You two, sparring with padded rifles to knockdown."Ted:  okay…  21 (lucky roll) more than one roll? Dale:  19 (two sizes, but they weren't force dice) (sizes = sixes) me:  Okay, Venn's got the slight upper hand, but no one's down yet. Ted:  9 Dale:  10 me:  Kane's shifting momentum back Ted:  14 Dale:  18 me:  Kane catches Venn a glancing blow in the kidney. Ted:  16 Dale:  12 me:  While you're winded, you sweep Kane's leg, Ven, and he goes down on a knee. One more roll Ted:  12 Dale:  You're not gonna believe it. 13. Ted:  I actually DO believe it. Dale:  3,2,4,4 I would not have the werewithall to make those numbers up this quickly. me:  Kane manages to turn it around at the last minute, dropping Venn on his back.  Good match. Ted:  You're actually more skilled than Venn in most melee weapon use. Dale:  helps him to his feet Ted:  "Nice move." Dale:  "Thanks.  You put up a hellova fight for a senator."Dale:  In frustration, I rolled my 4 d6, 6 6 6 6 reroll, 1 Ted:  so, 25 for Dale, mine was a 12 me:  Okay.  So, sorry, I'm back now.  Dale got a really good smack in on Venn, right in the gut.  Venn's now winded.  Next! Ted:  8 and 12, with rifle Ted:  Dale's punked out on us, hasn't he?… Dale:  I said I'ma go eat. Ted:  He still here!  can you just roll the dice twice, then?  Then e'll say you're called over the intercom to the hanger bay. Dale:  10, 11 me:  Okay, cool.  Venn, you were once again taken down by the transport pilot.  Meanwhile, Tam and the SSgt are duking it out. Dale:  I guess you could say I… puts on darkened flight goggles  …drove him to the ground?  turns head me:  Essentially, Tam manages to get the better of the staff sergeant twice, but both are kind of due to a lucky first strike. Ted:  You could, but probably shouldn't/ me:  Kane is called out to the hanger bay - minor emergency.  Okay, after Tam takes down the SSgt for the second time, he calls everyone together to hand out staves and go spar.  I'll flesh out the Tam-Marshall fight later - the overall thing is that Tam really got in lucky first strikes both times and got the edge on the SSgt early.  He was either faster or did really good feints or something.Ted:  Instructorme: Okay, you've got the instructor.  Tam picks the guy who threw the cheap shot at him.  "Come on - you can get some revenge on me." Ted:  21 me:  This dude is fucking weaksauce for his supposed talent.  Mishap, 9 Ted:  the instructor? me:  Yup.  6 dice, keep rolling fucking mishaps first round.  So, he ducks right into a counterblow from you. Ted:  "Are you alright?" offers a hand me:  22.  "This match isn't OVER, son!  I said knockdown!  The Stormtroopers ain't gonna offer you a hand!" Ted:  21 me:  19 next.  You guys are about even - you've got the slight upper hand, after giving him that opening. Ted:  "20 me:  12, so you're up on him now.  Back on top. Ted:  "Have it your way."  22 me:  12.  He throws a last-ditch sweep at you, and you sidestep it and clock him good in the head as he's off balance.  He goes down. Ted:  "How about now?" hand gain me:  This time, he shakes it off and does a kippup. He bows slightly to you.Ted:  returns the bow  me:  Meanwhile, you notice Tam and the soldier from the previous day are still fighting.  The soldier's tossing around some seriously hard swings, and Tam's readily defending and sometimes touch-tapping the guy, and he appears to be dominating the round.  He keeps saying things like, "Watch your back foot - you're leaning too far out on that front leg.  It's putting you off balance and opening up that whole calf for a strike."  The soldier seems slightly angry, but mostly embarrassed.  He's swinging wildly without much discipline.  The SSgt starts to stride over.  "HALT!"  *turns to guy*  "SOLDIER!  What the GODDAMN HELL do you think you're doing?!?!"  Immediately, Tam drops the staff to his side and hits full attention.  The SSgt berates the guy for a minute, then calls a start to another round between the two of them.  This time, he's  The soldier tries to get in as fast as possible out of the gate.  He swings hard and wild, aiming right at Tam's face.  Tam dodges that easily, and the Rebel gets a hard staff to the gut as a payback.  The soldier overcompensates, spinning a slash at Tam's legs.  