J. C. "Jack" McClellan


Character History


Sally and Jacob McClellan had their third son while living in Boston, UCAS. Sally McClellan was a bit old-fashioned, and did not want to know the sex of the baby before the birth. If it was a boy, they would name him Jasper, after Jacob's grandfather. If it was a girl, they would name her Catherine, after Sally's mother, who had recently passed away. Though she adored both her sons, Sally was secretly, desperately hoping to have a little girl. Knowing his wife, when she gave birth to another boy, Jacob suggested that they use both names. Jasper Catherine McClellan.

Both parents, having the ability to recall even a single interaction with their peers during grade school, decided to call their new little boy Jack (Jasper Catherine/Katherine) for short.

Shortly after Jack's birth, the McClellans left Boston for Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Jacob, a history professor, had just been offered a full professorship at the University of Michigan. Sally, a chemist, managed to get a part-time job as with one of Ares's subsidiaries in Detroit, just a hop, skip and jump away. Though the job could mainly be done over the Matrix, once all three kids were up and walking, Sally and Jacob decided that it was worth the reduction in income to give the children the benefit of a full-time mother. Shortly after quiting, Sally became pregnant with the McClellan's fourth child, and nine months later gave birth to little Sarah. Mom was overjoyed.


Jack's family influenced him a lot as he grew up, as most people's families do. Though his work and lifestyle mean that he doesn't get to see them often, his relationship to them is very important.

  • Jack's father is one of those professors the students either loved or couldn't stand. He challenges those who are there to learn, and pulls those who hope to coast through the course into the learning process, sometimes kicking and screaming. A Ph.D. in History,

Physical Description

Age: 25
Apparent Age: Mid to late twenties
Height: 180 cm (~5'11")
Weight: 81 kg (~178 lb)
Hair: Light-brown, trimmed short (1-1.5 inches - not a buzz cut)
Eyes: Brown

McClellan has an average build, though it has gotten somewhat more muscular and toned from his experiences in the field. He is Caucasian, with a lightly-tanned complexion (obviously darker when in the field). He is clean-shaven when in the civilized world, though he tends to wear a one or two day growth in the field, depending on how distracted he is by his work at the time.

McClellan can sport a look of intense focus, or the glazed, flat countenace of one looking into the astral plane, but he always gives the impression of one who notices everything around him. On occasion, when Jack is lost in thought and absently starring off in someone's direction, this trait can even make them somewhat nervous, like they're be watched by a predator (such as a serpent).

Though Jack is not a shaman, ocassionally, when intensely focusing his mind's eye on something, or channeling mana as Snake teaches, some have claimed to see his eyes turn golden and slitted. Note: If Jack uses Edge dice on any magical roll or Assensing test, or if half the dice rolled using magic come up 6s (or 5s and 6s if the roll is for an Assensing test, Detection spell, or Binding test), Jack's eyes change to those of a snake.

When in civilization, Jack dresses like most other middle-class individuals, prefering functional and comfortable clothing, and generally does not carry his gun. In the field, he wears his Victory Globetrotter design armored clothing (kind of a khaki version of the outfit depicted in the book entry), and carries his Cavalier Deputy in a completely covered snake leather holster (perfectly obvious, but not easy to get at - He's trying to say, "I have the ability to defend myself, but I'm not hiding that fact and I'm not going to start anything."). No matter where he is, McClellan typically wears a belt, boots, or other item made of snake leather. He also tends to wear (either openly or under clothing) distinctive items somehow related to various cultures, usually ancient or even legendary ones. These cultures are usually ones McClellan has had personal experience with in some way, be it from having worked on a dig, personally discovering some of the culture's artifacts, or from have done studies or research into the culture that yielded new or unique insight. The items themselves are usually a leather (snake, of course) bracelet, wristband, armband, headband, or necklace (worn under or outside of clothing as jack's mood or circumstances warrant - example: you don't openly wear a wristband with Aztlan significance while digging in the Yucatan, or wear an ankh in Egypt unless you want to be harrassed by the Islamist government) from which hangs one or more items, such as small statues (biggest would be the size of a half-dollar), metal carvings, coins (made from metal, clay, bone, etc. - in fact, one item he frequently wears is a wristband, around which is tightly wrapped a cord which is strung through or tied around a great many coins from various cultures all over the world that Jack has studied), bone carvings, teeth or claws from different animals, feathers, beadwork, etc.

No matter what the situation, it would be extremely rare for Jack to go anywhere without his power focus (complete desciption given under 'Character Gear').

Basic Personality

Jack has a palpable, focused intensity about him, particularly when on the trail of a new discovery, as well as a quiet strength of will. Those that spend time with Jack also learn that he has a quick wit and wry sense of humor (Which he will happily demonstrate, provided he is not focused on hacking through a jungle to find a lost temple, or pouring over ancient records looking for some vital clue about the Fourth World…).

