That Thomas Boy and Other Satyrine Stories

That Thomas Boy

Nessa and Bad Company have decided to pursue some goals that might help Nessa psychologically, starting with helping achieve Thomas the Ghost's goal of reuniting with his family in The Pale.

To that end, Nessa and Bad Company approached Thomas to see if they could find out anything else about him. The house he occupies is empty and has been essentially stripped of all furnishings, the only remnants being peeling wallpaper and torn-up flooring. Thomas seems less coherent than ever before.

The pair split up, with Nessa heading to the records hall and to various libraries to research Thomas before continuing on to do some research at the Pale Embassy. Meanwhile, Bad Company went to the Order of Goetics to learn more about ghosts and the care and feeding thereof. Nessa was able to confirm that Thomas's home has been empty and unowned for decades, at least half a century; Bad Company learned of a number of places that might be able to help with Thomas's predicament, including The Milliner's Collection in the Marquis Quarter; vague rumors about a secret-filled location called The Four Walls; Opsimath,a spirit of knowledge; and Enridima, self-proclaimed necromancer and occupant of the Most Haunted House in Satyrine.

During these few days, Nessa is still casting Hunt the Lost, searching for Nathan; he is still reportedly in Catafalque.

Nessa's trip to the Pale Embassy costs her hours of filling out paperwork, but it does attract the attention of a minister there. Minister Horan has learned of a contraband magical item within Satyrine and has commissioned someone to retrieve it for him; they've reported to him that they'll have it within days. Horan still needs someone to destroy the item for him, though, and he offers Nessa an exchange: he'll help her track down Nathan (if possible) and will answer any other questions she has about The Pale (or even expedite a visa for her, if necessary) in exchange for her agreement to destroy the magical item in his presence. He isn't a vislae himself but has heard of her and believes she can manage the feat. Nessa agrees to return in a few days when he has the item in question.

In the meantime, Nessa and Bad Company are making plans to take Thomas to see Enridima next. The evening before that planned visit, Nessa stays in Thomas's house, playing with him and learning a bit about him. He appears to be slightly more coherent and present when he has a game or similar to focus on. He also agrees to let Bad Company summon him as necessary if it will help him find his family again.

TODO met with Thomas; allowed BC to summon him if necessary. Nessa spends evening with Thomas. various actions resulting in players realizing last magical item was Enridima's, called Mask of the Dead. Recovered and returned to her - she then used it to return Thomas to his family (after the PCs were attacked by a spirit-binder vislae). Nessa notified a few days later that Minister Horan has found the appropriate paperwork for her queries, and she can follow up with Wilmond Dern with any further questions; Horan himself has handed off her case to Dern.

Retrieving Genevieve

TODO: went "through the book" using a Wicked Key and found themselves in a hidden area. Rescued a girl ~12 or something like that. Killed Thulac (Seren did that with her knife) and some demons. Found themselves somewhere around Quiet Lake when they escaped where they'd "teleported" to.

Rescuing Jason

TODO Found unconscious Jason in secret area in the Chapel of Shards - in some kind of induced coma. Later, Genevieve tried to cast something on him; Nessa stopped her and Jason woke up (?) and lunged for Genevieve ("thanks for keeping them together"). When he touched her, they both fell unconscious.


Next Eastside session:

  1. Wystrin at Bad Company's house, potentially doing some Blue things with Jason and Genevieve.
  2. Vincome helping Bad Company find the bottle he's been tasked to find.

Next West Coast session:

  1. Party at Izabelle's

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