Unnamed Spider-Man Demon

The half-humanoid, half-spider, half-mechanical, half-biological, and all giant creature was met by the PCs during Thread Over.

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Some starter notes:

  1. Hearing it speak made your head hurt from behind your eyes. The language wasn't intelligible, but you could hear the words it meant echoing inside your head.
  2. It carried a bag full of mechanical parts with it at all times.
  3. It stood 40' tall.
  4. Heavy armor plates of adamantine with mithril underarmor.

In response to someone asking what to call it: "The detritus ask what to call me - further proof of the descent of memory, the descent of knowledge. They know not of me, know not of you. The Weaver, the Architect, the Apprentice and Understudy, all names lost and histories forgotten; the drones and servitors, the golems and automata, likewise forgotten. How badly have the brethren failed us all?"

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