He dodges easily, then brings the top of his staff down on the rebel's back, knocking him off balance and forward.  The Rebel spins and slips, and Tam jabs his leg quickly, dropping him.  He then offers the guy a hand.Ted:  Guy take hand?me:  Grudgingly, after a second.  He looks like he wants to smack Tam, but he doesn't.Ted:  What does the intructor say? me:  He was watching, and you could see him tense up like he was ready to pounce. Ted:  Smart soldier. me: The SSgt says, "All right, next round" and walks over again with you. Ted: 28 me:  25.  No mishap this time. Ted:  25 me:  23.  You're getting in some glancing blows, but nothing solid. Ted:  19 me:  19.  Stalemate. Ted:  23 me:  Then he comes in strong with a 28 and catches you with a somewhat-good shot to the side. Ted: 30 me: Pressing his advantage, he throws a strong strike at your back leg.  You step into it, taking the shot on your staff, and crack him on the knee, putting him down.  He rolled an 18. Ted:  actually, if I may… The instructor tries for a top-hand downward strike. Venn darts in with a block, then slides the end of the staff behind the instructor's neck, pivots, and causes the instructor to lose his balance and fall face forward into the ground.  Ted:  Venn then places the stunig tip just above the back of his neck, in an "I'll tae you out if you move" like move.  He's not going togo easy on the instructor… per his  "Good round"Ted:  "Thank you, Sgt." offers hand me:  He takes it, and you get to watch the end of Tam's round with his guy.  Who needs a name, which I'll take care of soon. me:  You can tell Tam's still holding back, and he trades some good parries with the guy, getting in a couple of quick jabs to the arms.  The soldier gets a little ballsy and drives a shot into Tam's groin, earning a grunt and a staff-strike directly to the foot, then the face.  Stunned, he strikes Tam again, weakly, in the leg, and is rewarded with a sweep that nearly flips him a complete 180. me:  He got in some good shots this round, but he's not as good as Tam, and as much as I was hoping, he didn't really make a lucky roll ever. Tam's trying to keep his temper in check, though, and he's wining, so it's easier. Ted:  "I'll go over to the instructor, and quietly ask to be prtnered with Tm next round." me:  Okay. "Sir"  bows  He's changing things up and fully parrying your first attack. Ted:  24 - mishap  me:  Okay, you put a hard strike in expecting Tam to fight, and you actually slightly numbed your hand when he just strike-blocked out and twisted your staff slightly in your hand. Ted:  "Oh, for the love of Ollaban. Tm, I'm ordering you to put exactly as much effort into beating me that you do in beating anyone else here." Ted:  28 me:  Again, he manages to parry your attack, but he's on the back foot. Ted:  23 mishap - bad breaks me:  Oof.  You played it too far forward, and take a glancing blow to the side of the head for your troubles.  26 Ted:  Dice don't like me fightin' Tam. Recovering quickly "That's better." me:  Yeah, it was just a graze, really. Ted:  31 me:  Now it's Tam's turn to mishap - 18.  You spin it around on him, landing a solid blow and rocking him back.  He spins away from you and tries to recover. Ted:  pressing… 22 me:  Tam throws a haymaker that catches you under the chin.  35. Ted:  22 again me:  Still dizzy from the previous round, Tam tries to follow up his haymaker with a sweep, but he stumbles.  You get a solid shot into his side, and he goes to a knee. Ted:  How'd e roll? me:  Fight's still on, though, until he hits the other knee.  Poorly - mishap and 11. Ted:  eh 20 me:  16 from the ground.  You're pressing your advantage.  You dimly notice the room going quiet around you. Ted:  24 mishap me:  You press too far and take a hard shot to your knee, and you feel something pop.  You're now down on a leg as Tam struggles back to his feet.  28 Ted:  25 me:  17.  As he struggles to his feet, you catch him on the ankle, dropping Tam to the ground. Dale:  "Should I… should I hit him too?" me:  Some of the soldiers in the room start to laugh. Chuckle, under their breaths. Ted:  How's my knee? me:  Venn's knee is stiff but okay.  Probably hyperextended, could use some ice.  