The Book of a Thousand Pages

Physical Description

The Book of a Thousand Pages is a thin metal scroll bound with gold wire. The scroll itself is made of veneresite, argia, virag, and mithril, among other materials. The mitril bar at the top has a spinning dial on the right side of the scroll that allows the user to spin the scroll through different "pages." The scroll also has command words that jump to various pages. The scroll acts like a coldcrystal in some ways, though a somewhat primitive version; the words and images of a "page" are presented on the scroll via a silent image-like spell.

Though the Book of a Thousand Pages implies a page count, the amount of information within is actually far more than 1000 pages; when the party flipped to the last page upon first receiving the scroll, it indicated that they were on page 310,487 (with roughly 11-inch-by-18-inch pages). Reading the scroll from front to back would take roughly 6000 hours, discounting necessary breaks.


The contents are similar to the contents of the Lost Scrolls of Irrachutha, at least up to the date of the Exodus. After that date, the contents diverge, since the Lost Scrolls have some notes about the history and religion of the Irrachuthans where the Book describes the trials and experiences of those who followed Mirle's Exodus.

Key points:

  1. The 9 elder priests were the only high-level priests on the Exodus, and only a few mages came along, all young. All 9 senior priests died before reaching the Isle, leaving the Islanders without high-level spellcasters when they reached the Isle itself. The Olidammaran priest almost made it to Isle and knew the location roughly, and the Pelorian priest died guarding the civilians crossing the Bridge.
  2. The contents aren't 100% complete and accurate, but the gist of everything is accurate or at least "rings of the truth" (i.e., has the desired message).
  3. Some of the earliest years on Isle are documented, including the settlement and founding of some of the villages. Nearly 100 years went by before the Usurper managed to corrupt a key member of the priesthood who falsified a new Book and attempt to destroy the original. When he couldn't, he gave it to the conspiracy and they set up a long-running plan to burn down the Brightmill and hide the scroll amongst the foundations as it was rebuilt.
  4. Since only journeymen priests made it to the Isle, the Islanders only had access to 2nd or maybe 3rd level spells at first. Over the years, they've managed to unlock some higher-level magicks, entirely on their own, including up to 5th and maybe a couple of 6th level spells, and even some lower-power rituals.
  5. Parables about the orcs - dangerous foes, unpredictable, non-understandable lightning raiders
  6. Parables about the aelphin - barely seen ghosts in the forests; creepy but hardly seen/known
  7. Parables about the dharven - the only other creatures the travelers actually spoke with somewhat, and where they learned some things about basic steelwork and such; some hints on how to deal with them

Obscured Passages

Some passages within the Book of a Thousand Pages are blurred and unreadable, even once you've translated them from Ancient Mieran. These passages are obscured because they are no longer strictly true; correcting them (or correcting the world) so that they are once again true will cause them to once again become legible.

Example Blurred Passage 1

There is a section that appears to have some dharven words in it, sort of a pidgin-dharven primer, but a lot of it is obscured with only about a dozen words and their translations left intact.

Example Blurred Passage 2

There is what appears to be a short spellbook in the Book located about 1/3 of the way through, just before parables and histories describing the Crossing itself. The grimoire section has about a dozen each fourth and fifth level spells in it, primarily divination and abjuration, but there are also about a dozen blurred-out sections sprinkled among them.

Example Blurred Passage 3

There is a very long blurred-out section just a few dozen pages after the Crossing. It appears to be a factual description of something on the Isle that isn't true at this point.

Normal Contents

The book contains text, illustrations (flat), and "popped-out" representations (think silent image that causes a three-dimensional image to pop up out of the page). The pop-ups include things like topographical maps of the Isle and of a swath of the Mainland (essentially from the plains, west over the dharven mountains, through the western forest, and to the western shoreline, but only a small path where the pilgrims in the Exodus traveled). The text is only readable if you know Ancient Mieran, though a user reading the book can add an unchanged translation in another language alongside the original text (as an illusion that can "overlay" the original text).

The Stormwall

The book includes information about the Five Shields of Hope, passed down to the Lieutenants and Captains of the Stormwall through the ages. They are hammered brightsteel, argia, and veneresite folded into the shape of a kite shield that is inserted into the chest of the officer over their heart. They are nearly impossible to suppress or dispel and provide significant mental protections.

Adding Content

The user (holder of the scroll) can add information to the Book of a Thousand Pages at will at the same speed as speech. The scroll will reject any factlike data that is not objectively true, which can make it difficult to add things like a person's intentions. It will also reject "facts" about the future that aren't 100% guaranteed.

The Book can also hold stories, though any story will be titled as "The Parable of…" or similar. Stories don't have to be objectively true, but they must have a message or a moral of some sort that can be reasonably interpreted as true.

Statements Added to Book

GM's note: I have transcribed some statements here, but hardly all of them.

The Gods

  1. (Each God, by name) believes that the best chance of defeating the Usurper lies with reuniting the humans of the Isle of Mist and the humans of Demonhome.

