Star Wars RPG (WEG)

The West End Games d6-system Star Wars RPG.


  • Aggressive Politics, an Imperial-era campaign involving a treasonous Imperial Senator's involvement with the Rebel Alliance.


  • Antaras (Planet), a wealthy Inner Rim world
  • Yidira (System), a borderline-habitable Inner Rim world not far from Antaras, and homeworld of the Xillash
  • Tipara (System), an old, abandoned engineered system formerly used as a mining and manufacturing base
  • Kessel (System), home to lovely gulag-style prisons and scenic Spice mines. Don't forget to send a spice spider postcard to Mom!
  • Sacaya (System), a near-dead system on the outskirts of the Galaxy.

System Template

Vehicles and Ships

For space-capable craft listed in the West End Games rulebooks, multiply the provided costs by 5. This cost modifier doesn't apply to atmospheric-only vehicles, but spacecraft have more stringent structural and systems requirements that drive the prices up.

Ship Stats Template

Characters and Character Concepts

  • P4TR-1.K, a droidbrain incorporated into a salvaged ship.
  • SHK-33L, a droid concept Ted proposed in revenge for P4TR-1.K.


  • First-Degree Droids are droids with advanced cognitive abilities, such as medical or intelligence analysis droids.
  • Second-Degree Droids are generally technical specialists, such as astromech droids.
  • Third-Degree Droids are socially-focused droids. This category contains many popular civilian droids such as protocol and instructor droids.
  • Fourth-Degree Droids are combat-oriented droids and are nearly always highly restricted.
  • Fifth-Degree Droids are generally the simplest droids, designed strictly to perform menial tasks too dull, dirty, or dangerous for sentient beings. These droids are by far the most popular (and least expensive) types of droids.

Other Equipment

Character and NPC Templates

Alien Species Template

House Rules

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Some of the information on this particular system was gathered off the web way back in 1995; in many cases, I have lost the original references. However, in searching online recently for WEG Star Wars rules, I did find the Holocron netbook, which gathers up much of the information I reference on this wiki (though I generally have made modifications for my own games). The Holocron contains these references:

As a result, I'm listing the same references here as a guide to where the rules on this wiki may have originally come from.

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