South By Northeast

Back Into the Left

turn north from Kistner and head back NNW into mountains

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  1. Time in Kistner – 2 days
  2. Kistner to the River Crossing – 3 days (then porcupine encounter)
  3. River crossing to white-scaled lizard-man encounter – 2 days
  4. WSLM encounter to outpost – 2 days
  5. Travel another 2, then encounter skunks
  6. Another 3 days, then encounter merchant caravan
  7. 7 days after outpost (in mountains/foothills), encounter trolls with WSLM
  8. Another 3 days to city of Geskas Andan.


When the PCs arrive in Kistner, the village is hustling. With the thaw coming, everyone is preparing for new trade. Stalls are being prepared and stores swept out.

Forest Road

Rustling in bushes – porcupine family.

River Road

A band of grayish-white lizard-men, barely 5’ tall, approaches quietly from the north. Their faces look unnaturally elongated.

Guard Outpost

Turned in captured grayish-white lizard-men.

Foothills #1

Skunk encounter

Foothills #2

Merchant caravan


A small band of those trolls and white-scaled lizard-men are there. They were apparently arguing. Most killed by PCs, but 1 white-scaled lizard-man captured.

Vista on Geskas Andan

Maleos finds rough spot where he saw flash of Geskas Andan in white-scaled lizard-man's mind.


Darias leaned against a tree trunk, fastening rings of dharven metal to aelphin leather by the light of the campfire. It was simple work, repetitive work. As so often happened when he was involved in such rote tasks, Darias’s mind wandered. He thought about the task at hand, and the incredible material involved. “Brightsteel.” The name was certainly appropriate. The metal shone like silver, and according to the dharven smiths, it would also never tarnish nor rust. It was as strong as the steels he was used to working with, but was only a fraction of the weight. “Brightsteel should do nicely,” Darias thought.

After coming to the Across, Darias had been getting caught up in quite a few fights. Of course, they couldn’t be just regular, honest fist-fights in an alley. Those he was used to. No, he’d been accosted by “drakes,” and blue-skinned “trolls” -demons that would almost never die. He’d been cursed by some ridiculous looking chicken-lizard that turns people to stone, and he’d been pummeled by a spell from a true demon – a monstrous collection of worms that writhed in the shape of a man – worms that crawled inside a person and controlled their bodies. Darias shuddered in revulsion at the memory.

Sparks flared in the fire as a piece of burning log shifted and fell on the ashes. Darias was momentarily brought back to the present, his attention drawn back to the fire, then to the others around it. His companions… and a truly strange lot they were.

On his left, Maleos was scribbling odd symbols in the dirt by the fire. Darias recognized one of them, a magical glyph signifying awakened flame. Maleos was likely working on some new magical conjuration. Darias found magic quite interesting, but did not seem to have any ability to use it. Perhaps that was for the best. Maleos was cleverer than almost anyone Darias had ever met. The young magician and Darias shared in their youth a propensity for questioning rules, ideas, and the order of things (and occasionally ignoring it all together). However, the fellow’s mind seemed increasingly addled and erratic of late. Perhaps the power he commanded had worn on Maleos.

“No matter,” Darias thought. “There’s better magic in the shape of the bird’s wing and the mill’s wheel, more to riddle out than I’ll ever have time for, even if I lived as long as a dharven.”

Next to Maleos sat Saul, the first inhabitant of the Across Darias had met after crossing the God Bridge. Well, the first inhabitant that didn’t try to kill him. While that was not the only reason Darias had come to trust the tall, golden-haired cleric of Pelor, it was certainly a compelling one. The amnesiac warrior-priest was a mystery to everyone, even himself. Though the cleric’s unknown past still occasionally caused Darias some worry, Saul had continued to prove himself as a helpful companion.

The cleric’s presence reminded Darias of the religious nature of this journey. Dreams and visions appeared to the group. Holy men

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