Thema Ekene

Demonhome PC Meet - Statistics

As of this meeting, Thema is around 33. This happens in line with Swamp Things. She is lv 10 when they meet, but the stats below reflect her progression with the PCs.

Level 13 Paladin
Mythic Guardian Tier 3
XP: 82,954
NFNL: 91,000


Attribute Score Mod
STR 20 +5
DEX 11 0
CON 18 (20) +4 (+5)
INT 10 0
WIS 16 +3
CHA 20 +5

Combat Statistics

BAB +13/+8/+3
Melee +18/+13/+8
Missile +13/+8/+3
Initiative +0
HP 134 (147) +10/lv (+11/lv)
AC 20 Chainmail + shield
Armor Check Penalty -4 Chainmail + shield
Max Dex +2 Chainmail + shield
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +8 +3 (+4) +5 +16 (+17)
Reflex +4 +0 +5 +9
Willpower +8 +3 +5 +15
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Longsword +2 M S/P +21/+16/+11 1d8+7 n/a n/a
Light Crossbow M P +13 1d8+2 60' 20 + 20 blunts
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX ACP
Chainmail 40 lb m +6 +2 -4
Brightsteel heavy shield 6 lb n/a +4 n/a 0


3+ Int mod sp/lv

  • Heal
  • Diplomacy
  • Ride
  • Spot
  • Listen
  • Decipher Script

Languages: Kgoli (native), Riersche (fluent)


  1. Smite Demon 5/day: declare before roll; atk + Cha mod; add paladin level to dmg; only if target is "demon"
  2. Divine Grace: Cha mod bonus to all saving throws
  3. Lay on Hands: 10/day, heal 5d6 dmg; also has mercies of remove fatigue, remove disease, remove poison, remove exhaustion, and remove stun.
  4. Aura of Courage: allies within 10' get +4 on saves vs. fear
  5. Divine Health: immune to disease
  6. Aura of Resolve: immune to charm spells and spell-like abilities; allies within 10' get +4 morale bonus to saves against charms. Only applies while paladin is conscious.
  7. Celestial Mount: access to a celestial mount she can summon as a full-round action; appears by her side instantaneously. If killed, is banished for a year and a day.
  8. Ranged Smite: can declare smite with ranged attack as well as melee
  9. Weapon Focus (longsword): +1 to hit with longsword
  10. Endurance: +4 bonus on swim, Con for running, Con to avoid nonlethal damage, Con to hold breath, Con to avoid starvation/dehydration, Fort to avoid dmg from extreme heat/cold, Fort to resist dmg from suffocation
  11. Mounted Combat: 1/round, make Ride check as reaction to negate 1 hit to mount (in combat) - roll Ride as possible replacement for mount's AC
  12. Monstrous Companion: Allows mount to be more than just a standard horse
  13. Share Healing: Healing is shared with animal companion
  14. Demon Strike: Can expend one pseudo-mythic power or one lay on hands before rolling an attack vs. a demon. If hits, bypass DR for that demon and add +1d6 dmg.
  15. Inner Light: Can cast daylight as a lv 10 cleric 3/day. If dispelled, you and all companions within 20' gain darkvision 60' for number of rounds equal to character level.
  16. Word of Healing: Can lay on hands at up to 30'.

Argic Feats

  1. Bordering On Mythic: 7/day, can use a minor equivalent of mythic power to grant +1d4 on any 1d20 roll
  2. Argia Poisoning: After the incident where she fell on the shard of the gods-weapon coated in argia (see history, below), Thema has suffered the effects of argia poisoning. Nearly 30g of argia is in her body, ignoring the Compass fragments. Upon injection of a Compass fragment, she is fine for 3-6 weeks. After that time, she begins to have spells (starting at a few rounds and eventually extending to all day) where she suffers 1d4 Str, Dex, and Con damage that is restored when the spell ends. Over a period of months, the duration and intensity increase until, at 9 months, she is suffering 2d6 dmg to each attribute for nearly 20 hours a day (as well as fever, sweats, head- and body-aches, and other symptoms). She's never let the poisoning affect her for longer than 9 months, but she strongly believes that, if untreated, it would kill her within a year or two.
  3. Demonic Mercy: Can reason with demons and attempt to purge the demon-touch from them. This only works on the demon-touched, not full demons or "god-touched" creatures. If in combat, will automatically fail. The demon must be willing to listen in order for this to work. Roll diplomacy, DC at DM's discretion, but usually 30+; depends on how willing the demon is to repent. DC can be lowered by spells like atonement.
  4. Detect Demons: always, automatically can tell demons; Wis check, DC 20 - target's tier to detect "touched" creatures. If she has notices a creature is demonic or touched, she can discern lies at will so long as she is concentrating on them, using her level plus tier as the effective caster level.
  5. Inspired Spell: Expend 2 uses of semi-mythic-power to cast any one divine spell, treating caster level as 2 levels higher. Can apply metamagic, but must be a spell you can cast, metamagic you know, and total spell level that you can cast.

