Shadowrun 4

The notes on this page are mainly geared toward the 2070's and later (since the 4th edition is, by default, set in 2070). However, many of the data may be ported to other editions and/or other time periods, since most of it is not explicitly time dependent. Some events may be, however, and some characters may not port well to earlier editions of Shadowrun.


  1. Ted's Campaign
  2. Unnamed Experimental Asynchronous Shadowrun Campaign

Example Non-Player Characters


Erin "Alpha Blue" Scott, a "Gillette" street samuri roughly converted from the Eye Witness adventure module published for Shadowrun, 2nd Edition.
Richard "Marmot" Jenkins, an infiltration-specialist hermetic mage.
Michael Barnes, an elven combat mage
Agent James Filmore

Free Spririts

The Librarian
Speed Demon

House Rules

This section has short batches of house rules specific to the Shadowrun 4th Edition system.

Spirits, Immunity, and Elemental Effects

Spirits with the Immunity to Normal Weapons power are normally "immune" (2*Magic armor rating) to all non-magical damage, with the exception of items to which they are allergic. In my house rules, though, energetic effects can also damage spirits. These rules are tentative, so they may require some refinement after playtesting. If the base damage is less than the spirit's force, the damage only dazes the spirit; otherwise, the effect damages the spirit normally. This energy works only against manifested or otherwise dual-natured spirits. Electricity, fire, and radiation can all be used to damage a spirit. Kinetics still do not really damage spirits because of the lack of matter with with the kinetic round can interact (so the 2*Magic armor rating still applies to kinetics).


No stable rules here yet, but I'm considering adding some "armor is less effective" rules for deadlier or less combat-oriented campaigns. No conclusive house rules yet, but these are under consideration.

Custom Equipment and Stuff

Writeups of house-developed equipment. Some of these items are identical to items from the published source books. In these cases, the item in question is really just provided for flavor.

  1. Cyberware and Bioware
  2. General Equipment
  3. Spells
  4. Vehicles
  5. Weapons
  6. Spirit Pacts

Wiki Templates

  1. Core Character Information - biography, Attributes, Skills, and Qualities
  2. Weapons and Equipment
  3. Cyberware and Bioware
  4. Vehicles
  5. Commlink and Software
  6. Spells
  7. Spirits or Sprites
  8. Adept Powers or Complex Forms

Shadowrun Resources

Dumpshock is a particularly excellent resource for Shadowrun campaigns, especially if you need information on the metaverse backstory. Wikia also hosts a good Shadowrun wiki. You may also want a good 4th-edition North America map.

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