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  • Wrathtech AT4-1F Falchion, atmospheric fighter
    • "Brushfire" system (12 fire-linked blasters)
    • space capable gunship
  • Sienar Fleet Systems FANGE (Fast-Attack Neutron Grid Engine) Interceptor 1-X1, starfighter
    • prototype space engine, incapable of use in atmo (uses small backup ion engine)
    • engine vents dangerous radiation, requiring special ray shields - craft cannot have combat shields
    • fast
    • low maneuverability (only 1 engine)
    • heavily armed (useful against soft targets, fleeing craft)
  • Incom BU-5S Grappler, starfighter-scale boarding pod
    • blasters, cutting laser and small tractor
    • carries squad or two of troops
    • blasters mounted inside mag-dock ring at front of craft
    • bigger than a Halo escape pod
  • Polnar Technical FS-19.2 Hero, starfighter
    • archaic starfighter with railgun and meson cannons
    • slow, weak compared to modern fighters
  • Incom T-65 X-Wing Variants
    • X, "Prototype"
    • A, "Preproduction" or LRIP (low-rate initial production)
    • B, standard production model
    • C, "Combat"
    • D, "Double Combat"
    • E, "Extended Range"
    • F, "Fighter"
    • G, "Gun"/"Gunship"
    • H, "Heavy"
    • I, "Interceptor"
  • Aiderline ARV-271 Peregrine Racing Ship
  • Incom Rapier Fighter
  • Kuat Drive Yards Hornet Fighter
  • Koensayr Scimitar Fighter
  • Koensayr/Incom BTL-RS1 Y-Wing RS
  • Sienar Fleet Systems Raptor Fighter
  • Sienar Fleet Systems Skipray Blastboat
  • Sienar Fleet Systems TIE-Enhanced Fighter
  • Trilon Aggressor Fighter

Antaran Defense Force Aero Starfighter


This is one of the mainstays of the Antaran Defense Force. It is a short-range hyperdrive-equipped starfighter heavily armed and armored. The Aero is designed for adequate atmospheric performance, but it is primarily designed to be used as a space interceptor. The Aero was explicitly designed to fend off the heavy weapons of the Xillashi attack craft and to punch holes in Xillashi capital ship defenses. As a result, the Aero is not particularly fast of maneuverable by the standards of modern starfighters, but it is more maneuverable than most Xillashi snub fighters. The Aero backs multiple heavy laser banks and missile tubes and reinforced forward hull plating and shielding systems. The heavy power draw of the high-output shields restricts the Aero to relatively short ranges, limiting the usefulness of the onboard hyperdrive system; in roughly half of the ADF fleet, the hyperdrives have been cannibalized and replaced by a makeshift extended power cell. If stealth is not required, the Aero can mount proton bombs or concussion missile racks externally as well.

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