McClellan can get a bit competitive when going after a find, particularly if it's important. He has to be the one to find it. (He usually doesn't feel the desire to gloat, although he's started making an exception for Juan Carrera.) When it comes to the discovery and fate of the finds he makes, McClellan is a law-abiding stand-up researcher… mostly.

Though Jack would love to live in a world where the protection of antiquities was something more than a facade, he knows that he doesn't. While a majority of the archaeological community are scientists and researchers with integrity, a very large minority are not. Add to that the fact that megacorps have more power than nearly any nation, and that the anitquities market can be quite profitable, and archaeology has once again become both science and treasure hunt. And if it's a race for a valuable artifact or for exclusive digging rights, Jack intends to win it.

Jack loves the moment of discovery. He loves the feeling of touching something that hasn't been touched by another human being for thousands of years, of setting foot in a place no one else has been in centuries, and, most of all, of knowing something that no one else knows. It's the moment of revelation where it dawns on you that you know are the only person in the entire world that knows "this." (Well, maybe the dragons…)

Jack believes that knowledge should generally be spread to as many minds as possible. That said, he also does have a bit of a mercenary streak. He has a slight tendency to hoard what he knows, and will certainly try to get the most out of anything he shares with an employer/buyer/etc. This is rarely expressed in terms of mere money, although an archaeologist is always in need of funding for the next dig. McClellan usually trades his knowledge or artifacts for more knowledge, or access to the means to acquire it. (There is also a minor element of power in this equation. Knowledge is power, and much of what Jack researches and uncovers can actually be sources of great magical power. While this is not Jack's primary motivation, and he would not admit it to himself, it is a underlying motivation for him.) Essentially, while Jack would prefer for his discoveries to eventually make their way into the consciousness of the world at large, his tendency would be to make certain he could get the biggest payoff for his effort. And, if convinced that a piece of knowledge or an artifact posed a significant threat to the world if revealed, McClellan could certainly be persuaded to keep a discovery under wraps.

While he has gotten into his share of fights as a kid, he's not a born brawler. While he realizes he may have to kill someone to protect himself someday, he has not done so yet, and is not eager for that day to arrive. If hostilities are unavoidable, his first choice of tactics is to cast Stunbolt or Swarm on any opponents, partially to avoid killing, partially because it won't damage the find. The first time he sees someone casting a Fireball or Acid Wave or Powerbolt in the ancient temple Jack just discovered, that person is going to discover what it feels like to be completely covered in very angry scorpions. If those spells don't work, then he'll go for his revolver.


  • Collects art and artifacts (old and new) from cultures around the world. Walking into his home, you'll see sculpture, paintings, coins, pottery, instruments, weapons, etc. from every corner of the globe. (The entire collection is more sentimental and personal than valuable. Though, some items might certainly be somewhat pricey.)
  • He also owns a replica of the 'Time-Shifting Portal Stone' used by Justine Halliday in her role as Coyote shaman Zolla Grey in her 3 season trid show "Coyote's Endless Horizons," as well as a completely accurate replica Indiana Jones costume (jacket, hat and whip included - all, incidentally, tailored to fit him). He would probably never admit it, but, on occasion, he will take the whip out and, carefully, gingerly practice with it.
  • While not ashamed of his full name, he has experienced, well, more than his share of mocking and teasing as a kid. He introduces himself as, and far and away prefers to be called, "Jack." Some of his old friends call him "J. C." He will tolerate being introduced, typically by those who do not know him to other people who do not know him (conferences, etc.) as "Jasper McClellan." His family are the only ones he allows to use his full name with any regularity (though they mostly call him "Jack" as well). Anyone else who calls him "Catherine," "Cathy," or anything of that nature will definitely draw his ire.
  • Jack has been all over the world, and has developed a very broad palate. While he enjoys trying new foods, and least once, whenever he has the opportunity, he always orders orange juice. He can't get enough of it. (Fresh-squeezed orange juice was a special treat his mother made every Sunday when he was young. He developed a taste for it.)
  • When shushing someone, trying to get someone's attention, etc., instead of whistling or shouting, Jack tends to let out a sharp exhalation of air that sounds like a loud, sharp, short hiss. (It actually seems to work pretty well…)
  • He always tries and sometimes insists on being the first one to step foot in a newly discovered building. He makes a point of opening himself up to the astral when doing this. Partially, it's a little bit of competition, and wanting to be the first (he acknowledges that this is not his "best trait"). However, he also tries to experience and "feel" the site, as if he can take all of it's history and meaning into himself by just opening up to it. He uses his five senses (feeling the damp, moss covered rock, letting his gaze drift over every carving, smelling the traces of thick ceremonial incense, etc.), by gazing into the astral mists and examining the psychic character of the place, through spells (notable Spatial Sense (Extended) and Catalog), and often from shedding his body entirely and drifting through the site, soaking in its history. He does not ignore dangers such as Awakened creatures or booby traps or cave-ins, but he always tries to take the time (even in a short visit) to "submerge" himself in the site. He feels it allows him better insight into the history of the place. It's somewhere between a research technique, a tradition, and a quasi-religious ritual for him.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score Special Score
Body 3 Charisma 3 Edge 3 Initiative Passes 1
Agility 3 Intuition 4 Essence 6 Astral Initiative Passes (8) 3
Reaction 3 Logic 4 Magic 4 Physical Damage Track 10
Strength 2 Willpower 4 Initiative 7 Stun Damage Track 10