It'll heal, but you'll want med after the session. Ted:  Okay, I'll sit out for a few rounds. Get an ice pack… If I can find one on Hoth… me:  The SSgt calls everyone over to the middle of the room.  He pulls up some holos of some of the fights and starts going over high and low points. me:  Kane, as you'd missed out, you're now seeing some spiffy fight highlight reels. Dale:  I figure I'd been sparring with some other rebels but it wasn't relevent to the story. me:  Oh, okay, that's fine, too, Kane. me:  How are you with melee, Dale?  (There were multiple sparring sessions going simultaneously, but not everyone was going at once - there were like 3 at once) Ted:  He's got no skill dice, buthas gotten basic traiing, and has 4D in Dex me:  4D isn't really much different than most of the rebels - they're 3D to 5D, so you're in the same range as them. Dale:  Yeah I figured I could hold my own but I probably lack technique. me:  Probably.  You'd probably get some critiques from the SSgt on how you could do things better.  Everyone would. me:  Okay, so, that's going to be the rest of the melee session.  Anything else you guys want to do during or after the critique? Ted:  Afterwards, limp to medical. After that, get some dinner and drink. Dale:  But yeah Kane would probably do something similar.  Lick wounds, acquire foods.  -—  me:  Also, Ted, did Venn follow Tam to the blaster range earlier that day when he had to report in for duty? Ted:  Uh… yeah, sure. He wouldn't do much but basic firing, keep his head down. Just trying to make sure Tam doesn't inadvertently pushsome hidden buttons to make the Sgt go friendl fire… me:  Okay, Venn, you'd see Tam quietly following instructions and performing very difficult rifle shots as much as possible.  The SSgt wouldn't be cutting him any slack, and she'd have him on a few rifles they keep locked up. Dale:  Heh.  This is a space sniper blaster.  It's exactly the same as a sniper rifle, but applied to energy weapons.  Because 20th century humans would understand it. Ted:  Okay. Seems to be going well. I'll ask around about the Sgt.'s background after range time is done. me:  Okay.  You'd find out that her brother was a pilot killed in a raid on a smuggling vessel by Imperial forces. You'd have to ask around a lot to find out, though. Ted:  I will…. At dinner, Venn will be sure to complimnt Tam and Kane's form. Maybe give Tam a single piece of advice on some obscure technique. After Kane leaves, Venn will share the Sgt.'s story with Tam. Make sure he knows to step gingerly. me: "Yes, sir." Ted:  So, does Kane say anythig at dinner to Tam or Venn? Tam you had heard had beat th tar out of one of the other Rebels, but seeing him take the instructor out (who probbly didn't lose to anyone but once in a blue moon) TWICE, was pretty impressive. Also, when you fought Venn, he had some okay moves. You both probably had about the same level of training, but you were just a better physical specimen than the cushy office politico. Then seeing him take the instructor down too. That was surprising. Then there was the Venn/Tam fight, which you really wish you had put money on… Dale:  "You know, I'm thinking maybe I had you two figured wrong.  You ever consider just rushing Palpatine while the senate was in session?" Ted:  grin that doesn't quite reach his eyes  Ted:  Thanks, but I doubt that would have faired nearly as well… Ted:  "So, I think I'll be taking it easy for a couple days. Nice hit, by the way (*to Tam*).me:  "Thank you, Sir."Ted: (*to Kane*) So, what duty are you catching lately?"

Notes: Tam is on double-shifts - someone doesn't like him. He was asked back for rifle testing - he's being considered as a countersniper. Also, the SSgt has decided to give him a chance to prove himself worhtwhile after talking to the pilots, particularly Acid.

Capital-Ship Training

Coming soon….
Dale: I'm thinking in the back of his mind, Kane might be thinking about people as potential crewmates. Like, mentally sizing them up. Has to stop and tell himself every now and then "this isn't a starport."
me: Okay. You're in an area where people are pretty dedicated to the Rebellion, so you might have a hard time finding people you think would come with you.
