The Kilning Fields

Flew toward Yegek. Attacked by fliers a few miles away from long lake south of Yegek. Big battle with PCs fending off icy mantid demon, very hard to hit, very spell resistant.

YM used all 20 normal arrows, 10 aelphin war arrows, 1 of her slaying arrows in defense of Thunderhead.

TODO fight stuff goes here

Fiona-Kawa (young-looking aelph) found them in the woods by the lake. Was chasing "Frosty" the demon and saw the airship.

TODO negotiations stuff, discussions with Jotham and party, teleporting of Jotham to party all go here

Aelphin word for shadow demons would translate to "darkfire" or "blackfire".

acquired heart of the demon they slew (crystalline - name in chat log)

Key phrases: aelphin oaths; "I think I like you. I don't want to have to kill you."

+2000 XP for PCs/higher lv NPCs; +3334 for lower levels. +1 trial for all mythics.

4 days to the lake; spent 3 days there; will be 7 days travel to the Boomerang Island area assuming no stops, though obviously YM and probably others would prefer to stop to pick up more food and replacement arms.

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