The Brass Is Always Greener

The PCs need to determine where they plan to head next, though the rough plan seems to be to head for the lands of the menehune.


brass seagull that meets the airship
horses and carts
fork in road on the way up
people in the streets
building styles in the "Mieran district" of the city
the temple row and the priest of not-Pelor
the inn row

hotel interiors including tavern area and rooms

city's name is Kaihangamura

remember, you've seen something like 8 different types of creatures (constructs?) calling themselves menehune.

  • Bird
  • Horses
  • Bipedal humanoid 6-footers
  • Giant spider
  • Bar-backs with super-long arms
  • Platter-headed walker
  • Twelve-tapede

Darias notes:

  • menehune miniatures - some static, some "bobble-heads" that have sprung components that "wobble" in a semi-lifelike fashion when gently perturbed (e.g., jointed legs on a horse miniature that move back and forth in a "running" motion)
  • music boxes
  • mechanical devices on the order of complexity of cuckoo clocks

Side note:

Something I forgot to remind you guys: Saul had been making alchemical "makeup" and hair dye for Yoshirou-Mura and Finnebarre for the past few weeks/months (since slightly before you first visited the Mierans). When they go into new places with you, they've been wearing those alchemical disguises that make them blend in with your group more - pinkish skin instead of grey-brown, dark-dyed brown hair instead of green, orange, and red.

Shopping and looking around for a few days. Tried to use airship to travel to compass location, but no landing available. Scouted, then marched overland to reach it. Valley with stream running through it. PCs found shrine of some sort behind waterfall. Figured out statue-puzzle to open a portal of some sort.

Portal Puzzle Behind the Waterfall

Nine statues abstractly representing the gods. Must arrange them in slots around the basin in a pattern to activate the spell that will allow the portal to open. Using the Islanders' names for the gods, the statues are:

  1. Boccob: a pentacle and quill poised above a scroll sitting atop a lectern
  2. Ehlonna: a tree with a falcon perched atop, wings beginning to spread
  3. Erythnul: a cracked shield, heraldic paint scarred with battle wounds, with a notched sword casually sheathed through the worn straps
  4. Fharlanghn: a cloaked, nondescript figure astride a horse
  5. Heironyous: a condor in flight, wings lazily cupped to catch an updraft as it soars over the rough terrain far below
  6. Hextor: a sleek fish leaping from a waterway carrying a hammer in its mouth
  7. Nerull: a mobius strip mounted on a thin stand as if floating in a void
  8. Olidammara: a book, a scroll, and a crystal sitting atop a library stand
  9. Pelor: a gold sun and a silver moon hanging from a halo mounted on a thin stick raised from a plain stand

The items are made from precious stones and metals of the appropriate colors, crafted so finely as to have no visible seams between the materials. For items that have no "natural" color (e.g., the pentacle), generally assume platinum or similar. Abstract items are raised from a plain obsidian base on a thin stand of diamond. Flying or similar objects are also raised on thin diamond stands or hang from diamond wire.

Weird World

Whatever you guys wanna call this place that the portal took you to, feel free. Party went through the portal - weird experience with the stretchy-blueshifting and the teleportation to hundreds of feet in the air and the slowly falling.

Remember: weird whistling noise. Odd creatures - similar to the menehune, but also very different. Silver grass and green grass plains. Twin altars.

Party left off opening the Green Altar Hatch; Maleos and Darias fell in.

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