In the morning:
Darias woken in the morning by noise of people gathering to eat. At least 6 guests in house, probably more. Darias hung over. Rocks to sitting position, then slowly stands.
People mostly ignore, just go back to eating/conversations.
Aida occasionally in and out with food and drink.
Darias dunks head in rain barrel, then goes in to see mom. Walks in to see her cooking and says "hi mom". startled, nearly knocks over a pot, then runs over to hug him.
Mom stammering hello.
Aida walks in: "this isn't really a good time, bro"
Mom immediately turns to keep something from burning - "are you staying?"
Darias: "I guess… if I could… I seem to have lost my funds for an inn"
Mom: "well, how long are you staying?"
Darias: not sure, at least for festival
Mom: "we'll see you tonight? want some breakfast before you go?"
Darias: "that'd be good" sits uncomfortably
people start leaviing - maybe a dozen people in the house, all obviously there for festival
darias heading toward festival, aida leaving about the same time
icy silence for a while. darias finally says to aida w/o turning: "What the hell was she feeding you this whole time?"
Aida turns to him, "Well, without you here, there was more for me."

Festival Setup

With the beginning of the Sunbreak festival, the streets teem with people out to enjoy the rare treats imported to the city, even despite the steady rain. Throngs of people wander through the various markets, contemplating seasonal delicasies or watching the few performers who braved the mud and muck to be here. Despite the mass of people, the central market square is almost completely clear. The crowds give the area between the Statues of Hextor a wide berth; only the circle of priests carefully setting out braziers and flasks wander among the idols.

As the sun breaks coldly through the thick clouds, the priests slowly break up into four groups. The nine members of each group — each wearing a variation on holy raiments based on his or her patron deity — gather into semicircles just inside their designated statue. The chant begins slowly and quietly, then ceases suddenly as the 4 braziers flare simultaneously to life.

As the priests finish their preparation, a younger woman standing with the northern group moves a half-step forward of the group. Her strong, clear, musical voice belies her thin and pale-skinned body, revealing an inner strength not immediately apparent. She pulls forth a symbol of Hextor from her robes and lays it carefully outside her vestments.

"Citizens and friends, we have gathered here on this Sunbreak festival morning in a rare show of temple solidarity. We have seen the divine signs in the unending rain this season, and we have gathered to petition the Gods for better weather. We have gathered to commune with the Gods to find why they have sent us this ceaseless rainfall. We have gathered to appease the Gods, restoring balance to the weather and to our lives."

"In order to accomplish this lofty goal, we will all come together with one heart and one mind, spending our festival days petitioning. During this time, some of us may fail, but the temples of the Isle are stronger than the sum of their parts. We will persevere, and we will succeed. We will dry the skies and ready the fields. We will find out what the Gods wish of us, and we will move forward together. All we ask of you is this: enjoy the Festival, but remember why we hold this Festival. Remember to give thanks to the Gods for their generosity in giving us this beautiful Isle that we may bend it to our will for the good of all of the Islanders."

The young woman steps back to her group and bows her head, and the rest of the groups gather together to begin the ritual. As you all watch, you see an unexpected familiar face — Headmaster Ossian, instructor at your school years ago, stands at the south statue enveloped in his thick Heironian robes.

notes about priests
Outwardly seem excited, but can see trepidation behind their eyes.

School Days

Office - talking about possible careers with older people. Talked to Aida about Darias and her path.

Start of Festival

Watching the Ritual

Darias and Aida both working during festival as well - Darias job with local blacksmith; Aida working with Watch.

During ritual, some falter and fall. Immediately pulled away by initiates and taken to temple nearby, which is cordoned off. Others rush in immediately to replace them. Dale and Eric can feel the pressure of the magic as it ebbs and flows against them. Ritual in total takes a full day to cast. One priest dies from internal hemorrhaging; all told, a dozen "hospitalized" for a few days to recover.

Flashy spell here

After effects, Aida: "… okay, let's go eat." *walks off to find food*

*dinner and small talk as a group*

maleos illusion of food
aida: "turn darias into a toad"
darias: "better, turn her back into a normal-sized person."
aida drains glass, yells to barkeep that darias will pay her tab, and walks out

maleos - deliver to esme letter that 'unfortunately Ramon did not make it'

maleos takes aida and darias with him to escort esme to Golddale

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