Survoler Severine

The Survoler Severine is a tall stone tower near the northwestern shores of the Great Lake in Demonhome. It is just one of many similar survolers built by the humans who live there. According to Xavier, the survolers are largely military outposts.

A survoler stands over 200 feet tall (Severine is 218' tall sans spire, for example). The outer walls are better than 15' thick. Survoler Severine has 13 stories (not counting the rooftop), each of which is roughly 14' tall with three-foot-thick floors. The bottom three stories of the tower are 150' in internal diameter; each pair of stories above decreases by 25'. Survoler Severine is topped by a spire that adds another 40' to the height of the tower.

According to Xavier, a survoler is staffed by a full battalion of infantry and another full battalion of cavalry. The survoler itself has stables, smithies, apartments, and stores, but each survoler is also surrounded by a village and farmland.


Area N/NW of Great Lake is slightly warmer than expected based on latitude - highs of 80F in summer, lows of -10F or so in winter. This is due to weather pattern crossing north over badlands. N/NE has lake effect snows in winter that can be hellish.

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