Dale: Yeah that's what I figured. It's just a mental habit he has to quash.
me: Few without dedication would volunteer to come set up Echo Base on Hoth. :-)
Ted: I might volunteer to go along on one f those runs tomorrow. Be nice to get on the deckplates of abig ship again. Pus, Venn's not gonna be exerting himself too uch the next couple days, cause of th knee.
Dale: Yeah.
me: Okay. I'll set up a side session where you guys can go up to the Neb B and Kane can interact with some people up there. It'll be a pretty straightforward run, since you're just ferrying supplies in small transports from the frigate to the ground.

I would settle for liccit goods. I would settle for making a stop at a trade port to swap some rare minerals we found in the asteroid field for booze and ammo. I would settle for trying to get back that holotape Private Jothan lent to Private T'kalk.

Ted: Nebulon-B? The Privateer, right?
me: Si
Ted: What are we ferrying up to it in?
me: YT-2400
Ted: Fancy
me: Not really
Dale: Not as fancy as the last transport we trashed. :)
me: It's the same gutted one you escorted to Hoth in the first place.
me: It's got basically a completely empty cargo bay and completely stripped out crew compartments.
Ted: ie… smaller cargo bays okay, who goes up with Venn and Kane?
me: The transport pilot and copilot, and 2 more Rebel soldiers. Bigger guys.
Ted: Kane isn't flying?
me: Only if he can talk the pilot into letting him.
Ted: Unless the pilot has a problem, Venn'll sit in the Comm station
Dale: Sorry but have we been briefed on this mission?
me: Unlikely, since this thing has a hyperdrive and Kane's not a rebel. You're just flying back to the Neb B for more training and grunt work. And also, the co-pilot's operating comms and nav.
Dale: Is it typical for us to carry grunts on these bread runs?
me: Somebody's gotta move the pallets.
Dale: Oh okay. Cool. But are they armed?
Ted: Fine, but I assum there are a cople stations behindthe pilot and copilots seats, lik i the Falcn…
me: There are jump seats, but they don't operate anything. And the grunts are not armed.
Ted: fine I'll justsit up there on the way up
me: Only if the grunts let you. :-)
Ted: ok
me: You can ask… but they're big.
Ted: Nevermind, first come…
me: Biggest come?
Ted: sure
me: So, unless you guys wanna talk your way into it, you get to stand on the flight up.
Ted: no problem
Dale: Well you did say you wanted the deck plating beneath your feet!
Ted: Kinda meant something bigger, but yeah, sure.
Ted: Sides, the trip is probably ten mintes
me: Yeah, if that. :-)
Ted: I'm inclding preflight and docking procedures…
me: So, the flight up - what's your plan? Anything you wanna do on the empty cargo ship?
Dale: Do I recognize the grunts from training? Or drinking, for that matter?
me: Probably from a previous trip up - they get called on to move stuff
Ted: either of them in the sparring matches?
Dale: Kane'll say hi, introduce Venn.
me: Not in yours, Venn - you've not met them before. They, as befitting their positions, grunt their acknowledgement of your greeting.
Ted: So, not much into conversation, fine.
Dale: Oh is Notorious T-A-M with us?
me: Well, they're GRUNTS…. They HAVE to grunt! Nope, Tam's still on double-shifts. And he's not assigned to this duty station.
Dale: "How's it goin'. I'd like you to meet my friend Venn Tyree, deceased."
Grunts: grunt 'Sup?
Ted: "Gentlemen." nod
Dale: "Any scuttlebutt on what we're hauling today?"
me: grunt "Prolly more mechanicals. Had boatloads o' those on board."
Dale: "Droids? Nice. Any idea what they do?"
me: "Nah, just bits. Prolly some spares fer the ships, that sorta thing."
Dale: "Oh, hardware."
Ted: looks quizically at Kane
me: So, you reach the Neb B. It's been more or less stripped down to the deckplates by now, but there's still some useful cargo on board to be unloaded before they leave.
Ted: "If you don't mind, Captain Novaliss, I'm going to have a quick look at the bridge and a word with the captain, andbe back to help later.
Dale: That's touching. I'll respond with "By all means, Senator."
Ted: I'll limp in the direction of the bridge. See anyone on th way?
me: The crew's fairly minimal at this point since most are on Hoth setting things up. You'd see a few crew around, though.