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Athletics Skill Group 1 Archaeology (Magic) 5 (+2) English Native
Conjuring Skill Group 3 Biology (Parazoology) 1 (+2) Japanese 1
Assensing 3 History (Ancient) 3 (+2) Or'zet 1
Counterspelling 2 Magical Theory 4 Russian 1
Data Search (Archaeological & Magical Sources) 1 (+2) Smuggling Community (Antiquities Trade) 1 (+2) Spanish 2
Dodge (Ranged) 1 (+2) Sperethiel 2
Etiquette 2
Infiltration (Wilderness) 1 (+2)
Navigation 1
Negotiation (Bargaining) 1 (+2)
Perception 2
Pistols (Revolvers) 1 (+2)
Ritual Spellcasting 1
Spellcasting 4
Survival 1

Additional Bonuses/Penalties

Bonus Dice Bonus Situation(s) Bonus Source Notes
+2 Detection Spells Mentor Spirit: Snake
+2 Binding Tests Mentor Spirit: Snake
-1 Combat Spells Mentor Spirit: Snake
+1 Magic Trait Rolls (except Counterspelling) Power Focus (Rating 1) Power Focus cannot duplicate Weapon Focus abilities
+1 Melee Combat Rolls Survival Knife (Machete) with Personalized Grip
+3 Perception Tests (Visual) Goggles
+2 Archaeological Analysis Archaeology (Forensic) Tool Kit
+2 Arcane Analysis Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit
+3 Data Searches (Arcane) Pocket Mage Library (Rating 3) Roll Data Search + Rating (1 Initiative Pass); AR, p. 67; SR4, p. 220
+6 First Aid Medkit (Rating 6) Must be refilled regularly (50 nuyen, usually after every mission in which it was used - Game Master's discretion)
+3 Toxin Resistance (Inhalation) Respirator (Rating 3)

Positive Qualities

  • Magician: Hermetic Mage
  • Mentor: Snake
  • Natural Immunity: Snake Venom

Negative Qualities

  • Distinctive Style: Almost always wears his power focus necklace, as well as various bracelets and other items from various cultures. Almost always wears something made of snakeskin, usually boots and/or a belt.
  • Records on File: Aztechnology/Aztlan - After a few run-ins with an Aztechnology "research team" headed by a blood mage named Juan Carrera, where Jack wound up showing Carrera up, Juan has taken a personal dislike to McClellan. As a result, both Aztechnology and Aztlan have collected files on McClellan. While he is not "technically" wanted by either group, Jack is considered to be a "grave robber and plunderer of national treasures" by both. If Jack is identified by personnel from either group, particularly within their borders, they most likely will not deal with him in the most cordial fashion.
  • Sensitive System - This trait was discovered when Jack was going to receive a datajack at the age of ten. He had a bad reaction to it, and while the bone and skin were replaced and healed, a discoloration around the site of the former implant still remains. The discoloration, same color as a birthmark, spread out from the center as sort of starburst-like lines, splitting in two at their ends. Though his hair mostly covers the "birthmark," it appears as though two large and one small forked snake's tongues are sticking out from the hairline at his left temple.
  • SINner: UCAS Citizenship


  • Charles Hawass (Connection 4, Loyalty 1)
    • International "Antiquities Dealer" (read: blackmarket fence and trader)
    • Has connections to most worldwide antiquities, markets, smugglers, and some underworld connections
    • Operates out of Marrakesh, Morocco, with other small "business assets" in Lagos, Nigeria and Macao, Canton Confederation
    • Sometimes helps out Jack, but would sell him out too - both know this, and there is a hint of a friendly game of it between them
  • Dr. Samuel Wainwright (Connection 3, Loyaty 4)
    • Old university professor of McClellan's - Jack served as Wainwright's TA
    • Jack's favorite teacher of Arcanoarchaeology - the two have a mutual professional and personal friendship
    • Mid-ranking member of the Atlantean Foundation
    • Hermetic Mage - low-level Initiate - Mentor Spirit: Fire-Bringer
  • Gayle "Finch" Wallace (Connection 1, Loyalty 2)
    • Talismonger, based out of Denver
    • She has customers and contacts among the shadow and smuggling communities (mostly those based in Denver)
    • A classmate of McClellan's that he hooked up with again after several years