Captain Banister

  1. The Usurper has tried and failed to influence Captain Bannister.

Thema Ekene

  1. Pelor desires that Thema Ekene reach the Isle of Mist safely.
  2. Thema Ekene knows (Jotham).
  3. Thema Ekene has had visions of Darias Yaren/Aida Yaren/Maleos Taylan.

Newell Brant

  1. Newell Brant was misled by the Usurper when the Usurper showed him visions of Thema crossing the bridge in such a way as to convince him that she must be destroyed.
  2. Newell Brant's religious believes have been undermined by the Usurper.

Chronos Lyon

  1. The Usurper is using the promise of relieving Chronos Lyon's pain to influence him.
  2. Chronos Lyon's pain is physical.
  3. Chronos Lyon's pain is mental.
  4. Chronos Lyon is trying to treat his pain through magic.
  5. Chronos Lyon is trying to treat his pain through medicine.
  6. Chronos Lyon is trying to treat his pain through spirituality.

"Go Fish" for worms

One or more Usurper worms are currently active on Isle.
There are more than 1 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 2 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 3 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 4 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 5 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 6 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 7 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 8 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 9 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 10 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 11 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 12 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 13 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 14 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.
There are more than 15 Usurper Worms currently dominating people on Isle.

Anita Waldemar - apothacary. Lives a mile away from Esme.
Mattias Medved - Mattias rooms in Anita's house. Rumored to also be her lover.
W… B…….
C-- B-
- B-
M— S
- I-
H- F
- B-
David Tapia (Master smith at Golddale)
- M— +R +S +N +N +E + A +A
Nana Lund (Oyster farmer, magical reagent dealer)
M— R-
Gerrad Darcy (Master Miner at Golddale)
Hawa Travert - Wanted for Murder, Robbery, Theft of Foodstuffs
Cherise Glass -Daredevil boat pilot. Sometimes chartered by Margharita to take Watcher measurements

Book 'Em, Maleo

Through judicious use of the book, the PCs have managed to isolate roughly where the dominated members of the Isle reside, at least roughly.

  1. Hawa Travert is difficult to narrow down, travelling incessantly through the swamps and forest of the southwestern regions of the Isle.
  2. I.I. is more stable, consistently found somewhere in Brightmill, generally in the northern hills of the city.
  3. Anita Waldemar is quite easily located; she is almost always at her home in Violetford, and when gone, she can be found within a few miles of it.
  4. W.B. is consistently found in Golddale, though they move frequently through the city.
  5. C.B., too, can be found in Golddale, generally toward the northeast of the city.
  6. T.B. is generally found in Golddale as well, though they travel sometimes to nearby settlements or to Violetford.
  7. M.S., too, stays close to a home location, often found in the very small village of Whiteoak along the northern coasts; sometimes, though, they are found on the water north of the Isle, though always within a mile.
  8. H.F. is constantly on the move throughout the Western forests of the Isle, never in the same place two days in a row.
  9. K.B. stays within Brightmill, though they cannot easily be pinned down to a single location there.
  10. Mattias Medved can always be found with Anita Waldemar in Violetford in the mornings and afternoons, but he roams far and wide during the evenings and nights.
  11. Jerred Darcy, as expected, is near constantly in Golddale, though always in different mines.
  12. David Tapia, too, is easily found near the mastersmithy of Golddale or actually within one of the nearby mines.
  13. N.M. stays within a relatively short distance of the City Square of Violetford.
  14. Nana Lund can always be found in her hometown or in the nearby waters.
  15. Cherise Godo Glass travels more than half of the time; she may be a week in waters near Northshores, then more than a week away sailing around the Isle or very far away from it, then back for another few days, but she rarely stays put.
  16. M.R. moves mostly around Brightmill but occasionally travels to Violetford as well.

From this, the PCs have deduced that the Dominated likely have separate missions or goals, though there could be some mechanism of exchange between the groups. If so, the center of that communication appears to be Violetford, as Cherise Glass sometimes sails there and back to the north and west of the Isle; T.B. travels occasionally from Golddale to Violetford; and M.R. travels occasionally from Brightmill to Violetford. Both Anita Waldemar and N.M. could provide easy exchange points within Violetford since their movements are so predictable.

High Priestess Shimone Rosalinda

She is aware of the existence of the Usurper. She suspects that the Usurper is influencing other members of isle. Suspects it can dominate. Is working to uncover more information about it. Is planning to try and thwart the usurper. Frighteningly smart, very old, practically blind, hearing is *perfect,* spends all her time in the library. Life's work is to see to it that every work in her library is duplicated at least once. Huge stickler about copying correctly, has never spoken a secret that was told to her in 77 years.

Magical Theory

Casting the way Mortals on Isle typically do requires a soul.
Spellcasting the way gods and demons typically do, using the Hall of Judgement's mana field does not require a soul.

By The Book

Maleos deliberately left a paper trail of statements supporting their absurd story of journeying to Across, slaying demons, fighting the Usurper, and being on a mission from the Gods. Among his added statements:
Pelor remembers meeting Maleos, Aida and Darias after the events of the previous timeline.

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