This is just the stats generation portion of Speed Demon's character sheet, as a placeholder, since I noticed it was empty. Feel free to replace or modify with more comprehensive rules!


Speed Demon
Free Spirit of Tasks
Force 5
Summoned: Sept 30, 2065
Fired: November 2, 2069

Start with 400 BP; -250 for Free Spirit
Start at Force 2
Increasing Force costs 10 BP each for 3, 4, 5; 25 BP for 6.
Attribute max = Force (except for derived attributes)
It seems like the rules I'm seeing say you have to buy up attributes above 2, also - Attribute points also cost 10 BP per except 25 BP for 6.

Force Body Agi Reac Str Cha Int Log Will Ess Init IP Edge
5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 2

(Cost: 30 BP)

I'm going to say you get (Edge Points) worth of Spirit Powers for free. Also, some spirit powers are free for free spirit PCs, I think - Materialization, Astral Form, and Sapience, at minimum. You also get the Magicial Positive Quality for free, so you can learn and cast spells.

Powers Cost Description
Materialization free
Astral Form free
Sapience free
Banishing Resistance free
Movement edge
Wealth edge
Qualities Cost Decription
See Flatscreen 10 Apparently Spirits can't do this by default. And this character kinda needs it.
Magical free Apparently spirits cant stop doing this by default!
Immunity to Normal Weapons free Applies to all weapons that are not magical (weapon foci, spells, adept or critter powers.)
Need for Speed -15 "Feelin' a little light-headed… I think I need to go for a drive.
Astral Beacon -5 "What about Astrally?" "Gah. Now he's a big GLOWING cartoon Demon."
Compulsive(2) -15 "Aw, c'mon. It was just beggin' for the spoilers, and then it needed the bigger engine for balance, and then…"
Corp Indoctrination:Aztechnology -10 "I used to work at the happiest place on Earth…" *sigh*
Thinks Cartoons Are Real -5 "…you're joking, right?" "No, he's quite serious."

(Benefit: -40 BP)

I'm going to have you buy skills like a normal starting PC. 10 points per rank in a Skill Group, or 4 points per rank in a single Active Skill. You get your normal load of Knowledge Skills, and I think you speak everything, if I remember right.

(That's (Logic + Intuition) * 3 free for those playing at home!)

Knowledge Skills Rating Cost Notes
Hot Rods 3 free
Aztechnology Corporate Culture 2 free
Cartoons (especially Aztechnology IPs) 3 free
Engineering 4 free
Imagineering 3 free "Bringing weird things to life!"
Denver Area Go-Gangs (especially The Hotsteppers.) 2 free Neo-cowboy biker gang, mostly smuggles stuff in and around Denver. Lots of fighting over smuggling routes since it's a highly competitive market. Starting to branch out into the Denver - CaliFree run when our story starts.
Active Skills Rating Cost
Assensing 2 8
Sorcery 2 20
Mechanics 4 40
Pilot 3 30
Hardware 3 12

(Cost: 110 BP)

You can buy equipment and spells per normal starting rules, too.
Since you're starting out with essentially 150 BP to build your character (after paying the 250 point premium to be a Magician Free Spirit), I want you to talk to me about your build after you finish. I want to make sure everything's balanced, and I want to make sure 150 BP is enough for you to get OK attributes and skills and such.

Contacts Connection Loyalty BP Cost Notes
Hernandez family, Austin 1 5 6 The slaves he helped across the border. Now Low-class. This is a huge improvement.
Marley, Mechanic, Austin 2 1 3 "Marley's Harleys! Open 'till— Oh, god! It's you again."
Big Maul, go-ganger, Denver 2 4 6 "We still miss ya, Loudmouth. Probably good you got out when you did, though."
"Dusty," Fixer, Denver 3 4 7 "Hey, big fella! Have I got a job for you!"

(Cost: 22 BP)

Equipment Nuyen Cost Notes
Tool Kit 500 Not as good as the Corporate Tools.
Aztechnology Crawler (small) 1700 Hey, Kids! It's Azzie Ant! He walks! He talks!
Harley Scorpion (Modified) 12000 Why does it have an actual stinger?
AR flatscreen goggles & stereo headphones 250 "Do they even make those anymore!?"
AR Gloves 250 Troll-sized. Pinkie fingers removed.
Meta Link (Res 1, Sig 2) 100 That… is sad.
Total Cost 14700 3 BP

(Cost: 3 BP)

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