Still Life

Still Life is a third-degree Weaver who lives in the Fade. He's also the foppiest dandy you'll every meet, and he couldn't be happier. He specializes quite frequently in ice-related magic, as much of his income comes from preservation of goods either heading off on the skyships or coming into Satyrine. Don't let his personality and current career trajectory fool you, though; Still Life fought in the War and fought well. He fought because he felt he had to, and he'd be ecstatic to never have to fight again.

Still Life encountered Nessa at Splash the Pot about a month after her return to Indigo. He was the first person in Indigo she really spoke to at length, and he's spoken with her once or twice since. He is one of the few people she's opened up to about some of her control issues, and he's offered to help where he can; though she's yet to take him up on that offer, he hasn't withdrawn it.

Still Life can often be found around the restaurants and prosidies of the Fade, especially whenever the skyships are in. He'll be the first to admit that his prime motivations are deliberately mixing business with pleasure, though he refuses to speak about any of his boyfriends ("Confidentiality, dear; I have my ethics.").

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