Session 1: "And if it's at all possible... try to save the Osprey"

Ted's Notes

The game begins April 17, 2070.

Flyby and Tater's fixer, Scarlet, calls them with a short notice run and tells them to meet him at a local airport, and to come loaded for bear. Tater arrives via a cab. Flyby shows up in his GMC Bulldog step van with his two Kanmushi, one MCT Fly-Spy, two MCT-Nissan Rotor drones, and Steel Lynx. Flyby and Tater had worked together a few times previously for the last six months or so. Once at the airport, they are met by Scarlet and Richard "Marmot" Jenkins, who is doing pre-flight on an Osprey-style tilt-rotor. Scarlet explains that he sent a runner team into a moderately secure Renraku facility in the mountains outside Seattle. They were supposed to extract a scientist and his research, but have not been heard from. Since they're contract included a provision for back-up extraction, Flyby, Tater and marmot would be going in to get them out. (And to try to not destroy the tilt-rotor.)

Flyby flies the tilt-rotor through the windy mountin peaks to the target, with Marmot serving as co-pilot. It was decided that the best touchdown point was the helo landing pad in front of the facility and behind a series of towers and gun emplacements. As stealth was not viable, Marmot used Vehicle Mask to make the tilt-rotor look like a Renraku craft. Flyby went on the radio as they approached and bluffed the facility into thinking they were a rapid response security team. Before approaching the facility, the two rotor drones were kicked out to approach by stealth and provide back-up. They were allowed to land, at which point a few Renraku security officers came out and told the to come out and present for inspection. Flyby lowered the ramp (angled away from view) and Marmot conjured an illusion of a squad of Renraku securirty team, which filed out and stood at attention, giving Flyby time to give commands to the Lynx and drones to roll out and attack the weapon emplacements. Tater drew his guns and started taking out the inspection team. A firefight ensues, with the tilt-rotor taking minor damage and the rotor drones taking moderate damage. The drones largely dealt with the weapon emplacements, though Marmot used Wreck Gun on one of them. Flyby felt bad about that, since the drones used EX Explosives and Anti Vehicular rounds, as opposed to the gel rounds the team was armed with. Still, they didn't have much of a choice.

Once the battle outside was done, Flyby had the rotor drones guard the area and sent the Lynx in first. Once inside, the saw signs of combat, including a wounded guard. Flyby scouted ahead with the Fly-spy, finding two guards positioned behind barriers in the hall around the corner, facing away from the team. Marmot tasked an earth spirit with guarding the other hall (ensuring that guards won't be able to get the drop on the team). Flyby sent the Lynx ahead to force the two guards to surrender. They did not, and damaged the Lynx. After dealing with the two guards, the team located the first runner team sealed in a room in the middle of the hall, across from the cafeteria, where a large number of crack security, two machine gun emplacements, and several Red Samurai. After an unsuccessful attempt to use the Lynx to take on the cafeteria security, the team switched gears. Able to puch throught the area jammers Renraku was using, the team communicated with the trapped runners and target, letting them know what was about to happen. The Lynx fired through the walls, laying down suppressive fire in the cafeteria. Tater also managed to indirectly fire through the wall, hitting one of the Red Sams (pissing him off, resulting in a spray of machine guy fire through the wall in Tater's direction). While the Lynx covers, Flyby places a block of C12 on the door traping the first runner team (blue team), and blows it. Alpha Blue (gillette), Michael Barnes, and the target come out. Tater keeps the extraction target moving. Everyone heads for the tilt-rotor, with Flyby bringing up the rear (after tossing a themal smoke grenade), followed by the still-firing Lynx, followed by a damaged Doberman. During the pull-back, the team heard the earth spirit engaging guards at the other end of the hall. A mage dug in at the other end of the hall took out the earth spirit. Tater took the target out into the open air and into the tilt-rotor. Marmot took a hit from the mage, and went down. Alpha Blue emptied her guns and ran down the hall and took the mage out with a close in knife attack. Flyby pulled Marmot behind cover, then provided covering fire while Blue dragged Marmot out into the tilt-rotor.

Once everyone was inside, drones included, they took off, dodging some machine gun fire. An air spirit conjured by a Renraku mage buffeted the tilt-rotor, but Flyby kept the craft under control. After they were out of the immediate combat area, Tater applied first aid to the wounded, and tried to encourage the extractee, saying that he did well (not really a lie). Low on fuel, they all managed to make it back to the airport. Blue lost a man, and was arguing with Scarlet. Scarlet was also very angry, saying that he had been double-crossed, and said he'd look into this closely. He also praised the runners for a job well done, and reminded Blue of what they'd done for her and her team. Tater and Flyby gained Alpha Blue, Michael Barnes and Marmot as contacts. Blue gives Flyby her team's dead hacker/rigger's Doberman drone. They get paid, job done. Tater offers to help Flyby with drone repair expenses. Flyby respectfully declines.

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