Spirit Pacts and Powers

Spirit Pacts

Pacts allow free spirits to earn Karma in exchange for services. See Runner's Companion, page 93, for an example. More pacts are also described in Street Magic.

Gearhead Pact

This pact concept is being designed for Speed Demon. It is not yet finalized.


A pact for a definitively mechanocentric spirit, the Gearhead Pact allows the spirit to invest his essence into vehicles instead of people. The Gearhead Pact is similar in spirit to the Friendship Pact described in Runner's Companion targeted towards vehicles instead of other sentient beings.

The spirit may associate with up to twice his Force in vehicles when taking this pact. He may add vehicles at any time, but removing a vehicle takes a force of will (1 Karma point) and 1 month away from the vehicle. If the spirit in question owns the vehicle, he must also sell it.


  • The spirit may earn Karma at a capped rate of 1 Karma Point per session per vehicle in the pact. Karma must be earned normally, but Karma that would have been earned in excess of 1 Karma Point per vehicle per session is lost.
  • The spirit gains a +2 on Pilot checks for the vehicles in the pact.
  • The spirit gains a +2 on Mechanic checks for the vehicles in the pact.
  • Or require number of vehicles tied to Force and allow uncapped Karma gain, a la Friendship Pact?


  • If a pact vehicle is rendered inoperable, the spirit has Force hours to repair it or suffer banishment (as though he had been reduced to 0 health) for 28 - Force days.
  • The spirit must operate or work on at least one pact vehicle (daily? weekly? something….) or suffer a temporary loss of Force of 1 point per time period without doing so.
  • If a pact vehicle is destroyed, the spirit is immediately banished (as though he had been reduced to 0 health) for 28 - Force days.
  • Force loss if pact vehicle destroyed a la Friendship Pact?
  • What constitutes inoperable? What constitutes destroyed?

Spirit Powers

These house spirit powers add to the list found on page 92 of Runner's Companion.

The Digital World

Spirits who take the Digital World power can perceive AR outputs and digital viewscreens. This is an expansion of the Enhanced Senses power described on page 288 of SR4. Spirits who take this power do not gain access to the full virtual-reality Matrix, as they still have no physical body with which they can integrate simsense technology. However, spirits taking the AR version of this power can browse the matrix slowly via the use of AR goggles and gloves.

For 0.25 points, you get the ability to perceive flatvid and hear digital audio.
For 0.5 points, you get the ability to also perceive AR when wearing appropriate equipment (e.g., commlink and goggles).

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