Mythic Feats

  1. Mythic Power: 3 + 2/tier per day. Currently 5.
  2. Guardian's Call (Absorb Blow): Immediate action; take hp damage from single source, spend 1 mythic power to reduce that damage by 5 per tier to a minimum of 0. For every 10 points of damage prevented by this ability, you gain 1 minute DR 1/epic and 5 points of resistance against acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic damage.
  3. Fast Healing: Spend 1 mythic power to gain fast healing 5 for 1 minute.
  4. Mythic Weapon Focus (Longsword): Double weapon focus bonuses.
  5. Sacrificial Shield: 1/round, can use shield to block attack, subtracting shield's hardness and HP from the damage of the attack. If the damage exceeds the shield's hardness + HP, it is destroyed; otherwise, it gains the broken condition. Spend 1 mythic power to avoid this damage to the shield. Any damage exceeding the shield's hardness plus HP still affects you.
  6. Mythic Mounted Combat: negate an additional number of hits against your mount per round equal to your tier. Once per round as an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to substitute a Ride check for a single Reflex saving throw your mount must make.
  7. Possess Companion: Spend 1 mythic power to possess Perihelion per magic jar. Unlike with magic jar, the companion creature's soul remains within its body, allowing you to know what it knows and share its memories. This effect lasts until you end it as a standard action.

Celestial Mount (Perihelion)

Heavy War Pegasus:
+6 BAB
F/R/W +8/+8/+4
Speed 60 ft., fly 120 ft. (average)
Size Large;
AC +10 natural armor
Attack bite (1d4+5), 2 hooves* (1d6+5)
Ability Scores Str 21, Dex 13, Con 20, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 6

TODO 4 bonus + 6 normal

TODO 9 total


  • Jumper - always count as running start for jump; can take flight from standing start
  • Stable Gallop - AC penalty when charging halved; penalties on ranged attacks reduced by 1 on double move, 2 on run; +4 to concentration checks caused by motion
  • Valiant Steed - +4 morale bonus on saves vs. fear/emotion effects; +4 morale bonus on Handle Animal, Ride; DC to push you doesn't increase if wounded or have taken nonlethal damage
  • Run - faster move multiplier by 1 when running
  • Fly - faster move multiplier by 1 when flying
  • Multiattack
  • Low-light vision
  • Scent
  • Combat trained
  • Mythic Companion - considered to be mythic for the purposes of spell effects

In the future, may want to consider the death from above feat.


  1. Celestial Mount - Peri
  2. Longsword +2, merciful
  3. Old, broken masterwork greatsword
  4. Brightsteel heavy shield +2
  5. Masterwork chainmail +1
  6. Amulet of Health (+2 CON)
  7. Dagger
  8. Light crossbow
  9. 12 blunted bolts
  10. 20 regular bolts
  11. Light hammer
  12. Backpack with basic adventuring gear
  13. Potions
    1. bull's strength x1
    2. resist energy: fire, 20 points x2
    3. resist energy: acid, 20 points x2
  14. Money
    1. 31 gp
    2. 114 sp
    3. 27 cp


Level Base Bonus Total Spells/Day
1 3 2 5
2 2 1 3
3 1 1 2
4 0 1 1

Lv 1: Bed of Iron (sleep comfortably in armor); Divine Favor (+1/3 lv on attack and dmg); Protection from Demons; Endure Elements; Lesser Restoration
Lv 2: Eagle's Splendor (+5 Cha); Owl's Wisdom (+5 Wis); Bull's Strength (+5 Wis)
Lv 3: Sanctify Armor (+1 AC/4 lvs); Dispel Magic
Lv 4: Holy Sword

Personal Details

Around the time of Swamp Things, she would be 33.


Thema can be something of an appeaser. Her deep empathy for others can lead her to seek compromise even in relatively dire circumstances. She'll even risk personal harm, though she draws the line at anyone else coming to harm due to her inaction. This can mean that she sacrifices her goals and desires (especially short-term goals) to keep others happy.

Thema tends to fall back to using her sword like a cudgel when attacked by sentient creatures (e.g., bandits). She's very unwilling to kill when killing is not necessary (she takes the penalty to deal non-lethal damage at first). Thankfully, this issue hasn't come up in quite a while, as Thema's current party is obviously armed and dangerous. Few bandits are willing to risk that level of confrontation.


  • Keeps her spirits high by finding beauty in everything. She is ever the optimist.
  • She would love to eventually retire and grow a garden of perfume-plants. Regarding her perfumerie interest, the real driver for Thema is the idea of having a stable place and a stable relationship, a place to one day settle down. She hasn't learned much about perfumes yet, but she's started a little (discussions with Carbry) and she's taken to collecting small plant samples of things she's interested in and buying perfumes for herself when she can spare the coin - she hopes to one day have the time to study them all.
  • She has a crackle in the outside of her right hand where the bones were broken in a wooden-sword swordfight when she was a child. She tried to hide the injury from her parents, and as a result, her hand never healed properly.
  • The first time she went into a city, she allowed herself to get overexcited and drunk. She woke up with a tattoo of a starburst on her left bicep, and she doesn't remember how she got it. She's not even totally sure why she chose that design.
  • Thema and Khalil have developed a series of "looks" they use to communicate sometimes - the kind of "she gives him a look and he knows exactly what that look means" thing that can develop in a long-term relationship. Every once in a while, Klem catches one of those looks and gets a little frosty to them - jealousy. Klem hides her reactions well, and neither has really noticed her irritation at these looks yet.
  • Thema might draw a line in the sand with Khalil (e.g., calling him by his last name in any "professional" situation) to demonstrate that she's not treating him specially. Maybe only calls him Khalil when they're alone or at least when they're all kind of off duty. Khalil might then get a little into that and have her call him Mawar when they're intimate.
  • Thema is suspicious that Salvatrix knows why Khalil doesn't drink, but Thema never would ask her - feels like it'd be a betrayal of their confidence.

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