Spell List

Spell Name Special Notes Spell Category Type Range Damage Duration Drain Value Book and Page Number
Stunbolt Direct Combat Mana LOS Stun Instant (F/2) - 1 SR4, p. 197
Catalog Active, Area Detection Physical Touch, (Force * Magic) in meters Sustained (F/2) + 2 SM, p. 167
Spatial Sense, Extended Passive, Extended Area Detection Physical Touch, (Force * Magic * 10) in meters Sustained (F/2) + 4 SM, p. 168
Swarm Realistic, Multi-Sense Illusion Mana LOS (Area) Sustained (F/2) + 2 SM, p. 170
Magic Fingers Physical Manipulation Physical LOS Sustained (F/2) + 1 SR4, p. 203-204
Mana Barrier Environmental, Area Manipulation Mana LOS (Area) Sustained (F/2) + 1 SR4, p. 204

Bound Spirits

Spirit Type Spirit Force Services Owed General Notes
Fire Elemental (Destroyed) 4 3 Usually appears as a huge snake made entirely of fire when summoned - can slither on the ground or swim through the air

Character Gear

Weapons and Ammo

Weapon Name Weapon Type Reach Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Modifications & Notes
Cavalier Deputy Heavy Pistol 5P -1 SA 1 7 (cy) Personalized Grip; 2 speedloaders; There is an engraving on the top of the barrel of an arrow pointed out in the direction of the barrel, preceded by script that reads "This End, Point Away From Face" - Dr. Wainwright had the weapon secretly engraved as a gift/joke while on his and (a younger) McClellan's first dig together, after the several members of the camp decided to do some "competitive target practice" (yes, drinking was involved). Still inexperienced with guns, Jack accidentally discharged a shot that nearly blew off Wainwright's toe, which led to some terrified apologies, an off-handed joke by Wainwright, and a large round of laughter that lasted until the end of the two month dig.
Survival Knife (Machete) Blade (Str/2 + 1)P -1 Personalized Grip (+1 to melee dice pools)
Ammo Type Weapon Type Amount Dmg Mod AP Mod Armor Notes
Regular HP 50 Ballistic


Armor B I Notes
Victory Globetrotter Line - Camouflage Jacket 6 4 Jacket not actually in camouflage pattern - general "safari" or "explorer"-style khaki-ish jacket
Victory Globetrotter Line - Light Armor Clothing 3 0 General "safari" or "explorer"-style khaki-ish clothing


Commlink OS Response Signal Firewall System Accessories Notes
Novatech Airware Commlink Iris Orb 3 3 3 3 AR Gloves, Biometric Reader, Pocket Mage Library (Rating 3), Satellite Link (Signal 8), Sim Module, Trodes

General Items

Item Quantity Accessories Notes
Lifestyle 1 Middle (1 month)
Magical Lodge 1 Force 4
Power Focus 1 Rating 1 - A necklace/amulet - The main piece is an orichalcum casting of a detailed Ouroboros (a snake eating itself) Jack found on his first big dig at a newly discovered temple in Egypt (the ring is around 6cm in diameter at the outer edges, and is about 1-1.25cm thick). The snake's eyes are very small rubies. Melded into the center of the orichalcum Ouroboros is a disk of silver. On the front of the disk, one half of the world is depicted, centered on Egypt. The other half of the world is depicted on the back. Around the edge of the depiction of the world on both sides are arrayed the four compass directions. On the outer edge of the disk are symbols representing the eleven types of spirits, the astral plane, the metaplanes, an open book (representing knowledge), and a blank spot (representing all that is yet undiscovered). All the depictions and symbols on the disk are rendered in gold. The entire amulet hangs on a short, clasped necklace made from five strings of beads. The beads vary in color, and are all made from dirt or clay Jack takes from his various dig sites. The beads are strung on five silk cords, and the pattern the beads form resembles the scale pattern of a snake.
Goggles 1 Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, Vision Enhancement (Rating 3), Vision Magnification Looks like the sunglasses version of the goggles on p. 323, SR4
Medkit 1 Rating 6
Respirator 1 Rating 3
Stim Patch 4 Rating 4
Stealth Tags 5
Endoscope 1
Achaeology (Forensic) Tool Kit 1 +2 dice to archaeological analysis - AR, p. 62
Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit 1 +2 dice to arcane analysis - AR, p. 65

Character Progress

Karma Awarded Karma Remaining Nuyen Awarded Nuyen Remaining
0 0 1,400 nuyen 1,400 nuyen

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