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The aim of the Game

Surprise Ambush is a game Maleos invented to try and prepare the team for sneak attacks and ambushes like the ones that keep happening in our dreams and visions. It combines elements of hide and seek, tag, and other similar childhood games. The rules are designed to ensure that each member of the team learns the strengths and weaknesses of every other member of the team, and how to counter them. In the finest traditions of Isle, each player is encouraged to make the most of their own unique talents, and find their own route to success.

The beauty is that we can do this anywhere, with no specialty equipment, and it takes only seconds.

Darias and YM will no doubt have a huge advantage at first, as will Maleos when and if he starts using his magic or the Compass to help him Attack or Defend. As the game escalates, however, the underdogs will figure out new ways of countering the advantages of the dominant players, who will then need to find some other advantage to fall back on besides their usual strengths, and so on.

The Rules

  • Each player may attempt to attack each other player a maximum of once per day. (For the purposes of Surprise Ambush, a "new day" begins when we break camp and say "Onward!")
  • An ambush consists of touching the player with your hand and saying "Got you." (Attacker gets a point.)
  • The most successful attack is one the defender had no idea was coming. (Attacker gets to know that they are awesome!)
  • The least successful attack is one where the attacker declares his or her attack, but doesn't even manage to touch the defender. (Defender gets a point.)
  • When we get to a new destination, the current player with the most points gets to decide where we eat our first meal together.

Notable Surprise Ambushes

For Ambushes we roleplayed out. (When editing this table, Please leave at least one blank row at the end.)

Date Location/Situation Outcome

Quick Resolution

Once per day, each player attempts one touch attack against one random player. Record successes or failures on the scoreboard at the top of this page.
( Touch Attack AC is usually 10+Dex Bonus. The main exception that will probably come up is if the defender is under the effects of a spell that grants Concealment Miss Chance, such as Blur or Invisibility. )
( Touch Attack Roll is 1d20 + Base Attack Bonus + any size modifier + any Str modifier. No weapon modifiers. No damage roll. )
( Touch Attack AC calculation: AC:10+size modifier+any Dex bonus+any magical bonuses. Basically, you ignore the Armor, Shields, and Natural Armor in most situations. )

Roll 1d5 result Your Target is: (re-roll if self) touch attack AC you need to beat in most situations Find your name and Roll your Touch Attack
1 [aidayaren Aida] 12 Aida: 1d20+11
2 [dariasyaren Darias] 12 Darias: 1d20+6
3 [maleostaylan Maleos] 13 Maleos: 1d20+2
4 [unknowndemonclericisleofmist Saul] 10 Saul: 1d20+7
5 [yoshiroumura Yoshirou-Mura] 13 YM: 1d20+10

When things are deadly serious…

Some days, life is harsh, the road is hard, and now is no time for games. But we're not just doing this for fun. We're doing this to train our reflexes and our senses!

On days like these, we all face each other, Aida counts to three out loud, and we all make touch attacks simultaneously "on four." With a shared battle-cry or without, as stealth dictates.

And then we take care of business.

Are you or your character not happy with your current score?

Plan that perfect ambush and roleplay it out!

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