The Endless Grimoire, Expanded

Expanding the Endless Grimoire

This page contains custom spells developed during campaigns. Spells listed here may be of limited distribution or may have special conditions that must be met before they can be learned.

Minor Magics

Each listing here counts as a piece of minor (i.e., level 0) magic.

General Spells

General spells can theoretically be learned by any vislae, though individual spells may be closely held or jealously guarded.

Visual Storytelling

Level: TBD
Description: This spell allows listeners who hear your words see what you're describing the way you imagine it. Bystanders from far enough away see a puffy while cloud around the speaker, while those within earshot see the action unfolding within said cloud. The illusion can be disrupted by interrupting the speaker, or ignored by ignoring the story. Note: One should be careful not to use a Conceptual Entity as a character in a story told using Visual Storytelling, as doing so can allow it to take control of the narrative.
Color: Grey
Inspiration: Mr. Poofers Must Die

Vance Spells

Custom Vance spells are always closely held and are controlled entirely by the character who created them.

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