Special Materials (Demonhome)


  • argia, a yellow-orange metal found on the Isle and mentioned in Hallvar
  • dharven steel, much like normal steel but slightly lighter and stronger
  • whatever Pelor's Compass is made out of
  • rakel, dharven silvery-white precious metal seen in a jewelry shop in Hallvar. Used in jewelry (Endurance, Resiliance, Infinity) (Platinum)
  • Illés Szántó - "Heavy Steel" - an ore that might as well be steel Refined into an even stronger than steel metal. (Strength, Invulnerability, Stability)
  • Illés Hustovi - "Bright Steel" - A Rare, extremely lightweight metal (Dex, lightness, quickness)
  • Hrafn - Dull red metal, even heavier, warm to the touch, critical pile (Symbolizes heat/fire, creation or restoration of life or health)
  • Virág - Green/Bronze, roughly as heavy as steel, weaker, super-malleable, darvin blacksmiths use this metal in their top-secret thing (Malleability, transformation, water)
  • Illés Unnur - Dharven Steel, (Symbolizes Combat, protection, strength)
  • Silver - Commerce
  • Veneresite - odd glob of metal PCs found in the lake; learned name from the zwallen

Stones and Gemstones

  • hrist, dharven translucent polishable smokey-black stone seen in a blacksmithy in Hallvar


  • hornwood, a strong, dense, heavy, and hard wood used in aelphin laminated woods; very springy when thinly cut
  • flakewood, a peelable wood whose rings are loosely bound to one another; used in aelphin papers
  • aelphin laminate wood (includes oak, hornwood, and a few others to make a strong, springy laminate for their bows)

Plant Extracts

  • waxleaf sap, the juice of a broad-leaf plant found in the southwestern forests; when properly distilled, is major ingredient in aelphin fire-resist paste. when properly mixed with a few other flowers and boiled down, creates paste that dries clear and provides minor fire resistance (basically DR 2 vs fire)
  • aelphin epoxy used to laminate the wood


  • (growl)'zek, strong silklike cloth sold by orcs in Hallvar; light and available in variety of beautiful colors
  • kk'(barkgrowl), heavy canvaslike cloth sold by orcs in Hallvar

Super Special Shit

  • the head of the demon known as The Purging Fire

Magical Items

  • Coldcrystals: 800 gp base price for one; can hold about 20,000 pages worth of information. Write-once (per page) and read many times. Signature device of the zwallen, but there isn't anything special about theirs, apparently. Coldcrystal is the translation of the dharven name for the device; the zwallen name translates more readily to "book." The zwallen make them out of a hard, durable crystalline substance, but that's not really necessary; you could make them in a thousand ways if you know the right spells. The zwallen just use their material because it will hold up to abuse. Coldcrystals can also be copied if you have a source coldcrystal when you craft a new one.

Alchemical Items

  • Dharven Explosive Powder: 10 gp base price per vial; alchemy DC 18 check to make. If struck with more than 3 hp fire, electrical, or impact damage in a round, will explode or burn rapidly. Explodes with great force. Very loud.

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