The Final Countdown

This session will start with the PCs, I assume, escorting at least some of the prisoners to the public hearings. Of course the PCs will expect some of them to be either attacked or sprung during transport, so the PCs will not be the only ones to be escorting the prisoners; there will be experienced Watch members and at least one Stormwall sergeant with each prisoner to ensure they're adequately guarded. The PCs can suggest additional protections if they like, but don't worry about trying to plan every last inch of the protections since the Violetford Watch has significant experience with guarding prisoners and will be operating at the top of their game with such a high-profile set of accused.

Session Background

I haven't done this in a while, but I figured I had a little time to spare, so I dug up a theme song for this session - and no, I'm not going for the obvious. I think Wait for It from Hamilton is pretty appropriate.

Part 1

PCs dealt with moving the prisoners to their hearings. Abenner and Donal released to Aida; Anita and Matthias to Tybalt.

Darias noticed cloaked figure hanging out around city hall and trailed what turned out to be her back to docks. She (Kayly Sargent) met up with an older man (Mattias thinks maybe a person he knew long ago named Stellan). They were discussing when someone's hearing was and what they thought might happen - the PCs inferred this might be about Matthias.

Kayly Sargent is a specialist caster of some sort who works loading on the dockyards and knows a ritual to freeze large quantities of food. She also must know spells or similar to allow her to move much heavier loads than her slight frame would suggest otherwise. She appears to be around 20, give or take.

Stellan, if it is who Matthias was thinking of, was a head-boy of sorts who perhaps looked out for the orphans near the docks, not that he was a softie in any way about it. Still, he didn't tolerate anyone mistreating the orphans there and was knows to get his knuckles dirty from time to time. Matthias doesn't know his last name or if he even has one.

Part 2

On the last day of hearings, the PCs noticed some suspicious street vendors at the noon recess. These vendors were leaving small purses with little fired-clay balls in an alchemical solution in them around the crowds gathered outside the courthouse. The PCs gathered up as many as they could spot, recruiting Abenner, Donal, Matthias, and the guards. They managed to find 9 of the 10, dumping 7 of them into the river and throwing another 2 far into the air above the crowd. The one that they didn't spot did badly injure and kill some people (3 dead, another 7 badly wounded, and minor injuries to a couple dozen). Due to the quick thinking of both the PCs and guards, though, the alerts that went out saved most everyone, and the priests in the area were rounded up quickly to heal the injured. The city also invested the resources to raise all three of those who were killed due to the quick availability of the priests of Pelor, Olidammara, Heironyous, Fharlanghn, and Hextor who were nearby and were able to round up enough high priests to prepare and cast the necessary raise dead spells before the window of opportunity expired.

Part 3 and Beyond (To Be Run 2018)

Bulleted list of things: Need to cover this or be satisfied with it by next time

  1. How to do the speeches and the convincing of the crowds/sermons
  2. Anything we need to resolve with Abenner (including the fact that he knows the locations of and how to use 3 or 4 skipping-stones)
  3. Dealing with the bridge testing - Aida wanted to try to cross it or at least look across it
  4. Talking to Margaritha about her bridge research
  5. Talk to Xanthe about trying to get him on our side (or whatever)
  6. Aida needs to try to attune to her armor more - she can roll a check 8/1 of 1d20 + tier to try to get to 4/10
  7. If time permits, teleportation pads, esp. aside from the ones Abenner knows about
  8. Constructing any equipment prior to equinox with resources we have available? If so what?

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