Dale: Help with the loading or unloading or whatever you call the cargo transfer. Oh. I'll help with the cargo transfer. :)
me: Okay, Kane, you're essentially shoving pallets out of the Neb B's cargo hold through the docking port and into the YT-2400's cargo bay.
me: It's not that exciting, and it's kinda tiring. But you're moving a lot of equipment that needs to be moved. Meanwhile, Venn's shirking.. I mean, walking toward command.
Dale: Do his footsteps make little shirk shirk noises as he walks?
Ted: I figure there's still gonna e lots of stuff to mo. shirk thump shirk thump
me: I like that. shirk thump, shirk thump, shirk thump
Ted: Anywho, I'm just lookng to take a quick look about the bridge, see the set up for a Neb-B, mybe have a few minutes conversation with the captai, then excuse hiself t get back to helpin move the couch.
me: Okay. You can do that.
Dale: "Easy with those Drive Inducers, now. This ain't hull plating."
me: The captain's up there in the bridge. He's basically paperworking currently.
Ted: Unless you wanna play it out, I'm just going to be making basic chitchat about the Neb-B, ask him hw i performs, give hima chance o brag about his ship, etc…
me: He's not going to brag too much to you. It's more of a ship of necessity than a ship of wonderment. But it's a capable frigate. And cheap.
Ted: Still, it's HIS ship. Anyway, Venn will bow outafter ten mintes or so, or if he gets th sense te captain hasother things that need doing
me: The captain wouldn't talk all that long. He'd greet you and probably tell you he'd be willing to talk to you more when he's off duty later.
The Neb-B probably compares favorably to the ships you served on - it's not a bad ship. But it's not a cruiser, either.
Ted: "I'd be happy to, whenever you get downo the base."
me: He'll set up a time before they depart.
Dale: Basically helping move stuff, keep the grunts from being too careless with the palettes of parts I know are particularly sensitive, chat up Verena when there's time.
me: Okay. Go for it. You've got time - you're a third set of hands when they were expecting 2. Grunts only.
me: "Hey, Kane. Good to see you again. Didn't expect you'd be showing up today. 'Course, it's always good to have another set of hands - we gotta get this stuff loaded and get out of here. Don't wanna leave too strong a profile in this system, after all."
Dale: "Yeah… yeah, That's good thinkin'. Wish I'd had someone like you around back when I was tryin' to run a legit business. Might'a gotten away with it!"
me: "Well, I might be around a little longer after all. I hear they're looking for someone to stick around after the Privateer's unloaded, help out on Echo. I dunno why, I mean, it's a base, not a ship. Guess the base is still gonna need stuff moved around, though, equipment and such. Anyway, seems like a good location, right? Not the prettiest planet or anything, but got a nice little base set up here, and plenty of hanger space and all."
Dale: "Um. Yeah, it's… it's okay… If you don't mind the weather, local wildlife, isolation… am I forgetting any downsides to this planet?"
me: "Yeah, okay, but, I mean, when you think about it, is space any better? 'Specially on one of these frigates - I mean, it's not like we've got a rec deck or anything. It's pretty bare bones, you know? At least down there you've got some room to move around, and there'll probably be some ships to play with. I mean, after all, they didn't build those big hangers for nothing, right?"
Dale: Now that I think about it, have all the parts I've moved been for Y-wings?
me: Nope, some are for the base (like shipside support stuff), and some are weapons components. And a few are weapons - proton torpedoes and proton bombs, both of which can be used by the Y-WIngs.
Dale: "Yeap. If moving cargo around is your thing, and I know it is, I'm sure you'll have a blast. Me, I'm hopin' to get transfered to a ship soon. I know a ship can feel small if it's just a place you live, but once you get behind the helm? The whole galaxy is your living space."
me: "Yeah, that's true. I've never been a pilot, though. Worked for a shipping company, then do the same thing here, really. Only there I wasn't shipping nearly so much stuff that could go all kablooey, you know? Oh! Hello again, Senator. Or, I guess I should say 'ex-Senator,' since, after all, you're not in the Senate any more. Have you commissioned with the Rebellion? If so, I should call you by rank, sir. Anyway, is your leg good enough to be moving this cargo around? You're kinda limping on it - looks like you injured it something fierce."
Dale: Can't resist butting in. "He's legally dead, ya'know!" saunters off innocently With the grunts, I was trying to get anything but a grunt as a reaction. With Verena, I just want to see where she takes it.
Ted: "Is there ay one of those questions you'dlike me to answr first?"
me: "Oh, well, any one of 'em, really, Senator. I mean, you've just gotta butt in with me sometimes, begging your pardon, 'cause I just end up running at the mouth. I know it, but it's just a habit, you see? Oh! And yeah, I did hear that rumor about your death. Guess that's true, eh? I mean, that's just not right. Have you been able to get any messages to your family or anything, sir? I might be able to do something for you if not, or, well, I can try, at least. I mean, sometimes we can push some encrypted comms through, you know."
me: "I mean, it might take me a little while, you understand, but I can certainly pass the message up, sir. 'Course, we might have to send it through some couriers and relays, so it could take some time."
Ted: "Okay, calm down, Miss…"
Dale: "Trust me, she's calm."
Ted: "Aright, Miss…"
me: (She stopped when you started talking) (She's not impolite so much as… 99th-percentile outgoing)
me: "CWO Verena Krin, sir" CWO = "Chief Warrant Officer"
Ted: "Thank you, chief. I'm aready sending a mesage ome through official channels. Right now, you can just call me Venn. And, as for the knee, I should be abl to manage some lght lifting and tie downs… and you sould have seen the other guy."
me: "Well, okay, then, Venn. We can use you in the aft of the YT's cargo bay. We've got some ordnance being loaded up soon, and we gotta be really sure contents don't settle during shipping, you know what I mean? That'd be a rough ride for sure."
me: "So, you been through this? If not, Jimbo over there can show you the ropes, and I mean that quite literally."
Ted: "I've had minimal ordinance training. Could use a refresher…"
me: "All right, well, you just head on down the docking tube and tell Jimbo that I sent you. That's the big guy. Well, they're both big guys, but the bigger guy. He's an ordnance tech, he'll walk you through it. That YT, man, she had some piss-poor lockdown stations, I'll tell you - we had to retrofit those bad boys right away. Had'ta put in some cargo locks from a -1200, those are much better, dont' know why they didn't keep 'em on the newer models…"
Ted: "Alright, thank you." heads down to help
Dale: "I know, right? They were forward-facing, you could just pull up and nudge the dock."
me: Okay, you've not got easily an hour or so's conversation about the intricacies of lockdown stations and docking collars on your hands.
Dale: I don't mind reminiscing about the glory days for a little bit. When it starts to get old I'll bitch about Galactic Trade Law and how Palpatine and his senate cronies screwed everything up. That won't come back to haunt me, surely.
me: Oh, she's got a similar sob story, since that's what killed off her previous job and pushed her to the Rebels.
me: She didn't get pushed out of her job. However, the company got privatized, and she left to join the rebellion when sshe got a taste of the empire.
Dale: "You know anything about how they manage to keep all this stuff secret? I couldn't even keep my inventory discreet, let alone hide two entire bases and a small fleet."
me: "Well, it's not like Hoth's on the main navigation routes to anywhere from anywhere. Anyway, it's barely on the verge of habitable. I'm not so surprised that we can hide stuff here. Such a big galaxy, it'd be so hard to search EVERY planet, and why search the ones that aren't classified habitable? I mean, I'm no strategist, I"m just a specialist, but still, it kinda makes sense, don't you think? I know I sure wouldn't come looking at Hoth right off the bat…." (Okay, apparently she says "you know" and other interjections a lot. And speaks rather colloquially.)
Dale: Right. And that's a point in her favor, too. I wanna try and feel out how well she thinks she's fitting in among the rebels. Military lifestyle and all that. She doesn't seem like the type.
me: Okay, yeah, she's not super military. You get the impression that she has this kind of moral obligation she feels toward the rebellion for some reason.
(I'm working on that reason, by the way, so I don't have specifics yet, and she wouldn't tell you about them yet even if I did. :-) )

Antarean Conversations

Coming soon….

Y-Wing Training

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